Greeley Reflections

Accreditation Connection, June 22, 2009

Time to start working on restraint

Part 1 of 3:

Before tracers came along, restraint was just about the most frequently cited requirement for improvement (formerly “Type 1” recommendation). We have a hunch restraint citations may be coming back to the top 10.

First, The Joint Commission just made significant changes to the restraint standards to more closely align with the CMS Conditions of Participation. We expect extensive surveyor training with a corresponding renewal of focus on this subject.

Second, CMS (or, more correctly, the state agency representing CMS in your neighborhood) tends to focus on restraint during its validation surveys, typically asking for a sample of recent restraint/seclusion records. Although this is not the Joint Commission’s current survey process (surveyors only review restraint records if they happen to choose a restrained patient during a tracer), with the Joint Commission’s deemed status up for renewal, there may well be a more focused approach on future surveys.


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