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Ambulation Ambulation
NOVEMBER 1, 2015
Elder abuse prevention Elder abuse prevention
DECEMBER 1, 2010
Elder Abuse and Exploitation. Please click on the PDF icon. Elder Abuse and Exploitation
The Maine People’s Alliance announced on Friday, January 26, that it has collected enough s
A fire broke out at a South Korean hospital for the elderly early Wednesday, killing 21 people -
MAY 29, 2014
  CMS publishes revised instructions for consolidated billing related to ambulance transportati
APRIL 20, 2018
  CMS reduces reimbursement by 13% for non-emergency BLS ambulance transports to and from renal
APRIL 20, 2018
As our population ages, the elderly start becoming frail and may suffer hearing and vision loss a
 Elder abuse is inflicted upon more than 2 million Americans in long-term care settin
Q: I work in ambulance billing. I know that under Original Medicare, many non-emergen
MARCH 27, 2015
By Robert S. Gold, MD Sometimes people do their homework with setting up a new
NOVEMBER 4, 2015
Most people take free, comfortable movement for granted. Motion is meant to be smooth and
President Obama recently signed into law the Innovation Act, which allows more people and
In its annual cover story, The 20 People Who Make Healthcare Better, HealthLeaders Media profiles
DECEMBER 19, 2011
“There are these type A, competitive people that have been at the top of their class like s
JUNE 26, 2015
An elderly man escaped with minor injuries after the car he driving crashed into the side
MAY 29, 2014
1. There is a difference in nutritional needs in the elderly compared to younger adults.
Many people think that diabetics are not allowed to eat sugar of any kind. This is no longer req
June 15 will be the ninth annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (
Why do some people become violent? The key word is recognition. By knowing who is in your waiting
APRIL 9, 2015
A parking lot at Lawrence (Mass.) General Hospital was teeming with police, fire, and ambulance w
AUGUST 25, 2016
1. If you know of, or suspect, abuse or neglect of an elderly person, you should first
Last November, the innocently named Camp Fire killed over 80 people in California, making it the
Q: How many times should Glasgow Coma Scale information be captured? If you have the ambulance
DECEMBER 9, 2015
Many agencies have had great success with Ambulation/Locomotion (M1860), but others have struggle
Terms of use synopsis
  Care Plans and Medicare Payments: Why care plans must move toward functionality
    Why having a robust compliance and ethics program will boost your botto
JANUARY 19, 2017
Elderly patients admitted to intensive care units (ICUs) are about 35% more likely to die within
JANUARY 7, 2015
JULY 30, 2014
Why are we so resistant to exercise?  The CDC says 80% of the US population doesn’t ge
JANUARY 28, 2016
Several Massachusetts ambulance companies want to allow paramedics to make house calls, treating
Using a team approach to support the transition of elderly patients from the hospital to the next
Your agency describes a scenario where an elderly woman bangs her shin on her coffee table, resul
  CMS examines inappropriate guiding of people eligible for Medicare or Medicaid into Marketpla
AUGUST 19, 2016
By Jennifer Thew, RN Giving nurses time to connect with why they chose to
JUNE 29, 2017
Until now, the reasons why patients return to the emergency department after an initial visit hav
APRIL 26, 2018
By Jennifer Thew, RN For many people, including those in healthcare, innovation
FEBRUARY 14, 2019
“If some parts of the hospitals are 24 hour, why not all? Why can’t the hospit
APRIL 16, 2015
“If you apply for a residency and the residency director asks why you took a year off and
OCTOBER 5, 2018
Researchers at Universitat Heildelberg Network Aging Research in Germany found people have a hig
NOVEMBER 20, 2015
Q: Can CDI programs use information on ambulance forms or trip tickets to abstract from if
Q: Can CDI programs use the information on ambulance forms or trip tickets to abstract from if
FEBRUARY 25, 2015
As an HHA staffer or nurse, you care for people in vital ways—bathing, grooming, feeding, a
AUGUST 12, 2015
Hospitals hired nearly 13,000 more people in March than February and about 3,000 more people than
Come work for us
JANUARY 6, 2009
Up to one in five people who die by suicide visit an ED in the four weeks prior to their death. A
NOVEMBER 1, 2018
“Truly great medicine is built on relationships. It is about people. And taking good
NOVEMBER 6, 2014
Why patient engagement matters On one hand, physicians are exper
DECEMBER 13, 2016
By Megan Headley Why are medical errors the third leading cause of death?
