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National Nursing Home Week is a time to recognize nursing home staff for their quality of care an
MAY 10, 2010
The high rate of nursing home injuries can be reduced by better resident handling practice
Nurses new to home health struggle with the completion of documentation related to patient care.
A bipartisan bill intended to streamline administrative processes, cut costs, and boost patient o
The state of California is being sued by three nursing home residents who claim that they have b
FEBRUARY 26, 2016
  Nursing Home Action Plan focuses on improving quality, strengthening enforcement
SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
  Improvements in preventable hospitalizations and promising trends for nursing home quality
  Payroll-based journal data goes live on Nursing Home Compare
APRIL 27, 2018
  Five newly published measures on Nursing Home Compare
OCTOBER 26, 2018
National Nurses Week is a time to recognize nurses for their quality of care and dedication to pa
MAY 6, 2010
Nursing homes now are allowed to purchase certain previously prohibited types of medical devices,
Factors that can impact the number of home health aide referrals as well as the number of visits
Home Health Line and DecisionHealth® present... Turn
The median annual cost of a private nursing home room in the United States has increased t
Patients have a new resource to use when choosing a nursing home.   CMS an
This is an area that can lead to trouble for an agency and its administrator. De-veloping new bus
There's no substitute for experience, especially in nursing. Experienced nurses accomplish all th
JULY 20, 2017
The Acute Hospital Care At Home program will help health systems and hospitals manage inpatie
DECEMBER 3, 2020
Nurses are integral to the working of the healthcare system, yet not one has yet been called to a
FEBRUARY 2, 2017
CMS open door forum tentative date The tentative date for the next Home
The first ever home health edition of the Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electro
New Bill Would Expand Insurance for Home Care   A bill intro
The new Trump administration is eager to make changes that are sure to have a major impact on Med
Tomorrow is the final day for home health agencies and their counterparts in the skilled nursing,
U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Ben Cardin (D-MD) introduced the Home Health Care Planning
Can an LPN make the home health aide supervisory visits? No. The Conditi
Last week, the Obama administration released its proposed 
House members slam home health prior authorization proposal A CM
While an advanced practice registered nurses (APRAs) or physician assistants (PAs) can do a face-to-
CMS has clarified some points related to homebound status and telehealth use to help home health
Annual home health in-service training is not only required to remain compliant with CMS and stat
The following is an excerpt from home-hea
CMS data shows cost disparities in home health services Not unlike hospit
How do we go about an admission that was visited only by a nurse during start of care the
Q: Can a nurse practitioner who runs her own practice make a referral to a
The route through which a drug is administered is essential for nurses to consider. Often, the he
OCTOBER 8, 2019
As nurses, we tend to beat ourselves up when we make a medication or other error. Many new studie
by: Kirsten Dize With the added time home health experts anticipate OA
Industry leader expands in providing nurse aide training materials July 16 2
JULY 21, 2003
Decreased payouts for nursing home care was one reason that healthcare spending grew more
How do we bill for osteoporosis drugs? The home health consolidated bil
40 Essential In-Services for Home Health: Lesson Plans and Self-Study Guides for Aides and
40 Essential In-Services for Home Health: Lesson Plans and Self-Study Guides for Aides and
40 Essential In-Services for Home Health: Lesson Plans and Self-Study Guides for Aid
40 Essential In-Services for Home Health: Lesson Plans and Self-Study Guides for Aid
40 Essential In-Services for Home Health: Lesson Plans and Self-Study Guides for Aides and
40 Essential In-Services for Home Health: Lesson Plans and Self-Study Guides for Aides and
40 Essential In-Services for Home Health: Lesson Plans and Self-Study Guides for Aides and
40 Essential In-Services for Home Health: Lesson Plans and Self-Study Guides for Aides and
40 Essential In-Services for Home Health: Lesson Plans and Self-Study Guides for Aid
CMS extends Medicare home health moratorium   CMS has exten
by Josh Poltilove Adjustments to Medicare’s home health payments under the
A bill that would establish around-the-clock registered nurse staffing hours at Medicare and Me
AUGUST 7, 2014
No, supervising home health aides is a cost of doing business. Whenever possible, the nurse or th
JustCoding's Drug Administration Capture and Audit Tool provides multiple critical tools for nur
OCTOBER 23, 2019
Can we provide two home health aides to provide care for a quadriplegic patient?
