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  GAO finds Medicare appeals backlog not decreasing fast enough
Deadline for CCDS exam at ACDIS conference in Las Vegas Friday, April 11 is the
Record numbers of people took the CCDS exam in December and early January before the new version
ACDIS is making several changes to the Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist exam effective
CCDS exam results for those who took the exam since January 18 will be issued at the end of March
JustCoding currently offers a complete CPC practice exam for platinum members. We are considering
OCTOBER 22, 2014
Those wishing to obtain their CCDS certification now have an opportunity to take the exam at the
In 2016, those sitting for the Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS) exam face the b
by Penny Richards  Live onsite scoring for the CCDS exam began again la
New exam in our Quizzes section:
MARCH 19, 2014
Updated CPC® practice exam in Q
FEBRUARY 4, 2015
“It’s a long drive for prenatal care visits, and if they have a fast labor it could b
FEBRUARY 24, 2016
Maintenance of certification (MOC) exam scores are falling: First-time pass rates for those who
The Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS) exam hit a pretty big milestone last weeke
"The way medicine is delivered in the U.S. is changing fast, and there is perhaps no
OCTOBER 31, 2014
Does your hospital still require patients to fast eight hours before surgery? Are your nurses sti
OCTOBER 13, 2015
  “When we walk into an exam room, we may actually ask a patient how they&rs
MARCH 19, 2015
A fast-moving wildfire forced the evacuation of at least 40 patients from a long-term care hospit
AUGUST 7, 2014
Last week, thousands of homecare workers in 150 cities across the country joined fast food employ
Early this year, the NFPA promised to fast-track a new standard to help first responders, healthc
For many workers, healthcare employment is going the way of fast food and retail: unstable schedu
You thought it was safe to forget about Ebola, didn't you? Not so fast, say experts.
MARCH 19, 2015
A physician walks into an exam room and extends his hand to the patient. The gesture is simple, s
JULY 16, 2014
Imagine sitting down to take an exam and the teacher tells you exactly what’s on the test.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is fast-tracking the development of a new standar
APRIL 1, 2018
JULY 30, 2014
Consider using roll-down doors on emergency department exam rooms, breakaway clothes hooks on wal
SEPTEMBER 28, 2017
MARCH 5, 2014
JULY 15, 2015
AUGUST 12, 2015
MARCH 9, 2017
AUGUST 20, 2014
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Displaying records 1 to 20 out of 452 results for "fast exam".
( Page 1 of 23 )