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Q: Can you explain the difference between a security incident and a data breach? I feel l
A mobile workforce in the healthcare industry presents a unique set of HIPAA privacy and s
The Denton County (Texas) Health Department began notifying tuberculosis (TB) clinic patients of
Organizations in Florida have one more thing to worry about following a breach of personal inform
Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation in Wisconsin recently notified 41,437 members that their
Healthcare reform, technological advancements, and regulatory requirements create privacy and inf
  The HITECH Act, which included changes to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules,
With so many moving parts in a healthcare organization, privacy and security incidents are someti
Anyone who has a Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) health insurance plan, with a few exceptions, shou
Northwestern Memorial Healthcare in Chicago recently notified 2,800 patients of a breach that occ
Deven McGraw, a well-known health data privacy expert and federal legal advisor, just joined the
Copyright statement
These HIPAA Training Handbooks provide fundamental privacy and security training for new and seas
Who should be notified when a medication has been recalled for safety reasons by the FDA or by th
  Privacy concerns for the business office
NOVEMBER 16, 2018
Train staff on rules about protecting patient privacy and prepare security personnel in case they
SEPTEMBER 28, 2017
  Following a data breach in August in which Chinese hackers stole 4.5 million pat
OCTOBER 16, 2014
Last year, organizations reported 199 large breaches to HHS, resulting in the exposure of PHI of
Do you have a Medicare patient who has been on observation status in your hospital for more than
The University of Colorado-Denver student who gained unauthorized access to Denver Health Medical
JULY 14, 2017
The average data breach costs an organization nearly $4 million per incident, according to
HHS recently released new privacy/hipaa/understanding/special/mhg
Experian identified six data breach trends in its
In past years, most healthcare data breaches were the result of misplaced laptops or random burgl
If your organization experiences a data breach—an increasingly likely scenario—and PH
Q: If a patient's family member who is not responsible for the patient's care calls to ask h
When you think about a data breach, you probably think about things like maximum fines and penalt
In just one week, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego uncovered multiple breaches of PHI cau
Providers who want to volunteer to participate in CMS' final round of ICD-10 end-to-end testing h
  Providers who want to volunteer to participate in CMS' final round of ICD-10 end
MARCH 18, 2015
A security breach at a third-party vendor in Ohio may have compromised the medical records of pat
Privacy Policy synopsis.
Q: Should we update a Notice of Privacy Practices to ensure patients are aware that their
The HIM department typically manages release of information (ROI) , but privacy and security offi
California amended its data breach notification standards September 30 when it passed
There are a number of things an aide should be observing and reporting for a patient who has canc
By Philip Betbeze It’s breach season. That&r
MARCH 5, 2019
By Philip Betbeze It’s breach season. That&r
FEBRUARY 28, 2019
Although networked medical devices can offer benefits to patients, they can also present privacy
What is RSS synopsis
Who are those most likely to try to escape, and what are some of the ways you can prevent it?
JANUARY 12, 2017
Privacy and information security programs in healthcare organizations have developed and matured
DECEMBER 16, 2014
Even as data breaches proliferate, healthcare workers are carrying ever more digital devices and
Terms of use synopsis
DECEMBER 16, 2015
OCTOBER 28, 2015
Violent incident in Utah highlights professional responsibility, patient privacy, and ethics
DECEMBER 1, 2017
JANUARY 28, 2015
  SNF Consolidated Billing: Who Really Has to Pay All These Invoices?
AUGUST 14, 2014
Blogs from industry experts in healthcare that keep users up-to-date on the latest happenings in their fields.