2015 HomeCare Elite Winners Announced National Research Corporation and D
Reviewed by Mary Ellen Conway, RN, BSN A home health agency depends on i
As new nurses work their way through the orientation process, evaluating their ability to apply c
by J’non Griffin Home care providers should weigh options for providing mo
The Visiting Nurse Associations of America has worked to launch a new nationwide organization to
Nurses bring a wealth of clinical understanding to the chief executive role, but they have to mas
DECEMBER 15, 2016
By Michelle Clarke In 2008, New Jersey began requiring hospitals and nursing home to
APRIL 18, 2019
After the initial claim determination has been made, home health providers have the right to appe
Last week, the Trump administration announced a move to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arr
Seven states are projected to experience nursing shortages by 2030, according to a report from th
AUGUST 28, 2019
Even in a female-dominated field such as nursing, women may be paid less than their male counterp
Nursing homes dramatically reduced pressure ulcer rates and restraint use in the last thre
Nursing homes administer largely pointless and potentially harmful drugs to a majority of residen
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
Residency programs can flounder without the proper support from a nurse leader that provides prec
November is National Home Care Month November is home care and h
Home Health Star Rating previews are now available to agencies CMS has an
Almost 20% of nursing home residents experience mistreatment from a fellow resident in a g
NOVEMBER 7, 2014
CMS on Oct. 27 provided the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) a draft versi
Are there certain key elements of home health aide supervision? Years a
A home health agency depends on its entire care team—aides, nurses, therapists, and social
Hiring nurses is a challenge for any organization, including home health agencies. You want good
Twelve Minnesota nurses who since 2010 are licensed to practice despite having either stolen narc
NOVEMBER 7, 2013
by Josh Poltilove Within the revised Home Health Condi-tions of Participa
University of Vermont Medical Center (UVM) nurses have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a two-da
JUNE 14, 2018
Today, the National Association of Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) 
Nine Massachusetts agencies that provide home health services to patient on Medicaid have
NOVEMBER 3, 2016
A nursing home that unexpectedly shut its doors in May is now facing allegations from neighbors
Illinois proposal caps hours for home health workers Governor Bruce Ruane
The nursing shortage is becoming a major issue again and rural hospitals are being hit hardest.
FEBRUARY 18, 2016
Nurses have always stood out as the advocate for the patient when making healthcare decisions, an
OCTOBER 6, 2016
By Jennifer Thew, RN A few weeks ago, after returning home from the Ameri
MAY 3, 2018
by Josh Poltilove The big buzz at the National Association for Home Care & Hos
A survey of nurse practitioners found that those who completed a postgraduate fellowship reported
JULY 1, 2019
ER nurses and physicians work in an environment that promotes the acceptance of patient vi
MAY 15, 2014
You arrive to work at 6:30 a.m. and find a night-shift nurse crying outside your office door. Bet
SEPTEMBER 18, 2019
A bipartisan bill introduced by two U.S. senators aims to increase home health access for low-inc
by Becky Ziviski, CPA, LNHA, speaker and author of Profit Without Census: A Nursing Home Admi
The following is an excerpt from The Long-Term Care Director of Nursing Field Guide, Fourth E
SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
By Kenneth Michek Ask a nurse and they will tell you that staffing levels matter. Now a
JULY 26, 2018
A report on agency performance on this measure is provided to home health agencies as part of the
The Missouri Home Care Union announced last week that it has reached a deal with the Missouri Qua
By Jennifer Thew, RN Sadly, nurses are more than familiar with being hit, kicked, sworn a
MARCH 7, 2019
By Jennifer Thew, RN To meet the critical need for nurses during
APRIL 16, 2020
The following is an excerpt from home-health-therapy-h
Earlier this month, the American Academy of Nursing released a position statement that recommende
FEBRUARY 1, 2018
by Jennifer Thew, RN Moral distress among chief nursing officers is seldom acknowl
FEBRUARY 23, 2017
A former nurse is suing Cameron (Missouri) Regional Medical Center for back pay, future pay, and
AUGUST 7, 2019
A home health agency depends on its entire care team—aides, nurses, therapists, and
A home health agency depends on its entire care team—aides, nurses, therapists, an
A home health agency depends on its entire care team—aides, nurses, therapists,
A home health agency depends on its entire care team—aides, nurses, therapists,
A home health agency depends on its entire care team—aides, nurses, therapists
