The Joint Commission circulates the first draft of revised staffing effectiveness

Accreditation Connection, August 31, 2009

The first draft of The Joint Commission’s revised staffing effectiveness standards is now available for field review, according to The Joint Commission's official Web site. In early 2009, the Joint Commission began an assessment of how well its staff effectiveness met the objectives of value and achievability to accredited organizations. The public was allowed to give their input on this standard to help The Joint Commission determine how effective the standard was.

Feedback from the assessment of staffing effectiveness standards indicated that this standard did not significantly impact the quality and safety of care. Opinions from the field also showed that the standard consumed an extensive amount of resources.

In response to this feedback, The Joint Commission has begun circulating the first draft of refinements to these requirements. Comments to the first draft are being gathered from now until October 7, 2009.

The Joint Commission continues to conduct research through 2010 related to staffing effectiveness and is also developing new requirements to keep the focus on the significant issues of effective staffing.

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