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While some hospitals are just approaching their peak of treating COVID-19 patients, others are al
APRIL 23, 2020
With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing facilities that administer the United States Medical Licensure
APRIL 23, 2020
While the new diagnosis code to capture COVID-19 has been in effect since April 1, coders have ru
Here are some of the highlights from the covid-recomm
AUGUST 27, 2020
The ever-changing policies for handling COVID-19 in SNFs are sometimes hard to keep track of. The
SEPTEMBER 18, 2020
While we have all been living with the COVID-19 pandemic for a majority of 2020, the flu season i
NOVEMBER 20, 2020
By A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) Get a firm handle on your COVID-
As COVID-19 spreads throughout the U.S., SNFs are in a vulnerable position. Residents’ como
The staff at SNFs are currently on the front lines doing the vital work of battling COVID-19. Sta
By Christopher Cheney The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pan
AUGUST 13, 2020
by Brian Ward The surge of COVID-19 patients has forced healthcare facil
JUNE 21, 2020
by Brian Ward The surge of COVID-19 patients has forced healthcare facil
JUNE 21, 2020
The coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is causing disruptions throughout society, and government agenc
The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken things up for SNFs and affected nearly all day-to-day activities
AUGUST 7, 2020
Although CMS has issued blanket waivers, the vast majority of the Medicare requirements remain in
In 2018, The Joint Commission (TJC) announced it would issue a Requirement for Improvement if it
MAY 12, 2020
The latest manual updates cover information on infection prevention requirements during the COVID
NOVEMBER 25, 2020
As COVID-19 spreads throughout the U.S., healthcare organizations face unique challenges to supp
MARCH 18, 2020
As COVID-19 spreads throughout the U.S., healthcare organizations face unique challenges to supp
MARCH 18, 2020
As it has for so many aspects of our lives, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way
By Jay Kumar More than four months into the COVID-19 lockdown, we’re seeing some st
AUGUST 4, 2020
As of April 1, coders now have a specific ICD-10-CM diagnosis code to capture the COVID-19 virus.
The COVID-19 pandemic has already altered how medical students are trained and may require change
MAY 26, 2020
A majority of medical students say that COVID-19 has had no effect on their choice to pursue medi
NOVEMBER 5, 2020
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, large hospital chains in California have discontinued clinical
MARCH 18, 2020
By Christopher Cheney The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic i
JUNE 4, 2020
There are few communities hit harder by COVID-19 than the elderly nursing home population. Not on
SEPTEMBER 10, 2020
The rising number of COVID-19 cases in the United States has prompted some medical schools to can
MARCH 18, 2020
By Christopher Cheney With the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19
SEPTEMBER 10, 2020
Amid the growing COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals and physician practices have been forced to la
APRIL 15, 2020
By Brian Ward The CDC has made six additions to its list of COVID
APRIL 30, 2020
Recognizing the disruption the COVID-19 pandemic may have on the education GME programs are able
SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
How are you conducting interviews during the COVID-19 pandemic? How has your process changed to k
NOVEMBER 5, 2020
Reporting requirements for nursing homes are constantly changing during the pandemic. CMS has bee
NOVEMBER 6, 2020
By John Commins Between 1% and 2% of New Yorkers infected with COVID-19
JULY 9, 2020
By John Commins New research shows that counted deaths from COVID-19 in mid-April were ab
MAY 28, 2020
By Christopher Cheney The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pan
AUGUST 6, 2020
To reduce the spread of COVID-19, agency managers are looking into alternative ways for clinician
By Christopher Cheney As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads in the
MARCH 25, 2020
By Christopher Cheney As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads in the
MARCH 25, 2020
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline healthcare workers were already at a high risk for burn
MAY 6, 2020
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians and other healthcare workers were already at a high ri
APRIL 29, 2020
Twenty frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the newly implemented ICD-10 code for COVID-19
SNF surveys have pivoted over the past few months to focus on infection control amid COVID-19 out
by A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) As the COVID-19 surge co
What new challenges are your programs facing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and how are you t
APRIL 16, 2020
A resurgence of COVID-19 cases has prompted the ACGME to send letters to both presidential nomine
OCTOBER 23, 2020
Keeping residents engaged during didactic conferences was already a challenge before the COVID-19
Being prepared for an audit is of utmost importance for SNFs. COVID-19 has completely changed the
OCTOBER 2, 2020
Considering the challenges healthcare facilities are facing due to COVID-19, some medical schools
APRIL 8, 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, many workers across the country have transitioned to working r
Without addressing the root causes of hand hygiene noncompliance before COVID-19, fac
NOVEMBER 12, 2020
COVID-19 has plagued SNFs for the past few months, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths acros
Facing a surge in COVID-19 patients, hospitals across the country have increased their bed capaci
