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Cybersecurity threats to medical devices are a growing concern. The
FEBRUARY 20, 2016
Nursing homes now are allowed to purchase certain previously prohibited types of medical devices,
Although networked medical devices can offer benefits to patients, they can also present privacy
  The staff at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, is at the forefront
JULY 16, 2014
FDA recently issued a safety communication on intravascular medical devices (IMD), stating that t
DECEMBER 1, 2015
By Brad Smith The infamous security vulnerabilities in medical in
SEPTEMBER 12, 2019
  The sixth character of every ICD-10-PCS code denotes a device. That doesn’
FEBRUARY 12, 2014
Q: Did CMS grant pass-through status for any new devices in April? 
Olympus Corp., the largest supplier of medical scopes linked to recent superbug outbreaks, issued
MARCH 31, 2015
A new tracking device could help reduce medical errors by watching and recording a surgeon’
AUGUST 27, 2014
What does the Safe Medical Device Act of 1990 require of hospitals?  
APRIL 29, 2014
Reports of explosions, fires, and overheating in medical carts have forced some hospitals to evac
JANUARY 5, 2017
Medical sales representatives have long had a close relationship with physicians, providing servi
DECEMBER 16, 2015
Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts, agreed to pay an $850,000 settlem
German company get FDA approval for disposable device, but will cost and other factors be
NOVEMBER 17, 2016
The theft of three desktop computers at Bay Area Pain Medical Associates in Sausalito, California
Antimicrobial resistance was found to be higher in medical device-associated infections than in t
DECEMBER 5, 2019
 The Joint Commission (TJC) doesn’t require medical instruments that touch mucous memb
The Joint Commission (TJC) doesn’t require medical instruments that touch mucous membranes
By Christopher Cheney Dislodgement of venous access devices such
JANUARY 24, 2019
Earlier this month, The Joint Commission announced that it would allow medical orders to be sent
Last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report warning that mobile medical c
JULY 25, 2017
A: CMS is not going to resurrect or reinstate the device-to-procedure edits for all
AUGUST 26, 2015
Inequities in medical training for students from disadvantaged or underrepresented backgrounds ha
JULY 29, 2020
Yes. Maintaining, cleaning, and caring for the assistive device can be done by the home health a
Mobile devices have changed the way people share and access information in their personal and pro
  The American Medical Association (AMA) has asked CMS to postpone the deadline fo
AUGUST 21, 2014
The orthopedic surgery program at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx is employing a technique
MARCH 11, 2016
The Joint Commission has denied full accreditation to Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle af
JUNE 23, 2016
More than 100 doses of diluted and possibly contaminated medication were given to patients at a h
1. Assistive devices are effective only for patients with long-term injuries or permanent
A suspicious device attached to a staff member’s car in the parking lot of an Allentown, Pe
JULY 24, 2014
An assistive device is anything that helps a homecare patient with activities of daily living (AD
CMS allows contractors to use alternate medical documentation to ID illegible signatures
Despite Bitglass, Inc.'s newness to the healthcare market, the company offers a mobile device man
The medical device manufacturer is voluntarily recalling unexpired lots of I.V. Flush Syringes, c
OCTOBER 13, 2016
Q: Are there any new pass-through devices or changes for July under the OPPS?
