Know the medication management standards

Accreditation Connection, October 10, 2008

The Medication Management chapter is set up to reflect the continuum of the process, from procurement as it arrives at the organization to monitoring after the patient receives the medication. Within this continuum, there are several areas in which organizations struggle to consistently comply with the rules. Questions on HCPro’s “Patient Safety Talk” listserv are a constant relative to medication storage, medication reconciliation, medication labeling, essential documentation, and a variety of other topics.

One of the reasons for the difficulties is the complexity of the medication management process. It is similar, but not the same, in any organization. It involves a variety of people and disciplines. Each level of complexity contributes to the confusion and the potential for safety issues to arise. Therefore, it is essential that organizations keep a critical eye on the process, ensuring consistency in practice and monitoring of the medication management process.

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