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In 10% of cases, patients placed on observation status pay more for their care than they would ha
The number of patients requiring observation services will likely increase for many hospitals as
Stakeholders take NOTICE of mounting ­observation status reform legislation
Terms of use synopsis
Observation and Reporting. Please click on the PDF icon. Observation and Reporting
We are assessing and observing if we have an issue related to medical error. Tie it to the advers
Q: Can we use “zero” as a frequency in writing physician orders
A fourth-year neurology resident at Jackson Health System in Miami has been placed on administrat
JANUARY 29, 2016
Q: Does a spell of wellness end with observation time in a hospital?
OCTOBER 17, 2014
Physician Assistants (PA) were among the most-placed healthcare providers last year, based on hi
True or False: When taking a verbal order, it is essential to read back the order to the provider
NOVEMBER 19, 2013
President Donald Trump’s January 27 executive order placing significant restrictions on tra
FEBRUARY 3, 2017
 The Joint Commission announced an update of its “observer” definition in its a
FEBRUARY 14, 2017
A Certification and recertification surveys typically take place over several days. During the en
Direct observations are an important component of competency-based medical education for resident
APRIL 1, 2020
  The new criteria for inpatient admission and its relation to observation service
by Josh Poltilove Ensure sound protocols are in place for how to respond when an
The use of “Observation Status” – treating certain hospitalized Medicare patien
AUGUST 21, 2014
Do you have a Medicare patient who has been on observation status in your hospital for more than
Experts say you should have a plan in place and practice it. Consider this your guide for traini
The U.S. District Court issued a temporary restraining order that prevents a U.S. Department of L
When working with stroke patients, you are responsible for several types of observations. First,
FDA says 4 million N95 masks could be reused thanks to emergency orders
MAY 28, 2020
Could ‘one in, two out’ order be the answer to the high costs of meeting federal
APRIL 21, 2017
Could ‘one in, two out’ order be the answer to the high costs of meeting federal
Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, R.I., has been ordered by the state Department of Hea
APRIL 8, 2014
CMS announced its ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee Meeting to take place on Septembe
Q: How are we supposed to use observation and assessment for patients on te
In observance of Thanksgiving, Residency Program Insider will not be published on Friday
NOVEMBER 20, 2019
In observance of Thanksgiving, Nurse Leader Insider will not be published on Thursday, November
NOVEMBER 19, 2019
In observance of the holidays, Residency Program Insider will not be published on Friday, Decembe
DECEMBER 16, 2019
In observance of the holidays, Nurse Leader Insider will not be published on Th
DECEMBER 16, 2019
A resident is suing the University of Texas Dell Medical School, claiming she was placed on proba
SEPTEMBER 11, 2015
CMS revisions regarding therapeutic diet orders may give MSPs plenty to chew on
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
Just when you thought you had your suicide prevention safeguards in place, things are about to ch
APRIL 1, 2018
Q: A few days into the patient’s stay, an order for a Foley catheter was placed f
JUNE 18, 2014
Q: Did something change with the observation services Composite APC in 2016? The director of p
  Finalized rules for shared savings ACOs place greater emphasis on quality
NOVEMBER 20, 2015
  Do you have an insurance verification policy in place?
MARCH 31, 2017
You provide an example of a podiatrist providing orders. And you ask how it could be within his s
Homecare providers know that more often than not, referral orders are incomplete.
In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, Residency Program Insider won’t be publis
NOVEMBER 22, 2013
Dear readers, In observance of Thanksgiving, Residency Program Insider wo
NOVEMBER 20, 2015
Dear readers, In observance of Thanksgiving, Medical Staff Leader Insider
NOVEMBER 19, 2015
Q: Can we use standing orders for many of our specialty programs, like woun
We are seeking clarification on whether we can accept a physician’s verbal order to
Fill in the blank: Orders in which the dose is decreased by a particular amount with each dosing
OCTOBER 21, 2014
This locator applies only if verbal orders are involved in the start of care process. It w
In order to be fully prepared for the October 1, 2014, ICD-10 transition, you need to know
NOVEMBER 15, 2013
All of your coding education in one place! Powered by HCPro’s coding experts, Codin
For home health patients, may we accept orders for labs from a physician assistant (PA) w
Homecare providers cannot use standing orders per se. The regulations require all orders to be in
Make sure your staff knows and implements your policy on continuous observation of suicidal pati
FEBRUARY 1, 2019
According to CMS, a discharge order is not necessary, no matter the circumstances.