Telehealth devices are becoming more common in the area of home healthcare. It is important for c
If you think you’ve been adhering to the correct NFPA standards for medical gas storage, ma
DECEMBER 30, 2016
Editor’s note: The Joint Commission unveiled a new Medication Compound
AUGUST 1, 2017
On March 1, the medical-equipment-company-will-pay-646-mi
MARCH 2, 2016
FDA ban on powdered medical gloves now in effect Joint Commis
Ten resolutions to make your medical facility and workers safer in 2017
Excerpted from Medical Environment Update Despite healthcare workers’ inhe
JANUARY 19, 2020
On March 1, the medical-equipment-company-will-pay-646-mi
MARCH 10, 2016
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently issued a new rule allowing unlicensed device
AUGUST 11, 2015
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently issued a new rule allowing unlicensed device
AUGUST 12, 2015
JULY 15, 2015
Durable medical equipment in the SNF: It's more than just walkers and wheelchairs
DECEMBER 1, 2014
Documenting medical necessity has become a big topic over the last several years and there has be
MARCH 22, 2019
Correct, complete documentation is the foundation of a sound medical record and compliant reimbur
JUNE 15, 2018
On March 1, the medical-equipment-company-will-pay-646-mi
MARCH 8, 2016
JUNE 4, 2014
Staff trainer quiz 1. Assistive devices are effective o
The 31 root operations in the ICD-10-PCS Medical and Surgical section are often divided in
SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
  The Medical and Surgical section (first character 0) is by far the largest section
FEBRUARY 11, 2015
ISMP’s targeted medication safety best practices for 2017 Edit
A new Los Angeles Times report alleges that device maker Olympus Corp. knew about the risk of inf
DECEMBER 30, 2015
Someday soon your patients may turn to a device to keep tabs on their health. A host of companies
FEBRUARY 11, 2015
Privileging audiologists: Through HR or medical staff?
DECEMBER 3, 2014
CMS updates National Coverage Determination Manual for speech generating devices
Check powered fire doors to ensure newly clarified info on door-closing devices is met
AUGUST 27, 2014
Stethoscopes are maybe the most common of all diagnostic tools used in a medical facility, among
Stethoscopes are maybe the most common of all diagnostic tools used in a medical facility, among
MARCH 1, 2019
Editor's note: The Medical Gas and
MARCH 20, 2008
The American Medical Association (AMA) and a group of major EHR vendors pledged to work with HHS
Examine your hospital’s medication compounding process and your compliance level with upcom
Examine your hospital’s medication compounding process and your compliance level with upcom
OCTOBER 1, 2018
CMS reintroduced Comprehensive APCs for device-dependent APCs with additional refinements
FEBRUARY 11, 2015
Updates of MS-DRGs to the list subject to IPPS replaced devices offered without cost or
CMS indicated in the 2014 OPPS Final Rule that it will implement 29 new device-dependent c
Typically, when we see that a device is loose or breaking, we automatically think “that sho
Fill in the blank: Medication containers should be labeled whenever a medication is prepared but
JULY 22, 2014
Simulation training is taking flight in medical learning and practitioner ­comp
by Crys S. Draconi, education manager for neurosciences at Tufts Medical Center and independ
JULY 19, 2018
Before administering medication, it is critical to have five areas of information correct: patien
AUGUST 7, 2019
  What to do when you are under medical review
OCTOBER 13, 2017
The 31 root operations in the Medical and Surgical section of the ICD-10-PCS Manual can be
MARCH 26, 2014
A pharmacist must review all medication orders prior to the medication being dispensed exc
APRIL 22, 2014
Who should be notified when a medication has been recalled for safety reasons by the FDA or by th
After enrolling in medical school, future physicians in the United States undergo multiple exami
JUNE 23, 2017
Can the plan of care serve as a way to document medications?  
Which medications are subject to review?   A clinician must
“If we do not create more residency program slots, we will be exporting medical students af
FEBRUARY 24, 2017
An effort to provide physicians a streamlined path to obtaining medical licensure in multiple st
A well-trained medical staff leader is vital to the culture of a hospital’s medical staff
The number of first-year students enrolled at Liaison Committee on Medical Education-accredited m
JUNE 9, 2017
In 2033, medical education will involve sophisticated simulation models, high-tech screening tool
NOVEMBER 15, 2013
Patient/family education on the importance of medication management is a critical component of me
NOVEMBER 4, 2014
What documentation is necessary for a medication review? The regulation
Who can conduct the (medication) review? The regulations require a drug
The transition from medical school to residency is an aspect of physician training that has hist
MAY 19, 2017
Correct, complete documentation is the foundation of a sound medical record and compliant reimbu
JUNE 15, 2018
Nearly one in five Medicare patients fall prey to medically related injuries unrelated to their u
To cut down on medication errors in its emergency department (ED), Children’s Medical Cente
JUNE 10, 2014
Improve patient safety with this must-have DVD! Medication management has always been cha
MAY 27, 2015
Many San Francisco Bay area medical school graduates are forgoing residency, choosing instead to
JULY 31, 2015
  Manual medical reviews for therapy shift to a targeted approach, but questions remain
APRIL 15, 2016
A study recently published in the American Journal of Medical Quality found that medical
OCTOBER 21, 2016
New for RPA subscriber-only: Using webinars to place medical didactics under one umbrella
FEBRUARY 14, 2018
  The medical review department chose to conduct a postpayment review...now what?
