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Observation and Reporting. Please click on the PDF icon. Observation and Reporting
Q: Does a spell of wellness end with observation time in a hospital?
OCTOBER 17, 2014
In 10% of cases, patients placed on observation status pay more for their care than they would ha
 The Joint Commission announced an update of its “observer” definition in its a
FEBRUARY 14, 2017
  The new criteria for inpatient admission and its relation to observation service
The use of “Observation Status” – treating certain hospitalized Medicare patien
AUGUST 21, 2014
Do you have a Medicare patient who has been on observation status in your hospital for more than
The number of patients requiring observation services will likely increase for many hospitals as
When working with stroke patients, you are responsible for several types of observations. First,
Q: How are we supposed to use observation and assessment for patients on te
Q: Did something change with the observation services Composite APC in 2016? The director of p
In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, Residency Program Insider won’t be publis
NOVEMBER 22, 2013
Dear readers, In observance of Thanksgiving, Residency Program Insider wo
NOVEMBER 20, 2015
Dear readers, In observance of Thanksgiving, Medical Staff Leader Insider
NOVEMBER 19, 2015
Stakeholders take NOTICE of mounting ­observation status reform legislation
We are assessing and observing if we have an issue related to medical error. Tie it to the advers
A bill changing notification of outpatient observation status for hospital patients has be
AUGUST 14, 2015
CMS needs to evaluate, clarify, and modify sections of the Notice of Observation Treatment and Im
The first Memorial Day observance was held May 30, 1868, at Arlington National Cemetery. B
There are a number of things an aide should be observing and reporting for a patient who has canc
Which state doesn’t observe daylight saving time? a. Arizona b. Idaho
AUGUST 12, 2015
Terms of use synopsis
Lost for many observers in last month's end-of-the-year hullabaloo was the annual Gallup Honesty
JUNE 30, 2016
Make sure your staff knows and implements your policy on continuous observation of suicidal pati
FEBRUARY 1, 2019
MARCH 26, 2014
MARCH 9, 2017
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Displaying records 1 to 20 out of 549 results for "observation".
( Page 1 of 28 )