A home health agency depends on its entire care team—aides, nurses, therapists, and social
Getting staff nurses involved in research is not easy. Along with the additional time and work re
NOVEMBER 3, 2016
  Budgeting tips for administrators
SEPTEMBER 29, 2017
Vets waiting, even dying, for home health care; telemedicine gains momentum
A man was sentenced to four years and nine months in federal prison for using fake nursing creden
JUNE 26, 2019
Nurses’ Week celebrates nurse contributions around the world, but it is also in celebratio
MAY 12, 2016
Earlier this month, the American Academy of Nursing
JANUARY 25, 2018
Q: A patient is discharged from the skilled nursing facility (SNF) on day 24 and sent hom
DECEMBER 21, 2018
Our questions are in regards to providing home health aide services to a patient in an as
Is it possible for a patient receiving home health care to also receive outpatient pulmon
The health of American seniors is improving, and so is the quality of care in U.S. nursing
High incontinence rates among nursing home residents create emotional and financial burden
For critical thinking to be part of your agency’s culture, particularly in nursing, it has
By Jennifer Thew, RN Nursing is about identifying problems and creating i
NOVEMBER 4, 2019
HCPro is seeking enthusiastic home health administrators and directors, clinical supervisors, sta
CMS first added ratings in 2005 and in 2008, added the first five-star quality rating to nursing
APRIL 14, 2015
A lawsuit has been filed after an employee of a South Dakota nursing home posted nude photos of a
FEBRUARY 26, 2016
Written by Jennifer Thew, RN "So you used to be a nurse?" I can't tell
MAY 19, 2016
Earlier this month, the Obama administration released its proposed 
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have released new home health Conditions o
Officials at the Utah hospital where a nurse was arrested in July for refusing to draw blood fro
Nursing homes might be able to cut their pressure ulcer rates by giving nurses more control over
SEPTEMBER 19, 2014
This week’s Inside Story is from home-health-aide-on-
For many years, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program®
Labor disputes between nurses and hospitals are nothing new, but over the past few weeks we&rsquo
JULY 7, 2016
I work at a homecare agency, and we have been getting referrals lately for nurses to admi
Regulatory and administrative burdens on physician practices have increased, and practices are s
In the scenario you describe, your agency admitted a patient when she was discharged home from the h
By Jennifer Thew, RN Giving nurses time to connect with why they chose to
JUNE 29, 2017
Under certain circumstances, a hospice provider may need to make an “administrative dischar
Often we see nursing unions conflict with management on a number of issues related to salary and
DECEMBER 14, 2017
More than 90% of nurses and physicians got their shots last season, according to the U.S. Center
When did it become the home health agency’s responsibility to pay for a catheter in
Our questions are in regards to providing home health aide services to a patient in an as
Telehealth devices are becoming more common in the area of home healthcare. It is important for c
In a press release last week, the American Nurses Association (ANA) expressed their support for L
AUGUST 3, 2017
  The administrator's role in the billing process
OCTOBER 16, 2015
  The quintessential form for the business office and administrators
DECEMBER 21, 2018
The National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) released a d
One of our nurses asked us what her legal risks are if something goes wrong when caring f
DoJ: Thousands deprived of home care options South Dakotans with
Home health class lawsuit denied Collec
Written by Jennifer Thew, RN, for nurse-leaders/me
JULY 14, 2016
CMS has long identified staffing as one of the vital components of a nursing home’s
APRIL 10, 2015
by: Josh Poltilove Adjustments to Medicare’s home health payments und
States have been increasingly taxing skilled nursing facilities and other healthcare provi
AUGUST 1, 2014
Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts last week signed LB 107, giving nurse practitioners (NP) the abil
During the March 3rd Skilled Nursing Facility/Long-term Open Door Forum, it was announced that s
MARCH 11, 2016
Overtime laws could change the game for home health   The D
While home health may be the most affordable postacute care (PAC) setting, the cost of se
Managing resident pain is an important aspect of care in any skilled nursing facility (SNF), but
JANUARY 17, 2020
By Jennifer Thew, RN  Burnout is a common experience for bedside nurses. But
JULY 1, 2019
Study: Home health cuts costs of CJR The use of home health serv
One of your many responsibilities as administrator is completing an annual agency evaluation, in
By Jennifer Thew, RN Suicide prevention awareness month is the time for nurse lea