Police in Portsmouth, NH had to subdue a patient who locked himself in his room so he could be gi
NOVEMBER 20, 2013
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report examining the problem of antimicro
Police on September 7 captured a prisoner who escaped custody from a Wilmington, Ohio, hospital t
A second health care worker who cared for an Ebola patient at a Dallas hospital has contracted th
OCTOBER 15, 2014
Who can conduct the (medication) review? The regulations require a drug
Just who is entitled to be called “doctor” in hospitals, medical offices and other c
FEBRUARY 21, 2014
Dear readers, Thank you to everyone who has taken our brief survey about online l
Long-term care providers who obstruct audits soon could have their Medicare and Medicaid c
In its annual cover story, The 20 People Who Make Healthcare Better, HealthLeaders Media profil
DECEMBER 17, 2010
Twelve Minnesota nurses who since 2010 are licensed to practice despite having either stolen narc
NOVEMBER 7, 2013
A new study disputes a common stereotype that women who become pregnant during surgical training
A prisoner who escaped custody Tuesday at a northern Virginia hospital with a guard’s gun w
APRIL 2, 2015
Residents who report significant burnout also tend to be lonelier, according to a study recently
FEBRUARY 5, 2016
The World Health Organization (WHO) announced a new global initiative earlier this month, one tha
APRIL 20, 2017
Hi folks! I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who took a moment out of the
JULY 16, 2015
Patients who have to wait for healthcare may face poorer outcomes, and those who can’t get
AUGUST 18, 2015
Does your organization have translators in place to help patients who are deaf or hard of hearing
SEPTEMBER 29, 2015
“The physicians who are most respected in a community are often not the ones who do the fa
OCTOBER 8, 2015
Dear readers, Thank you to everyone who responded to our call for medical staff e
OCTOBER 29, 2015
Dear readers, Thank you to everyone who responded to our call for residency exper
OCTOBER 16, 2015
Dear readers, Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in joining the edit
AUGUST 11, 2017
"If you’re a single person who likes nature, or if you have kids and you need child c
MARCH 22, 2019
SNF Consolidated Billing: Who Really Has to Pay All These Invoices?
SNF Consolidated Billing: Who Really Has to Pay All These Invoices?
AUGUST 1, 2014
True or false: A postoperative patient who is receiving pain medication should be educated about
DECEMBER 9, 2014
True or false: A postoperative patient who is receiving pain medication should be educated about
DECEMBER 23, 2014
A man who police say was high on heroin escaped custody while being treated at a Salt Lake City h
AUGUST 27, 2015
With regard to outcome scores, we have many patients who are in our home health services
Los Angeles police shot and wounded a man who had escaped from custody during an examination Sept
SEPTEMBER 29, 2016
Two new studies have found that women who contract the Zika virus late in a pregnancy have a low
We are currently having an issue with a specific physician (M.D.) who does not want to si
HCPro thanks nurses who have devoted their life to helping patients and providing the best quali
MAY 11, 2017
by Katy Rushlau For those of you who follow ACDIS on social media—yes, we&
The CAHPS Hospice Survey asks the primary caregivers of patients who died while receiving hospice
A second nurse who contracted Ebola after treating a patient at a Dallas hospital has been declar
OCTOBER 28, 2014
Whether your new CDI specialist is a nurse who needs to learn coding and reimbursement basics, o
A patient who was smoking while using oxygen is being blamed for a fire in a Fargo, North Dakota
NOVEMBER 26, 2014
A doctor who spent time treating Ebola patients in West Africa died November 17 at a hospital in
NOVEMBER 19, 2014
  Dear readers,   Thank you to all who responded to m
JANUARY 30, 2015
Police are investigating after a patient who was discharged from Memorial Hermann Hospital in Hou
Program directors and coordinators have no control who submits applications to the program, where
OCTOBER 2, 2015
CCDS exam results for those who took the exam since January 18 will be issued at the end of March
Jackson Health System in Miami is firing a fourth-year neurology resident who was caught on video
APRIL 29, 2016
By Jennifer Thew, RN Healthcare is complex (who knew?) and so is staffing the nu
MAY 25, 2017
The state of California is being sued by three nursing home residents who claim that they have b
FEBRUARY 26, 2016
“It seems to me that we’re spending precious resources for people who are going to ot
APRIL 22, 2016
Thank you to everyone who responded to my request last week. As you may recall, I’m in the
MARCH 31, 2017
"There's never a good time to have a kid ... but it's also a wonderful, wonderful thing. Who
DECEMBER 15, 2017
"Patients do better when they are taken care of by people who look like them."
