Joint Commission releases new survey development process

Accreditation Connection, January 18, 2010

Relief will come to those facilities waiting for their unannounced survey from The Joint Commission, as a new and more collaborative process will take place in 2010, according to an announcement on its Web site. The new process is designed to be more sensitive to the time demands on facilities and staff during the survey process.

The Joint Commission will issue an email alert to the facility to be surveyed saying which programs will be surveyed. This alert will also point the facility to the extranet page for a list of survey activities for each applicable accreditation program. In addition to getting this new alert, organizations will also be able to work with the surveyor during the survey to determine the best time for various survey activities.

Those accreditation organizations looking to survey in 2010 should expect to experience this new agenda. The new process does not affect certification reviews.

For more information on the new agenda, click here.

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