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Accreditation Connection, November 9, 2009

Taking a quick look at the NPSG updates

Part 4 of 4

NPSG.03.04.01 now requires that solution labels include both quantity and volume. Volume need not be on the label if it is apparent from the container. Quantity always needs to be on the label. That does not make sense.

We hear that the Joint Commission intends to relax its 90% threshold for hand hygiene compliance (NPSG.07.02.01), but we’ve yet to see this in writing. In the mean time, the new for continued improvement (EP3) can be a problem.

Unfortunately, medication reconciliation remains in limbo until sometime next year. On one hand, the 2009 version of the language applies and hospitals are expected to comply. On the other hand, it is not being scored during survey until the new version comes out (intended for the second quarter of 2010).

Like we said, it’s mostly good news. From where we sit, the Joint Commission is moving in a very positive direction… but there is much more ground to cover.

Stay tuned!

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