Greeley Reflections

Accreditation Connection, December 7, 2009

Gray matters: red alert

Part 4 of 5

Question #4: “Have we exceeded any projected completion dates by more than six months?” This is the other accreditation jeopardy area in the EC/LS/EM realm. The Joint Commission allows a six-month grace period beyond the Projected Completion Date on the PFI, so if the response to this question is no, breathe a sigh of relief. If the response is in the positive, brace yourself and proceed to Question #5.

Question #5: “Have we communicated with the Standards Interpretation Group to request an extension for the uncompleted PFI?” If the answer is a solid “yes”, then you, my friend are blessed with some folks on staff who are paying attention, keeping their eye on the ball – the whole nine yards (how’s that for a cocktail of metaphors?). And now you can truly breathe that sigh of relief – you’ve earned it!

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