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At least % of your fire drills should be unannounced. Answer: 50% Staff Cha
OCTOBER 7, 2014
Fire drills are required “one per shift, per quarter” in buildings designated as heal
Hospital volunteers, health professionals, and local fire departments participated in an extensiv
AUGUST 25, 2016
Fires in hospitals are not a common occurrence, and they are designed that way. Since a great maj
OCTOBER 9, 2014
Holding a well-conducted drill (and using multiple types of drills) can bring you lots of good da
APRIL 28, 2016
A parking lot at Lawrence (Mass.) General Hospital was teeming with police, fire, and ambulance w
AUGUST 25, 2016
A Rockford, Illinois hospital held a large-scale evacuation drill September 21 to help prepare fo
SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
October is here, and it's that time when you should be raising awareness about fire safety in the
OCTOBER 6, 2016
A discussion about fire attention and prevention October was Fire
NOVEMBER 3, 2016
A fire that broke out on the 10th floor of the Harlem Hospital Center in New York City March 4 wa
MARCH 10, 2016
Boston firefighters responded to a lab fire at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in the Brighton area of t
JUNE 30, 2016
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has published further guidance on fire door safet
FEBRUARY 5, 2016
Fire crews in Knoxville, Tenn., rescued a patient from his hospital bed after a fire broke out in
MAY 12, 2016
A kitchen fire at a hospital in Norman, Okla. was extinguished Tuesday night, forcing the
MARCH 27, 2014
An early morning parking deck fire at the University of North Carolina Hospital in Chapel Hill sh
JULY 10, 2014
Two teenagers were arrested and charged with arson after police say they started a fire July 14 a
JULY 16, 2015
A fire in the laundry facility at Delaware State Hospital in New Castle July 29 slightly damaged
JULY 30, 2015
Investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that broke out in the early morning of June 2
JULY 3, 2014
Fire from a cutting torch is apparently to blame for a small fire that caused a smoke condition i
NOVEMBER 6, 2014
A patient who was smoking while using oxygen is being blamed for a fire in a Fargo, North Dakota
NOVEMBER 26, 2014
A man was burned after a fire started in the ED of Milwaukee’s Aurora Sinai Hospital on Jan
FEBRUARY 4, 2015
A fire in a light fixture caused the July 22 evacuation of the emergency department at Sentara Vi
JULY 23, 2015
 A car fire damaged several cars at a University of Michigan Hospital parking garage in Ann
AUGUST 20, 2015
Fire crews fought a blaze that broke out at a hospital in Largo, Fla., on April 14, according to
APRIL 14, 2016
Firefighters were called to a fire at a Baltimore hospital April 27, according to a report from W
APRIL 28, 2016
A May 10 fire at a Knoxville, Tennessee hospital is being blamed on a patient, according to a rep
MAY 19, 2016
An "accidental" fire broke out June 23 at the Children's Medical Center in Dallas, caus
JUNE 30, 2016
A fire at a West Texas hospital on August 13 forced more than 60 patients on three floors to be m
AUGUST 18, 2016
A transformer fire caused a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida to lose power September 2, causing
Two Chicago firefighters were injured December 11 while fighting a fire at Presence Resurrection
DECEMBER 18, 2014
Officials believe lithium batteries may be to blame for a fire that started at a hospital in Sayr
JULY 21, 2016
At least half a dozen vehicles were reported damaged September 28 when a fire broke out in a park
SEPTEMBER 29, 2016
A portion of a hospital in Marietta, Georgia was evacuated Sept. 16 after a fire was reported on
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
Hospitals are intended to be a place where people get well, so a fire is an environmental service
SEPTEMBER 15, 2016
A man described by officials as a transient has been charged with arson in fire that that
MAY 1, 2014
The official cause of a fire in a Syracuse, New York fire that burned a patient on oxygen
MAY 15, 2014
  A fire that that burned a San Francisco Bay Area building housing the administra
APRIL 10, 2014
A man seeking medical attention for a self-inflicted gunshot wound fired at the locked doors of a
FEBRUARY 11, 2016
Reports of explosions, fires, and overheating in medical carts have forced some hospitals to evac
JANUARY 5, 2017
Schedule staff drills and update emergency carts to prevent RFIs Malignant hyperthermia
OCTOBER 1, 2017
An unplanned fire is the ultimate sign that things have gone sideways. Despite b
A burned-out transformer in an external light fixture triggered a fire alarm and major emergency
OCTOBER 8, 2015
A fire June 15 caused Touchette Regional Hospital in Centreville, Illinois, to lose power, affect
JUNE 16, 2016
Hazards posed by batteries and alcohol preps prompt a review of fire safety issues in clinics
A fire broke out at a South Korean hospital for the elderly early Wednesday, killing 21 people -
MAY 29, 2014
Jackson Health System in Miami is firing a fourth-year neurology resident who was caught on video
APRIL 29, 2016
Smoke barrier doors: Fire-rated? Our life safety expert tells you
NOVEMBER 30, 2016
Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha recently fired two workers for inappropriately accessing
The CMS deadline for annual fire door inspections is New Year's Day 2018, but AOs aren't bound b
NOVEMBER 1, 2017
A gunman opened fire in downtown Minneapolis August 26, spraying gunfire toward an ER entrance at
A mental hospital under fire from Iowa’s governor has fired three workers and made patient
FEBRUARY 25, 2015
As a safety professional in a hospital, you've undoubtedly thought about fire and explosion safet
MARCH 26, 2015
The month of November brings with it the thought of chilly nights by the fire and Thanksgiving fe
NOVEMBER 6, 2014
Joint Commission surveys will include requirements from the National Fire Protection Association&
JUNE 14, 2016
Providers know the drill for addressing and operationalizing CMS' annual IPPS and OPPS updates,
Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and more recently, active shooters and bomb threats: These are al
OCTOBER 13, 2016
Hospitals under fire to review and revamp their policies and procedures in the wake of dangers f
DECEMBER 22, 2016
These Occupational Health and Safety Forms provide you with all of the updates for your OSHA Health and Safety Compliance Manual.
DECEMBER 17, 2008
A psychiatric hospital in Boston is under fire from government investigators after a patie
JUNE 25, 2014
CMS’ Readmissions Reduction Program has come under fire numerous times from individuals and
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is fast-tracking the development of a new standar
APRIL 1, 2018
MARCH 26, 2014
OCTOBER 28, 2015
Hospitals under fire to review and revamp their policies and procedures in the wake of dangers fa
DECEMBER 22, 2016
MARCH 18, 2015
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Displaying records 1 to 20 out of 456 results for "fire drills".
( Page 1 of 23 )