APRIL 1, 2020
By Mandy Roth, HealthLeaders Media The COVID-19 crisis has spawne
MAY 21, 2020
  More oversight is required to prevent fraud and abuse of Medicare
  New Medicare Compliance and Ethics Program Requirements
  SNFs Seek Relief from Three-Day Hospital Stay Requirement
NOVEMBER 3, 2017
  Understanding phase 2 requirements for survey readiness
FEBRUARY 23, 2018
  Providers encouraged to review eligibility requirements for expanded dispute resolution proce
  Three new regulatory requirements that implicate service contracts
  Q&A: Reducing readmissions to meet SNF VBP requirements
DECEMBER 21, 2018
  Special requirements for billing urology supplies & updated DMEPOS fee schedule
DECEMBER 21, 2018
CMS doesn't require Medicare Advantage plans to have a face-to-face document for home health. Bu
By John Palmer Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in January, healthcare
SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
By John Palmer Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in January, healthcare
OCTOBER 29, 2020
The ACGME Common Program Requirements Phase 2 Task Force recently released proposed major revisio
FEBRUARY 9, 2018
  Antibiotic stewardship addressed head on in CMS’ revised infection control requirements
  CMS call to clarify qualified Medicare beneficiary (QMB) program billing requirements
  SNFs found to be out of compliance with QRP requirements will receive letter from CMS
  CMS makes several Medicaid announcements, including new audits and requirement for budget neu
AUGUST 24, 2018
Recently the ACGME Board of Directors approved major revisions to Common Program Requirements Se
JULY 27, 2018
CMS has reversed its stance requiring Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to apply Medicare fee-for-ser
By Mandy Roth The advent of COVID-19 has fueled the rise of telemedicine
MAY 28, 2020
The Joint Commission revised its requirements for hospitals and critical access hospitals (CAH) t
The Joint Commission has clarified its requirement that hospitals must have a written agreement w
The ACGME Board of Directors approved a major revision to Common Program Requirements Sections I-
JULY 2, 2018
Editor’s note: During the current COVID-19 outbreak, surveys outside of infection contr
Changes to the ACGME’s Common Program Requirements, which affect eligibility requirements f
NOVEMBER 15, 2013
Fire drills are required “one per shift, per quarter” in buildings designated as heal
The Joint Commission revised several hospice requirements to comply with the CMS Conditions o
It is a federal requirement to supervise home health aides. There is no requirement to write an o
As part of the changes in its recent final rule, CMS has eliminated the requirement that ambulat
Q: What are the new therapy reassessment requirements that CMS solidified in its
The ACGME Board of Directors recently approved a major revision to Common Program Requirements S
AUGUST 3, 2018
Use this chart to check worker safety training requirements for hospitals. This chart has been r
AUGUST 1, 2019
This summer, the ACGME approved revisions to Sections I–V of the Common Program Requirement
OCTOBER 18, 2018
The Joint Commission has postponed the implementation of revised diagnostic imaging requirements
By Son Hoang In addition to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the United St
SEPTEMBER 17, 2020
Citing feedback that required further research, The Joint Commission last week announced it will
U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson ruled unconstitutional an Alabama law requiring physicians who
State healthcare profession regulatory boards and agencies are now required to submit an attesta
The agency is required to supply all supplies on the NRS list. Is homecare obligated t
Months after NAHC had sued Medicare regarding the face-to-face requirement under the Affordable
Yes, it’s true. You can find that requirement in CMS Publication 100-2, Chapter 7,
When and where are eyewash stations required in a healthcare facility? This is one of the more fr
SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
“Learning personal finance requires a significant amount of research, and for physician tra
MARCH 24, 2017
Beginning March 1, 2015, the number of continuing education units (CEUs) required to recertify the C
Hospitals could soon be required to develop a discharge plan within 24 hours of admission or regi
A CMS requires that a physician narrative be included in a patient’s hospice recert
This fact sheet outlines specific compliance requirements for Hospice Item Set (HIS) and Consumer
by Megan Herr Agencies will no longer be required to provide patients with a ver
CMS requires that a physician narrative be included in a patient’s hospice recertification
CMS announced proposed changes to the Medicare long-term care requirements that would reform &ldq
Review the placement of portable fire extinguishers to ensure they meet both requirements from th
APRIL 1, 2018
The ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® (MRP) requires hospitals to have evidence-based practice
MARCH 6, 2015
If the patient does not require a skilled bath, can our agency continue to provide this u
Procedures are detailed descriptions of the tasks required to implement and maintain agency polic
All payers must follow the Conditions of Participation, which require an update to the comprehens
More employers than ever are requiring case managers to be certified, according to Commission for
There is no requirement to do a competency evaluation of home health aides after they have passed
Who can conduct the (medication) review? The regulations require a drug
Section IV of the ACGME Common Program Requirements focuses on the resident learning and working
JUNE 8, 2018
What does the Safe Medical Device Act of 1990 require of hospitals?  