MARCH 30, 2018
Since 2002, first-year enrollment at U.S. medical schools has increased 29% but a survey of medic
MAY 18, 2018
“Like nurses and other health professionals, medical residents are clearly overloaded &hell
JULY 27, 2018
Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Program treatment of power mobility device (PMD
Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Program treatment of power mobility device (PMD) and
DECEMBER 16, 2015
Fill in the blank: Current medications include which of the following? a.   
JULY 29, 2014
Medication errors or adverse drug interactions are a major cause of hospital readmissions.
In a survey of 141 U.S. medical schools conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges
MAY 8, 2015
The total number of students enrolled in medical schools this year reached an all-time high of 20
OCTOBER 23, 2015
It has been a little over a year since the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) officiall
MAY 25, 2018
We are assessing and observing if we have an issue related to medical error. Tie it to the advers
The Joint Commission last week announced revisions to its medical staff standards for hospitals a
In a 90-minute webcast titled medical-staff-imple
MARCH 27, 2015
Although there are many ways to develop a medication reconciliation program at a particular facil
The Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) is pilot testing an international
The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) is cautioning international med
A pilot group of medical schools have been modifying their curriculums to test the impleme
OCTOBER 10, 2014
  At its interim meeting earlier this week, the American Medical Association (AMA)
NOVEMBER 13, 2014
  The American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) recently announced it h
JULY 25, 2014
  Researchers from Michigan State University found that up to 20% of medical stude
JUNE 11, 2015
Despite concerns that the presence of medical students would slow the pace of care in medical dep
DECEMBER 18, 2015
Although they have been touted as a convenient and low-cost option for medical treatment, retail
MARCH 10, 2016
The University of Colorado-Denver student who gained unauthorized access to Denver Health Medical
JULY 14, 2017
Residents have a poor understanding of medical marijuana, according to a study by researchers at
OCTOBER 27, 2017
Medical school applications and enrollments reached record highs in 2013, making the need for add
NOVEMBER 1, 2013
  Medical staffs are discovering their governance documents are inadequate for tod
SEPTEMBER 18, 2014
If they’re a member of your medical staff, and you allow people without a license to be o
NOVEMBER 30, 2015
Agencies that select medication management as their Performance Improvement Project, or PIP, shou
Medication errors prompt many hospital readmissions and adverse events—and as a result are
OCTOBER 27, 2015
Medical errors cause 325,000 patient deaths per year, according to a new report released A
APRIL 29, 2014
The 126th State District Court in Austin, Texas, has ruled that Texas Medical Board (TMB) Rule 1
Illinois medical regulators have suspended the medical license of psychiatrist Michael Reinstein
This year, several dozen medical schools, such as the University of Washington’s Sch
OCTOBER 3, 2014
The Medical College of Wisconsin hopes to combat the state’s physician shortage with
NOVEMBER 7, 2014
Working under the theory that medical students immersed in a community may want to stay there, tw
OCTOBER 2, 2015
The average student loan debt for medical school graduates last year was $176,000, according to t
OCTOBER 30, 2015
Nearly one-third of medical students surveyed for a study recently published in Academic Medi
MARCH 18, 2016
More than 251,000 people die every year from medical errors, according to a new study pub
An Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality report found that instances of medical errors fell
In the past few years, several for-profit medical schools have opened in hopes of increasing the
JUNE 24, 2016
"Medical education is changing, and I am encouraged that we can critically appraise a
OCTOBER 24, 2014
Problems related to medication are a common cause of preventable hospital readmissions. A new stu
Medical identity theft has been on the rise for some time. In fact, medical identity theft incide
Problems related to medication are a common cause of preventable hospital readmissions. A new stu
“Medicine is hard. None of us expect it to be easy. The challenges of medical traini
FEBRUARY 6, 2015
“As medical educators we must acknowledge the difficulty of learning our field. Internal m
DECEMBER 18, 2015
“Medical students should be evaluated before they apply for residency for their ability to
JANUARY 22, 2016
“Anger begets more anger, so show kindness. Cruelty has been in the medical profession sin
DECEMBER 23, 2016
“When medical education performs at its best, it does not make students feel as though they
JANUARY 6, 2017
By Megan Headley Why are medical errors the third leading cause of death?
