Understand the guiding principles of behavioral restraint

Accreditation Connection, January 9, 2009

Editor’s note: This feature explores problematic Joint Commission standards with expert advice from BOJ advisors. This month’s featured standard is written by Jodi Eisenberg, MHA, CPMSM, CPHQ, program manager of accreditation and clinical compliance at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Implementing, utilizing, and monitoring behavioral restraints continue to pose challenges and prompt questions in the field. Recent questions on the “Patient Safety Talk” listserv focused on who to train and what the content of training should be. This column provides some examples of communication, education, and training related to restraint utilization.

Hospital policy must be consistent with CMS’ Conditions of Participation. In addition, every staff member responsible for any aspect of restraint utilization must be familiar with the hospital policy. Simply put, a requirement for staff members to read the policy should be a part of your communication plan.

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