Greeley Reflections

Accreditation Connection, August 3, 2009

Critical test? Result? Critical test result—yes!

Part 3 of 4

Next let’s define who gets the call. Define who can receive this critical information and to whom it can be reported. Gone is the language of “responsible caregiver.”

Use your current data. What has worked well in the past? Review how this information is currently being communicated and redefine as needed. Ask questions. What would make this process more reasonable and still ensure or improve consistency, accuracy, and timeliness? Is it reasonable to have the unit clerk take the message? Is it more effective to allow the office nurse to receive the information and seek out the physician?

The current FAQs indicate the important issue is getting the information to the right person to avoid delays in treatment. The bottom line is once the receiver of the information clearly understands the significance of the information being shared and the time frame in which it needs to be acted upon, patient safety can be ensured.

You have almost five years of data and knowledge of what has not worked and what has been successful. Use it! If the past has proven that finding the “right person” to report the information to has been problematic, make the changes that would make sense and ensure safe care.

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