APRIL 6, 2017
“The American system relies to a surprising extent on foreign medical graduates, most of wh
OCTOBER 6, 2017
"[T]oo many doctors-in-training, most of whom enter medical school as young and idealistic,
JULY 2, 2018
In the future, the journey from first-year medical student to primary care physician could take a
NOVEMBER 8, 2013
With the restructuring of the Step 3 examination in 2014, the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination
OCTOBER 25, 2013
Give your medical staff leaders the training and confidence to succeed. Medical Staff Leadersh
APRIL 4, 2014
In an effort to reduce the number of medication errors and dangerous drug interactions, Children&
JUNE 13, 2014
An important objective of medication reconciliation is to resolve discrepancies between home medi
AUGUST 19, 2014
  A survey of nearly 14,000 incoming medical students found that their tolerance f
OCTOBER 31, 2014
Medical staffs across the country are discovering their governance documents are inadequate for t
If the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) proposed interstate medical licensure compact w
Dear readers, Welcome to a new year of Medical Staff Leader Insider!
JANUARY 7, 2016
“If we can pursue personalized medicine, why can’t we pursue personalized medical ed
MARCH 11, 2016
Nearly every medical student I speak with says they have never heard of a medical resident losin
JULY 14, 2017
I have a question on medication reconciliation and the Level 1, 2, and 3 drug interaction
Medical Staff Briefing provides the strategies and updated information medical
DECEMBER 3, 2015
A record number of students applied to and enrolled in the nation’s medical schools in 201
OCTOBER 31, 2013
Fall 2014 osteopathic medical college enrollment increased by 5.2% over 2013, according to data
  In Missouri, medical school graduates may be able to treat patients before compl
JUNE 27, 2014
  Multi-hospital systems will be allowed to use a unified and integrated medical s
CMS CoPs New final rule refines and redefines medical staff
AUGUST 1, 2014
Dear readers, Calling all experts! HCPro is looking for medical staff experts to
OCTOBER 22, 2015
Dear readers, In observance of Thanksgiving, Medical Staff Leader Insider
NOVEMBER 19, 2015
Medical staff leaders need to understand that the path followed for non-conformance by employed
JANUARY 14, 2016
Considering the challenges healthcare facilities are facing due to COVID-19, some medical schools
APRIL 8, 2020
 The looming physician shortage has prompted many medical educators to champion a new way of
APRIL 17, 2014
Amy Ho estimates that Match process costs $302 million a year for medical students. Ho,
APRIL 25, 2014
According to data recently released by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
NOVEMBER 7, 2014
The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact has been approved by both chambers of the Utah Legislatu
A new labeling initiative launched at the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center’s (SVMC) Canc
JUNE 23, 2015
Medical students in Massachusetts will be trained on the prevention and management of prescriptio
NOVEMBER 13, 2015
Dear readers, Soon you will notice a change to Medical Staff Leader Insider.