MARCH 8, 2019
Three hospitals in Texas are being investigated in the case of a neurosurgeon who lost his licens
MARCH 12, 2014
A man who was a patient at a Highland Park, Illinois hospital was shot and killed by police a day
NOVEMBER 5, 2014
  Few physicians who earn MBAs apply their leadership skills in hospital administr
JULY 11, 2014
Regardless of how they frame the discussion, physicians who deliver bad news may be seen as less
What can the physician write for duration of care with patients who open and close with l
Corrections officials who investigated the April escape of two violent patients from Washington s
SEPTEMBER 15, 2016
A growing trend in education is to have students teach students, because “he who teaches le
In its annual cover story, The 20 People Who Make Healthcare Better, HealthLeaders Media profiles
DECEMBER 19, 2011
DECEMBER 16, 2015
Below is the first in a series of letters submitted by readers who have given Patient Safety and
MARCH 23, 2017
We’re grateful for the more than 300 residency program coordinators who participated in our
MARCH 21, 2014
The ACGME is seeking submissions from individuals who want to present sessions at its 2015 Annual
MAY 16, 2014
Q: I have a resident who was readmitted to the hospital on his 60th day of his spel
OCTOBER 24, 2014
"People who choose a career based strictly on competitiveness or money are going to e
NOVEMBER 7, 2014
Dear readers,   For those of you who have not already registe
JANUARY 8, 2015
  “We who teach medicine have a responsibility to help our learners through
OCTOBER 10, 2014
Q: Regarding tube feeding, I have a resident who resides in a SNF, she receives only flush
APRIL 10, 2015
“No patient wants a clinician taking care of them who is burned out, depressed, or s
APRIL 9, 2015
Dear readers,   Thank you to all of you who have taken the
APRIL 2, 2015
Q: We have had residents who are inmates of the sheriff's depart. Because of bei
MARCH 20, 2015
Who has the ultimate say when it comes to admission status?   A U.S. Court
FEBRUARY 17, 2015
Dear readers, Thank you to everyone who has taken our survey on e-learning courses
As U.S. hospitals struggle with an increasing number of patients who are showing up in their ERs
JULY 2, 2015
Dear readers, Thank you to everyone who has taken our survey on e-learning courses
JULY 10, 2015
“In hospitals across the country, it is the residents who are spearheading innovative solut
JULY 31, 2015
Good news for case managers who often struggle to navigate the challenges of uninsured patients&m
OCTOBER 6, 2015
Between 2003 and 2013, 177 physicians who were reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank (N
FEBRUARY 11, 2016
Dear readers, Thank you to everyone who has taken our survey on resident recruitm
FEBRUARY 26, 2016
Dear readers, Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s residen
APRIL 8, 2016
Who are those most likely to try to escape, and what are some of the ways you can prevent it?
JANUARY 12, 2017
Nearly three-fourths of the osteopathic medical students and graduates who participated in the 20
FEBRUARY 10, 2017
Two nurses who were held hostage in May by an inmate receiving medical care at an Illinois hospit
JUNE 1, 2017
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to review the results of the 2017 Residency Coordinato
AUGUST 10, 2018
“Sometimes, we have residents who come in and struggle a little bit. To help them achieve
OCTOBER 31, 2018
"I entered residency self-assured, if not in my scholarly achievements, at least in who I a
JANUARY 25, 2019
BY JOHN COMMINS, HEALTHLEADERS MEDIA Physicians who’ve prescribed anticoagulants to
An Amber Alert and vigilant social media users who responded to a post on Facebook are bei
JUNE 5, 2014
JULY 23, 2014
JULY 30, 2014
AUGUST 6, 2014
AUGUST 13, 2014
If there are members of your medical staff who think so, there’s probably no way to change
A cardiovascular surgeon at a prominent Boston hospital was shot and killed by a man who then tur
JANUARY 21, 2015
MAY 6, 2015
MAY 13, 2015
By Carol Ebert, RN, BSN, MA, CHES, CWP Are you a nurse who is close to re
MAY 21, 2015
A man who shot a shot and killed a mental health caseworker before being shot by a doctor returni
JULY 16, 2015
OCTOBER 7, 2015
