The Joint Commission seeks comments on tobacco, alcohol, and similar issues

Accreditation Connection, September 7, 2009

The Joint Commission is seeking public comment on candidate measures for assessing and treating tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use and dependence for all hospitalized patients, according to the Joint Commission's official Web site. The results will be used to help determine which of the measures will go forward to pilot testing. The Partnership for Prevention and The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and their Center for Substance Abuse Treatment in the Department of Health and Human Services have supplied The Joint Commission with funds to develop these measures.

These candidate measures, known as the Tobacco Alcohol & Drug Dependence (TADD), currently address eight specific aspects of care. They are TADD-1: Tobacco Use Assessment, TADD-2: Tobacco Use Treatment, TADD-3: Tobacco Use Treatment at Discharge, TADD-4: Tobacco Use Follow-up, TADD-5: Alcohol and Other Drug Use Screening, TADD-6: Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Dependence--Brief Intervention or Treatment, TADD-7: Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Dependence--Treatment Management at Discharge, and TADD-8: Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Dependence- Follow-Up for Unhealthy Use and/or Discharge.

The TADD measures will be standardized as quantitative tools to help determine an organization's performance with a specified process and will help assist the healthcare organization in areas for improvement with tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

To read more on the core measures and fill out the survey, click here.

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