NOVEMBER 12, 2015
The slow growth in GME compared to the growth in medical schools has given rise to fears that gra
DECEMBER 11, 2015
Medical students at Louisiana State University Health Shreveport are being trained to better unde
FEBRUARY 12, 2016
With the amount of learning required of students during medical school, they often lack the time
In 2014, the average medical school student graduated with more than $170,000 in loan burden, whi
APRIL 28, 2017
Emergency medicine (EM) residents reported receiving valuable feedback from medical education spe
MAY 4, 2018
The American Medical Association (AMA) recently adopted a new policy calling on medical schools a
NOVEMBER 20, 2019
The rising number of COVID-19 cases in the United States has prompted some medical schools to can
MARCH 18, 2020
The Guide for Graduate Medical Education Offices and Program Coordinators
MAY 19, 2020
Because of the potential for serious complications caused by medication errors, including death,
By Christopher Cheney Open communication with patients after medical erro
FEBRUARY 5, 2020
Two new studies have found that while patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) do help improve patie
by Christopher Cheney Open communication with patients after medical erro
MARCH 18, 2020
From advanced practice professionals to telemedicine providers, The Medical Staff’s Guid
OCTOBER 31, 2013
Bylaws serve as the governing documents of the medical staff. Bylaws must meet the hospital&rsquo
DECEMBER 13, 2013
From advanced practice professionals to telemedicine providers, The Medical Staff’s Guid
NOVEMBER 15, 2013
Medication reconciliation is an important process all hospitals must excel at, but a new report f
AUGUST 5, 2014
National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week starts Sunday. Although I hope you’re not in
First-year medical school enrollment has increased by 25% since 2002, according to a new report b
MAY 6, 2016
A common lament heard from medical staffs across the country is that 80% of the medical staff&rs
A study of more than 16,500 medical students found that 46% (approximately 8,000) were suffering
MARCH 9, 2018
A study recently published in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education found that medic
APRIL 27, 2018
Choosing a medical specialty to enter is perhaps the most important choice a medical student will
DECEMBER 7, 2018
Even after four years of medical school and standardized tests, some trainees aren’t prepa
MAY 2, 2014
Despite a decade-long effort to racially and ethnically diversify medical school graduates to ref
OCTOBER 4, 2019
Hospitals are permitted to define what medication information is necessary to be obtained from th
SEPTEMBER 23, 2014
The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) announced earlier this month that it has recently b
  “Medical schools and residency programs have come to realize that it takes
SEPTEMBER 26, 2014
Dear readers, HCPro would like to offer a medical staff professional (MSP) e-learn
JUNE 25, 2015
  Q: We received a denial for services based on medical necessity. A Comprehens
Dear readers, If you are attending the National Association Medical Staff Service
OCTOBER 1, 2015
Dear readers, It’s National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week, which is
NOVEMBER 5, 2015
HCPro is now offering some of our popular medical staff leadership titles as eBooks. With physic
JANUARY 14, 2016
“I went to medical school in the old days when it was really like boot camp and you were e
MARCH 4, 2016
Are you a physician leader with advice to share? If so, we want to hear from you. Medical
MARCH 24, 2016
“Teaching hospitals and medical schools in our academic medical centers provide everything
APRIL 29, 2016
Dear readers, The content you normally find in Medical Staff Leader Insider
Sixty-eight percent of residents have more than $50,000 in medical school debt, according to surv
JULY 29, 2016
“When they need help most, medical students in anguish rarely reach out. Students attribut
OCTOBER 14, 2016
A survey of 1,200 physicians, residents, and medical students conducted by the American Medical A
MARCH 31, 2017
“Simple reforms regarding medical licensure could help moderate the doctor shortage and ena
JULY 7, 2017
  When it comes to medication reconciliation (also known as “med rec”)
MARCH 1, 2014
Fill in the blank: Medication storage areas should be designed to address at least three things.