A 2016 study outlines what makes the perfect critical care nurse, from those who know best: criti
MARCH 3, 2016
A story chronicled in Medscape tells the story of a doctor who was tackled by a patient
JULY 14, 2016
Anyone who’s had to upgrade a computer system can tell you it’s never as easy as adve
AUGUST 2, 2016
Written by Jennifer Thew, RN Have you ever worked with a colleague who diverted
OCTOBER 6, 2016
Let’s consider a situation where you are working with a caregiver and a patient who has suf
The legal representative is the person who has formal, legal decision-making authority—for
Q&A: How to respond to the WHO’s top 12 superbugs list
Q: We have a new ED director who wants to capture all of our ED visits to be sure we ge
Patients of the Medicare-certified agency who are under the care of a physician and receiving hom
A new study found that out of the 310 million surgery patients who receive surgery every year, 50
NOVEMBER 15, 2016
By Michelle Clarke Female nurses who administer antineoplastic drugs to cancer patients d
FEBRUARY 21, 2019
  Now I don’t think that there’s any here among us who would be inclin
MARCH 13, 2014
New Mexico state police are investigating how a man who was not licensed as an emergency medical
I just wanted to say thank you to the many readers who submitted answers for the Safety We
JUNE 25, 2014
Starting this week, nurse practitioners (NP) in Kentucky who have completed a four-year collabor
A father who attempted to take his newborn son out of a San Jose, California hospital against the
AUGUST 13, 2014
U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson ruled unconstitutional an Alabama law requiring physicians who
A man who threatened to jump from a Miami hospital parking garage Sept. 26 is safe, according to
OCTOBER 2, 2014
Examining data for patients who underwent spine surgery when residents were present, resea
OCTOBER 3, 2014
NOVEMBER 19, 2014
A standoff at a hospital in Tomball, Texas ended peacefully January 11 when a distraught man who
JANUARY 15, 2015
Telemedicine uses technology to connect prisoners, who are often housed in remote areas, with me
The temperature is rising in the standoff between hospitals and healthcare workers who are fighti
OCTOBER 14, 2014
Judging by the number of people who search our site for an explanation of the relationship of evi
MARCH 6, 2015
Dear readers,   I want to thank everyone who applied to join
FEBRUARY 13, 2015
Researchers find that patients who receive 80% or more of their care from nurses with baccalaurea
FEBRUARY 13, 2015
APRIL 29, 2015
Dear readers, Thank you to all who participated in our 2015 MSP Salary Survey. W
A woman who was being evaluated for mental issues at an Elizabeth City, North Carolina hospital a
JUNE 18, 2015
A survey of nearly 700 patients who had experienced harm or whose relatives were harmed by medica
JULY 15, 2015
A new analysis by the Commonwealth Fund shows that most of the people who took advantage of cover
JULY 22, 2015
  A survey of nearly 700 patients who had experienced harm or whose relatives were
JULY 8, 2015
Dear readers, Thank you to everyone who responded to my note in last week’s
AUGUST 6, 2015
We have a patient who received homecare services in Florida from January 2 until April 1
Heading to Leading Age in Boston? Come meet HCPro author, Kelly Papa, who wrote 
OCTOBER 30, 2015
Patients who live in rural areas are now driving even further for obstetric care as rural hospit
FEBRUARY 24, 2016
Police are investigating the death of a man who died after falling from a sixth-floor window of M
MARCH 31, 2016
Thank you to everyone who has already taken our annual coordinator salary survey. If you haven&r
MARCH 18, 2016
A patient who accused a nurse of sexually assaulting her is suing the hospital that hired the nu
MARCH 16, 2016
Dear readers, Big changes are coming to those of you who subscribe to our monthly
AUGUST 5, 2016
Thank you to everyone who has already taken the 2017 Residency Coordinator Salary Survey! Please
MAY 12, 2017
Patients who aren’t able to communicate verbally often express their pain in ways that are
Dear readers, Thanks to everyone who has responded to our request for comments! As
JANUARY 26, 2018
MAY 20, 2015
We have a patient who is a 72-year-old man with a diagnosis of debilitating osteoarthriti