About 17% of adults nationwide do not have a usual place to go to for medical care or advice, acc
Q: Can we accept stamped signatures on physician orders? A:
M2200 asks about the number of visits on the plan of care, which reflects physician orders. This
M2200 asks about the number of visits on the plan of care, which reflects physician orders. This
A pharmacist must review all medication orders prior to the medication being dispensed exc
APRIL 22, 2014
Q: What exactly does an order for “evaluate and treat” allow a thera
CMS does not require ordering providers to rewrite orders prior to ICD-10 implementation with app
NOVEMBER 18, 2015
From the State Operations Manual: The regulation requires at G161 that orders for therapy
Just when you thought you had your suicide prevention safeguards in place, things are about to ch
MARCH 1, 2018
Regarding the new CoPs: How do we write recertification orders? Before we usually write r
Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, has been ordered to stop
This therapy M item should be reviewed once all initial orders have been received by the agency f
Earlier this month, The Joint Commission announced that it would allow medical orders to be sent
Q: What is the proper way to enter in orders for disciplines and treatments on t
With CMS regulations making inpatient admission orders an express condition of Medicare payment,
MARCH 3, 2017
There is no language specifically stating an NP or PA cannot give orders. Rather, the rules requi
DECEMBER 2, 2015
A bill changing notification of outpatient observation status for hospital patients has be
AUGUST 14, 2015
New for RPA subscriber-only: Using webinars to place medical didactics under one umbrella
FEBRUARY 14, 2018
OCTOBER 29, 2014
CMS needs to evaluate, clarify, and modify sections of the Notice of Observation Treatment and Im
OCTOBER 8, 2014
The MEC meeting will come to order ... hopefully What's
OCTOBER 1, 2014
The FDA ordered a recall of all Custom Ultrasonic brand automated endoscope reprocessors (AER) su
NOVEMBER 18, 2015
MARCH 5, 2014
CMS and The Joint Commission are placing more emphasis on reducing adverse events, which means ho
FEBRUARY 1, 2018
  The Kentucky Court of Appeals ordered cardiothoracic surgeon Robert T. Fried, MD
AUGUST 14, 2014
On January 30, President Trump signed a new executive order declaring a “one-in, two-out&rd
FEBRUARY 2, 2017
The first Memorial Day observance was held May 30, 1868, at Arlington National Cemetery. B
Although the majority of baby boomers are committed to aging in place, and the bulk of this popul
The culture of our company is based on a commitment to serve our customers and to empower them to improve the quality of healthcare across the globe. We place a very high value on teamwork, dedication, innovation, work ethic, and integrity. Our customers and clients consistently recognize the quality of our staff as the most distinguished feature of our Company.
JANUARY 6, 2009
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014
Q: We have a debate going on at our facility. We have a new cardiologist who orders an
On February 1, a U.S. District Court judge in Vermont ordered the Centers for Medicare & Medi
AUGUST 6, 2014
There are a number of things an aide should be observing and reporting for a patient who has canc
The Midwest may be the best place for physicians to practice to avoid burnout and stress, accordi
MAY 12, 2017
In an age where violence is becoming the norm in public places, hospital administrators are makin
NOVEMBER 21, 2013
Hospitals should have processes in place that continually monitor for specific types of events, t
JUNE 17, 2014
We see inappropriate recertifications all over the place. And any agency that's got more of a 14% to
You should have a policy in place that describes things like a bag barrier and how to clean your
What is your idea of the best place to spend your summer vacation time? As far
JUNE 17, 2015
What is your idea of the best place to spend your summer vacation time? As far
JUNE 24, 2015
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Q: We are having a difficult time getting our practitioners to sign their orders. We have
Q: What day should a new admit to a SNF begin the skilled therapy that is ordered by physi
MARCH 14, 2014
Q: If a patient has a 3 day qualifying stay and an order for a skilled nursing facili
DECEMBER 3, 2014
OCTOBER 21, 2015
Which state doesn’t observe daylight saving time? a. Arizona b. Idaho
AUGUST 12, 2015
JUNE 17, 2015
“While some of my colleagues definitely had nicer places, I felt that I could not afford no
MAY 11, 2018
The Place-Like-Home-Advancing-Safety-
AUGUST 23, 2018
In order to prepare testing for ICD-10 implementation, facilities should assess the readin
A jury ordered an anesthesiologist and her practice to pay $500,000 after a patient’s phone
JUNE 25, 2015
A woman arrested for posing as a nurse is now in custody after defying orders to not leave the co
JUNE 5, 2019
In 1999, the Institute of Medicine released its To Err is Human report, which placed a h
JULY 22, 2014
CMS and The Joint Commission are placing more emphasis on reducing adverse events, which means ho
FEBRUARY 15, 2018
CMS and The Joint Commission are placing more emphasis on reducing adverse events, which means ho
St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse, New York, passed a follow-up survey ordere
JUNE 17, 2014