APRIL 29, 2014
 When are hospitals required to implement interim Life Safety Code® measures?
Non-enforcement of supervision requirements for certain therapeutic services for critical
Proposed CMS quality measure reporting requirements detailed in the 2016 prospective payment rule
JUNE 23, 2015
Q: Are we still required to report value code FD (credit received from the manufacturer for
Q: In regards to the new CMS requirements regarding corridor projections, will alcohol-based hand
OCTOBER 20, 2016
In a new blog post, The Joint Commission (TJC) clarified its new ligature risk requirements regar
DECEMBER 12, 2019
Have you thought about the changes to RAPs and the new Notice of Admission requirement fi
Two new requirements from The Joint Commission (TJC) for the Life Safety and Medication Managemen
JUNE 27, 2019
Joint Commission surveys will include requirements from the National Fire Protection Association&
JUNE 14, 2016
CMS has issued new information on the training and testing requir
APRIL 4, 2017
by Josh Poltilove CMS is proposing to eliminate three requirements it has deemed
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday left intact part of a New York City law that requires “cr
New program coordinators can learn more about accreditation requirements as part of a new worksho
MAY 23, 2014
You hear it all the time: Practice now for the situations that require your staff to deal with an
JANUARY 7, 2016
Later this month, New York will become the first state to require that all prescriptions be writ
MARCH 16, 2016
Something old and something new(ish): old rant, new requirement. As we move ever o
FEBRUARY 23, 2017
The Tennessee Nurses Association is seeking the removal of a state law that requires physicians t
AUGUST 12, 2019
There has been a fair amount of coverage on the documentation requirements needed to assign ICD-1
Q: In regard to clients requiring 30-day reassessments for therapy, if a client has the init
Question Each hospital is required to have a formal process to evaluate whether a drug should
JUNE 23, 2015
Flushing a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line does indeed require the skills of a
Q: Can you tell me whether there is a resource that lists documents and required retentio
CMS is considering waiving the three-day hospital stay rule, required before a patient can be re
JANUARY 29, 2016
A new program administered by the Connecticut State Department of Public Health requires that all
FEBRUARY 12, 2016
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) required HHS to establis
AUGUST 12, 2016
Q. Can facilities require a patient to take a photo for the patient’s medical recor
SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
ACGME-accredited programs are required to establish clinical competency committees (CCC) to eval
JULY 12, 2018
In a new blog post, The Joint Commission (TJC) clarified its new ligature risk requirements rega
DECEMBER 5, 2019
This month Massachusetts became the first state to require health insurers and hospitals t
OCTOBER 9, 2014
Comply with OSHA requirements and protect your workers today with
ACGME-accredited programs are required to establish a clinical competency committee (CCC) to eval
JUNE 5, 2015
I have a question regarding the face-to-face requirements for homecare. It is my understa
Annual home health in-service training is not only required to remain compliant with CMS and stat
ACGME-accredited programs are required to establish a clinical competency committee (CCC) to eval
JULY 10, 2015
A final rule published May 11 by OSHA will require employers operating in dangerous industries, i
MAY 26, 2016
The Joint Commission seeks feedback on the proposed requirements for Pain Assessment and Manageme
JANUARY 10, 2017
There’s more specific requirements for the governing body—for example, the QAPI progr
From the State Operations Manual: The regulation requires at G161 that orders for therapy
Sponsored by MasterLock Lockout and tagout are often considered requir
NOVEMBER 28, 2018
Insurer-provider discord mounts over new HIPPS code requirement
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
 The Joint Commission (TJC) doesn’t require medical instruments that touch mucous memb