NOVEMBER 12, 2013
New York State gets about 20% of all GME funding and has more medical residents than 31 other sta
NOVEMBER 8, 2013
Just who is entitled to be called “doctor” in hospitals, medical offices and other c
FEBRUARY 21, 2014
The committee that accredits MD-granting medical schools has streamlined its accreditation standa
MAY 2, 2014
The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) last week announcd a completed draft of model legi
The former chief financial officer (CFO) of Shelby Regional Medical Center in Center, Texas, pled
Despite being correct more often, female medical students were less confident than male st
MARCH 20, 2015
A Dallas-based telehealth firm last month filed suit against the Texas Medical Board, challengin
Charges alleging a HIPAA violation by the University of Cincinnati Medical Center were dismissed
In the near future, you can expect to see some changes coming to Medical Staff Leader Insider. Yo
DECEMBER 31, 2015
 As medical residents receive extensive training on the clinical side of healthcare, they ar
JUNE 10, 2016
Texas A&M University announced plans to open an engineering medical school at Houston Methodi
JULY 8, 2016
Most medical students use EHRs to track former patients, according to a study published in JA
JULY 29, 2016
On October 13, CMS published a fact sheet announcing an 18-month pilot program to reduce medical
Nearly 95% of medical schools and teaching hospitals offer their residents 10 or less personal da
OCTOBER 14, 2016
With millennials becoming the generation that makes up the largest population of medical learners
MARCH 3, 2017
While the average debt among medical students in 20 specialties is up, the rate of students gradu
OCTOBER 6, 2017
With the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (THCGME) program set to expire on Sept
SEPTEMBER 19, 2019
New Patient Safety Systems chapter includes two existing Medical Staff standards
“Instead of lurking the halls and waiting for our residents to resurface, medical students
MAY 29, 2015
Here’s a composite portrait of the current medical practice professional toiling away in on
“It's important for medical students or residents with non-physician partners to foster oth
APRIL 27, 2018
As clinical learners, whether a medical student, resident, fellow, etc., we look to our senior co
MAY 18, 2018
Data from the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) shows that some medical specialties
NOVEMBER 14, 2018
The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the American Osteopathic Associ
MARCH 7, 2014
If you walk onto the medical-surgical units in Boston Medical Center (BMC), you may notice
APRIL 23, 2014
Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha recently fired two workers for inappropriately accessing
To celebrate National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week, the
The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that a medical staff can sue its hospital b
  The Federation of State Medical Boards has drafted an interstate compact to make
Don't be left out! Join us as we bring MSPs and medical staff leaders together to discover i
Debt among medical school graduates is on the rise. According to U.S. News & World Report, th
MAY 22, 2015
With three new medical degree programs starting up in Texas by the fall of 2018, there is a growi
JULY 17, 2015
Pediatric patients are likely to experience three times as many medication errors as adult patien
SEPTEMBER 16, 2015
Pediatric residents from Penn State Hershey Medical Center teamed up with law students from Penn
OCTOBER 23, 2015
A University of Colorado-Denver student gained unauthorized access to Denver Health Medical Cente
APRIL 28, 2017
The American Medical Association policy on moonlighting (when a resident works as an independent
FEBRUARY 20, 2019
A majority of patients don’t understand the charges and information on their medical bills,
CMS updates CERT treatment of power mobility devices and ambulance transport claims
Thinking of implementing a unified, integrated medical staff across your healthcare
I have some questions regarding the CMS Instruction for Medical Review on Home Health Ce
According to 2017 statistics courtesy of the Association of American Medical Colleges, women curr
DECEMBER 22, 2017
The latest manual updates cover information on ergonomics in Tab 4 of both the medical and dental
Washington University School of Medicine has made a goal of having its medical students graduate
APRIL 26, 2019
The latest manual update covers information on specialty services in Tab 9 of the medical manual.