APRIL 6, 2017
"[W]e must start educating our colleagues in other specialties on why the current sys
MARCH 20, 2015
"Overconfident interns hurt people. Don’t hurt people. That’s bad. You’re
OCTOBER 9, 2015
“[I]t just doesn’t feel right when we are told that we can only help people for 16 h
APRIL 15, 2016
Directions: The following is a list of things that can be done to help people with depression or
DECEMBER 16, 2015
How Palomar Health reduced nuisance IV alarms People can grow used to a
In its annual cover story, The 20 People Who Make Healthcare Better, HealthLeaders Media profil
DECEMBER 17, 2010
As well as being a quieter time when people are home enjoying their families and relaxing, the ho
DECEMBER 10, 2015
"You're supposed to have an emotional connection with 20 new people a day. Not many jobs re
MARCH 10, 2016
The American Nurses Association (ANA) has recommended Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility: Why Nu
APRIL 12, 2016
“If we can pursue personalized medicine, why can’t we pursue personalized medical ed
MARCH 11, 2016
Dear readers, Now that Match Day is over and you have a minute to relax, why not c
MARCH 23, 2018
CMS updates CERT treatment of power mobility devices and ambulance transport claims
A judge recently ruled that Anthony J. Garcia, a physician accused of murdering four people conne
MAY 30, 2014
Twenty-three people—nine physicians and 14 medical workers—were charged this w
APRIL 2, 2015
The ARCTIC assessment tool can help identify rewards that have greater meaning to people and more
JUNE 4, 2015
The presentations. The people. The River Walk. If you attended the 2015 ACDIS National Conference
“People are coming back to run, and if they're coming back to run, there is no reaso
APRIL 25, 2014
  "People in rural and under-served areas deserve a fully trained, competent
JUNE 27, 2014
“My colleagues and I went into this profession because we want to help people, but the curr
AUGUST 14, 2015
 Core Administrative Competency is about what people in senior administrative positio
AUGUST 21, 2015
"Did it ever occur to some of today’s physicians that many people work awfully hard an
AUGUST 27, 2015
“Physicians must be leaders… We must turn the tide for people who currently suffer a
NOVEMBER 19, 2015
“Most people don’t want to say ‘I suffer from depression’ because there&r
DECEMBER 31, 2015
Regular exercise improves balance for people with some types of dementia and reduces their need
JANUARY 29, 2016
“It seems to me that we’re spending precious resources for people who are going to ot
APRIL 22, 2016
Q: How many people should be involved in reviewing a medical record?
“The qualities that make people good physicians are a double-edged sword … It&rsquo
JUNE 24, 2016
“The qualities that make people good physicians are a double-edged sword … It&rsquo
JUNE 23, 2016
"Patients do better when they are taken care of by people who look like them."
MARCH 8, 2019
Why attend the 2016 Credentialing Resource Center Symposium?