The Joint Commission (TJC) doesn’t require medical instruments that touch mucous membranes
Nearly half a million employers nationwide are affected by an OSHA requirement that they electron
MAY 25, 2017
Terms of use synopsis
COVID-19 has disrupted SNFs throughout the U.S., and without proper infection control in SNFs
by Penny Richards ACDIS announces several changes in eligibility requirements for
Although the rules for selecting QAPI data are flexible, CMS does require that programs document
To comply with the Hospice QRP (HQRP) requirements, hospices must successfully submit tim
What additional steps, besides the use of two patient identifiers, are required when preparing to
Effective January 1, organizations are required to collect data for six mandatory inpatient measu
JANUARY 6, 2015
  The transition to ICD-10 is required for everyone covered by the 
Does your hospital still require patients to fast eight hours before surgery? Are your nurses sti
OCTOBER 13, 2015
I understand CMS now has a requirement that physicians must estimate the number of visits
It has been a little over six weeks since the implementation of the new reporting requirements fo
CMS announced on September 8 that it had finalized new emergency response requirements for health
SEPTEMBER 13, 2016
Homecare providers cannot use standing orders per se. The regulations require all orders to be in
Knowing when egress doors can be locked or latched requires a careful review of LSC If
DECEMBER 1, 2017
The Joint Commission (TJC) includes a requirement under the Provision of Care, Treatment and Service
By Michelle Clarke In 2008, New Jersey began requiring hospitals and nursing home to
APRIL 18, 2019
by Megan Herr Agencies will soon be required to submit all claims using new
How are your programs accommodating residents who must adhere to new physical distancing require
JULY 29, 2020
Privacy Policy synopsis.
The ACGME Institutional Requirements state that “The GMEC must meet at least quarter
MARCH 28, 2014
The number of patients requiring observation services will likely increase for many hospitals as
Healthcare reform, technological advancements, and regulatory requirements create privacy and inf
HIPAA training isn’t a one-time effort. To be in compliance, all new staff require HIPAA or
CMS does not require ordering providers to rewrite orders prior to ICD-10 implementation with app
NOVEMBER 18, 2015
CMS added three new questions on meaningful use requirements to their FAQ website. The new FAQs c
NOVEMBER 17, 2015
Revised ACGME Common Program Requirements permitting first-year residents to work shifts up to 24
MAY 19, 2017
Involving patients in their care isn’t just polite, it’s a CMS requirement. Condition
FEBRUARY 22, 2018
A newly proposed rule by CMS would put into effect new discharge planning requirements that the a
SEPTEMBER 26, 2019
The system of universal precautions requires healthcare workers to routinely use appropriate bar
MARCH 11, 2020
The system of universal precautions requires healthcare workers to routinely use appropriate barr
MARCH 11, 2020
OSHA has released twin bulletins requiring staffing agencies and host employers to share responsi
OSHA has released twin bulletins requiring staffing agencies and host employers to share responsi
JANUARY 1, 2019
 CMS releases proposed emergency preparedness requirements
The newest version of the NPDB Guidebook released last month includes stricter reporting require
By now, providers are no doubt familiar with the group of entities required to switch to ICD-10&m
On July 1, 2019, the new ACGME Common Program Requirements will go into effect. Requirem
JUNE 6, 2019
Some of the requirements for home care include: If the patient does in fact leave the hom
Ten years after becoming the first state requiring its hospitals and ASCs to publicly subm
APRIL 3, 2014
We all know that ICD-10 codes will require more complete documentation. We’ve been t
Researchers studying the impact of the 2003 ACGME requirement to reduce residents’ d
OCTOBER 10, 2014
  A bill making its way through the New Jersey Legislature would require state off
JULY 25, 2014
A policy that would require physicians in Manitoba set up an on-call system for patient calls a
FEBRUARY 12, 2015