MS.1.20 Task Force reaches consensus

Accreditation Connection, July 20, 2009

The Joint Commission is seeking feedback on changes to standard MS.01.01.01 recommended by a task force appointed to revise this oft-challenging standard. The accrediting body will work with organizations such as the American College of Physicians, American College of Surgeons, and the American Dental Association, along with task force members to gather feedback from the field on the proposed recommendations for the standard, still well-known by its former standard number (MS.1.20), according to The Joint Commission Online.

MS.1.20/MS.01.01.01 has undergone several iterations. In 2004, when the standard was created, many concerns about the intent of the requirements have been raised. These concerns included requiring too many details in the bylaws; the cost and burden associated with changing bylaws; the potential for disrupting relationships between the medical staff and governing body; and the role of the medical executive committee. In January 2008, 18 staff members of the MS.1.20 Implementation Task Force convened and determined that further revisions to the standard were needed, and reached a consensus in March 2009.

The results of the field feedback will be brought to the Joint Commission by October 15, 2009 and if the field supports the proposed standard, the Joint Commission's Board of Commissioners will then decide whether to authorize the conduct of a formal field review. Currently, hospitals are expected to be in compliance with Medical Staff standard MS.01.01.01 in the 2009 Hospital Accreditation Manual. Until further notice, the current standard will remain in effect.

All comments should be received by July 22, 2009.

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