A reorganized, re-energized medical staff After many years
Karen Kondilis, editor of Medical Staff Briefing, wrote the following blog post. Al
Medical errors account for more than 250,000 deaths each year, ranking it third on the CDC’
JULY 21, 2016
DeKalb Medical is a nonprofit health system based out of Decatur, Georgia, with 627 beds across
New medical student enrollment at the nation’s osteopathic medical colleges has increased b
OCTOBER 31, 2013
Your organization’s medical staff may never be one big happy family, but it doesn’t h
Long-term care providers are being asked to reduce the use of antipsychotic medications am
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
  First-year students participating in Weill Cornell Medical College’s PreOp
SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
  The number of medical malpractice lawsuits has dropped significantly in Pennsylv
JUNE 26, 2014
  Dear readers, Since taking over as editor of Medical Staff Le
JULY 24, 2014
Medical practices from the "Dark Ages" are usually discounted, but the recent discovery
APRIL 14, 2015
Q: The company I work for has long debated what to do about medical records that are sent
Physician age, addiction, and disruptive behavior are common concerns for the medical staff. Tak
OCTOBER 22, 2015
The Joint Medical Program (JMP) at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Publi
APRIL 29, 2016
A majority of residents graduate medical school with some kind of debt, which can burden them for
APRIL 15, 2016
St. Louis University's (SLU) medical school is expecting a visit later this month by the ACGME to
JANUARY 8, 2018
Concerns over the possible advantage privately-funded medical schools have over taxpayer-funded m
FEBRUARY 2, 2018
The AMA is calling on medical schools, GME programs/sponsoring institutions, and healthcare organ
JANUARY 18, 2019
With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing facilities that administer the United States Medical Licensure
APRIL 23, 2020
Nearly a quarter of medical resident have more than $300,000 in medical school debt, according to
OSHA is reminding employers that a medical evaluation of each employee is required if that worker
OSHA is reminding employers that a medical evaluation of each employee is required if that worker
JUNE 1, 2019
The 21st annual National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week is just ahead, from November 3-9.
 The latest issue of Medical Staff Briefing is here, and if there’s
APRIL 17, 2014
The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) will change the scoring scale on its new Medi
MAY 2, 2014
State medical boards across the country have drafted a model law that would make it much easier
  Boston Medical Center and Tufts Medical Center recently confirmed that they are
DECEMBER 11, 2014
  The average U.S. medical resident salary is $55,300, according to a survey of ne
AUGUST 8, 2014
  In spite of a physician shortage, hundreds of medical school graduates failed to
  In an effort to expand medical services to the state’s residents, a new la
What are regulators really looking for from your medical staff services department? When CMS see
Almost 180 patients at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center may have been exposed to potentially d
FEBRUARY 19, 2015
At its recent annual meeting, the American Medical Association (AMA) passed a new policy that wil
JUNE 12, 2015
A pilot was killed and two people severely injured after the medical helicopter they were riding
JULY 9, 2015
The American Medical Students Association (AMSA) and the watchdog group Public Citizen are speak
DECEMBER 3, 2015
Many questions have swirled around the issue of medical necessity and how to document it appropri
DECEMBER 1, 2015
The American Medical Students Association (AMSA) and the watchdog group Public Citizen are speaki
DECEMBER 4, 2015
Medical educators are finding new ways to incorporate video games into the education of medical s
FEBRUARY 5, 2016
The British Medical Association, which represent junior physicians (i.e., residents) has
MAY 13, 2016
The average medical school debt for emergency medicine residents is $212,000, which is about 25%
MAY 20, 2016
The North Texas Medical Center in Gainesville, Texas, evacuated "a number" of patients
JUNE 23, 2016
A survey conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges found that 25% of physicians w
JULY 22, 2016
Medical and dental residents and fellows at the University of Washington (UW) recently signed the
NOVEMBER 4, 2016
Indiana’s Graduate Medical Education Board, which was created during the 2015 legislative s
JANUARY 27, 2017
A study recently published in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education examined if resi
JANUARY 13, 2017
The Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that a former medical resident can sue Mercy Ca
APRIL 7, 2017
From 2005-2015, the overall number of medical residents in the country grew by 22%, but the major
JUNE 30, 2017
Eighty-four percent of incoming medical residents surveyed reported that they wanted more formal
MAY 11, 2018
Beginning in 2022, the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) program will change sc
FEBRUARY 24, 2020
Medical errors happen too often, and can cause irreversible and irreparable injury to patients wh
AUGUST 23, 2016
We’ve updated the rest of the customizable forms provided with the OSHA medical manual and
CMS is clearing up recent confusion on what medical providers can text each other. The agency con
JANUARY 2, 2018
According to U.S. News and World Report, 83% of medical school graduates owe more than $
FEBRUARY 16, 2018
The latest manual updates cover information on infection control in Tab 8 of the medical manual
The latest manual updates cover information on bloodborne pathogens in Tab 5 of the medical and d
  "The July effect is the kind of medical trivia that tends to turn up at coc
JULY 25, 2014
  “Medical residents are, or should be, in the process of becoming ex
AUGUST 8, 2014
Dear readers,   In past editions of Medical Staff Leader I
MARCH 12, 2015
The American Medical Association (AMA) recently launched STEPS Forward, a collection of interacti
JUNE 11, 2015
A study looking into clinical outcomes of patients treated by overnight medical residents at Penn
JUNE 26, 2015
Dear readers, This week’s Medical Staff Leader Insider features an
JULY 16, 2015
Dear readers, Last week’s edition of Medical Staff Leader Insider f
JULY 23, 2015
A majority of medical residents say they would not have a problem meeting with their patients thr
AUGUST 28, 2015
Dear readers, There’s still time to sign up for HCPro’s medical staff/
AUGUST 27, 2015
With patient satisfaction surveys factoring more heavily into Medicare payments, medical schools
SEPTEMBER 18, 2015
HCPro is working on a book about how the medical staff applies its regular processes to employed
OCTOBER 1, 2015
Dear readers, Thank you to everyone who responded to our call for medical staff e
OCTOBER 29, 2015
“The GME system is proving responsive to the increased output of U.S. medical schools. The
JANUARY 15, 2016
Q: As part of an integrated access management program, what medical documen
Dear Colleague, This month, I would like to discuss MS.1.20-"medical staff by
FEBRUARY 15, 2005
“In our view, a decision as important as choosing where to apply to medical school should
APRIL 8, 2016
Dear readers, Welcome to the final edition of Medical Staff Leader Insider
JUNE 23, 2016
Despite the onset of electronic medical records and other ways of identifying patients, wrong-pat
SEPTEMBER 27, 2016
OSHA Manual Update 16L, which was published in the December edition of Medical Environment Update
FEBRUARY 16, 2017
"Threatening hospital graduate medical education funding, which is critical to the training
APRIL 21, 2017
Two nurses who were held hostage in May by an inmate receiving medical care at an Illinois hospit
JUNE 1, 2017
Some in medical education may not realize that many medical professionals may be hesitant to say
MAY 18, 2018
Interstate Medical Licensure Compact hits state legislatures
Proper documentation is critical when it comes to supporting medical necessity and providing qual
Clinical privileges Medical oncology - Practice area 142
One man has been arrested and a police investigation is ongoing after a string of phony medical
When hospitals acquire medical groups and physician practices, this consolidation can lead to hi
Recently trained physicians may be the most tech-savvy generation of doctors, but medical educat
MAY 23, 2014
  The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) recently released its finalized mo
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
APRIL 8, 2015
Last week, graduating osteopathic medical students learned where they will be doing their osteop
What should the (medication) review include? The language in the regula
In the emerging practice of medical improv, humor isn't the end goal. When people
AUGUST 25, 2016
In the emerging practice of medical improv, humor isn't the end goal. When people
AUGUST 25, 2016
Summit Medical Group, the largest privately held multispecialty medical practice in New Jersey, l
A woman posing as a physician in training successfully infiltrated the medical staff ranks at Bri
FEBRUARY 10, 2017
A former medical residents at St. Louis University Hospital has pleaded guilty to illegally writi
MAY 26, 2017
The proof of medical necessity strictly relies on the MD documentation and diagnosis and the skil
“As medical educators, let’s try to view helping