MARCH 16, 2016
Record numbers of people took the CCDS exam in December and early January before the new version
A new study shows 5 million people suffer from the Alzheimer’s disease or some form of it,
MARCH 28, 2014
“My answer when people ask me how to motivate doctors: Give them the tools they need
OCTOBER 9, 2014
"People who choose a career based strictly on competitiveness or money are going to e
NOVEMBER 7, 2014
“Our goal from the get-go has been to turn people on to primary care, and to turn the ship
JUNE 25, 2015
Opioid addiction presents a big challenge for healthcare organizations. More than 16,000 people d
OCTOBER 6, 2015
“Be aware of your surroundings, be aware of the mood, the level of burnout of the people w
“[Medicare for All policies would] surely jeopardize the relationship people have with the
APRIL 17, 2019
  Two people suffered minor injuries and 14 people were evacuated from a Whittier, C
MAY 22, 2014
Mobile devices have changed the way people share and access information in their personal and pro
As of last week, 2,910 people hold the Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist credentia
If they’re a member of your medical staff, and you allow people without a license to be o
NOVEMBER 30, 2015
Nurses are twice as likely to experience clinical depression than the general population. Why are
MARCH 10, 2016
Some states have passed laws to keep people with criminal convictions out of jobs in clinical set
APRIL 27, 2017
Judging by the number of people who search our site for an explanation of the relationship of evi
MARCH 6, 2015
When many people think of palliative care they think of care designed to increase comfort at th
FEBRUARY 3, 2015
MAY 6, 2015
A new analysis by the Commonwealth Fund shows that most of the people who took advantage of cover
A pilot was killed and two people severely injured after the medical helicopter they were riding
JULY 9, 2015
The ex-wife of Robert Lewis Dear, the man accused of shooting dead three people and wounding nine
DECEMBER 3, 2015
More than 251,000 people die every year from medical errors, according to a new study pub
Police are investigating a July 2 incident that involved two people being shot inside a parking g
JULY 7, 2016
To address the discrimination and insensitivity transgender people often feel in healthcare setti
JUNE 23, 2017
o    Craving to meet new like-minded people and expand your circle of friends
JULY 28, 2016
One Week until Medicare Compliance Forum-Here are the Top Reasons Why You Should Attend
Every once in a while, someone asks me a question about why (or as is more the case here, "h
JANUARY 28, 2016
Culture is a social pattern of behaviors, beliefs, and characteristics of a group of people that
NOVEMBER 20, 2013
  An elderly patient comes into the ED with a hip fracture. Is the fracture trauma
JULY 30, 2014
NOVEMBER 20, 2013
JUNE 18, 2014
OCTOBER 29, 2014
CMS hopes to gain a better understanding of when and why providers use modifier -59 (disti
  Why are so many organizations struggling to change the medical staff’s vie
DECEMBER 11, 2014
DECEMBER 16, 2015
The American Nurses Association (ANA) has recommended Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility: Why Nu
MARCH 31, 2016
While many nurses know about compassion fatigue, they might not know exactly what it is, why it h
JUNE 15, 2017
  Why are physician queries so critical to accurate documentation and coding? The an
There’s a reason why the American College of Surgeons (ACS) recommends asking patients if t
JANUARY 23, 2018
1. Why is it important to practice infection control?
At least five people were “killed” Tuesday morning – including a respond
MAY 1, 2014
Two people, including a worker at a hospital in Lansing, Michigan, were killed October 21 in what
OCTOBER 28, 2014
  If you're like most people, you like knowing that things are all wrapped up at t
JULY 3, 2014
As a nurse manager, one of your challenges is to lead the change process for your staff. And, whi
MARCH 27, 2015
Nurse managers and nurse leaders are in the habit of telling people what to do and expecting them
AUGUST 12, 2015
Nurse managers and nurse leaders are in the habit of telling people what to do and expecting them
AUGUST 12, 2015
People in leadership positions often lack several critical skills to manage others, says Forb
In the emerging practice of medical improv, humor isn't the end goal. When people
AUGUST 25, 2016
In the emerging practice of medical improv, humor isn't the end goal. When people
AUGUST 25, 2016
It’s the beginning of the New Year, and if you’re like most people, you’re wond
JANUARY 5, 2017
Hundreds of people in U.S. hospitals have been sickened by exposure to deadly bacteria on poorly
Why this finding can be disastrous to your facility In healthcare, the words “Imm
MARCH 26, 2014
Q: Why do the payments for some separately payable drugs change? One week we get paid a certai
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014
JUNE 17, 2015
2018 is almost here, so why not refresh your knowledge with some of the timeless articles from th
DECEMBER 22, 2017