SEPTEMBER 27, 2018
  Q:   A nursing home sends a SNF patient to the emergency room, a
FEBRUARY 21, 2014
The percent of long-stay nursing home residents receiving antipsychotic medication has dec
OCTOBER 31, 2014
The National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes is a partnership between the C
CMS' star rating system for nursing homes on shaky ground
DECEMBER 1, 2014
With the myriad of responsibilities a home health administrator must discharge each day, auditing
By Jennifer Thew, RN Is the old adage, "Happy nurses equal happy patients&quo
JUNE 19, 2019
  Strategic and business planning: An essential function of all administrators
Nursing homes and personal care facilities are considered to have one of the
FEBRUARY 1, 2017
by Josh Poltilove Actions that home health agencies and advocacy or-ganizations to
The policies and administrative practices of the agency are reviewed to determine the extent to w
The overall tone of the forum was frustration. Several skilled nursing facility workers expressed
AUGUST 7, 2014
by Kirsten Dize Have a quality assurance nurse review all patients at the start of
For many older nurses, the idea of bringing their personal lives, in the form of social media, t
MARCH 3, 2016
The administrator, clinical manager, and any other key personnel should begin reviewing the State
Great strides have been taken in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities (SNF) to meet a nat
Tell your nurses that soon that packaging for a patient’s nicotine patch, gum, or lozenge m
by: Josh Poltilove Home health agencies spoke up in record numbers about their co
An excerpt from nurse-to-nurse-hostil
AUGUST 11, 2016
 Core Administrative Competency is about what people in senior administrative positio
AUGUST 21, 2015
CMS recently announced that the star rating methodology soon to augment Home Health Compare will
Nursing home residents might benefit from a new way of diagnosing and treating sepsis made
OCTOBER 24, 2014
  More than 50% of nursing home residents die or cannot walk within six months of
If the nurse practitioner is signing the Face to Face encounter: A.   &n
Nurse practitioners (NP) can improve outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and expand patient access
Advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) who work for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) w
DECEMBER 27, 2016
By Jennifer Thew, RN Nurse leaders are quite familiar with this question from the
JULY 11, 2019
In January, CMS posted the first Patient Survey Star Rating information on the Home Health Compar
Home health and hospice providers urged CMS to consider permanent adjustments to relax telehealth
Unfortunately, one of the most commonly cited deficiencies in home health care is the failure to
In the new proposed home health PPS rule, CMS states agencies providing a larger percentage of ov
by: Josh Poltilove and Megan Batty A year after outcry from the home health indu
By Jennifer Thew, RN Nurse leaders are responsible for a vast array of me
AUGUST 31, 2017
After a CMS survey, the home health agency administrator, clinical manager, and any other key per
The incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden is
NOVEMBER 12, 2020
While home health aides are not involved directly in the infusions, there are some common duties
by: Megan Pielmeier By using a sign campaign in patient homes, one Ohio agency w
By Carol Ebert, RN, BSN, MA, CHES, CWP How can nurses keep themselves on
JUNE 4, 2015
More practices are using nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) in new ways and
FEBRUARY 23, 2016
You note that under the revised Home Health CoPs, agencies already are required to have an indivi
By Jennifer Thew, RN for nursing/nu
JUNE 14, 2018
  Have you heard? We've added a NEW Administrator's Bootcamp!
FEBRUARY 14, 2018
  Have you heard? We've added a NEW Administrator's Bootcamp!
FEBRUARY 23, 2018
  CMS administrator aims to make doctors' offices a "fax free zone" by 2020
AUGUST 17, 2018
  Trump administration's proposed rule aims to penalize legal immigrants for using Medicaid
OCTOBER 12, 2018
Residents can now enjoy a more home-like environment as part of their long-term care experience w
FEBRUARY 24, 2017
Tell your nurses that soon that packaging for a patient’s nicotine patch, gum, or lozenge m
FEBRUARY 1, 2019
  Skilled nursing facility compliance audit
AUGUST 26, 2016
  Avoid skilled nursing facility denials
MARCH 17, 2017
Yale New Haven Hospital's nurse SWAT team goes beyond just responding to changes in patie
MARCH 24, 2016
The Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education (TAGME) certification is the only reco
NOVEMBER 10, 2017
Looking to help patients find the best home health agency? Direct them to the new CMS tool, Home
AUGUST 11, 2015
Editor’s Note: This Inside Story is from Home Health Aide On the Go In-Service Serie
by: Josh Poltilove For the first time in at least a decade, the proposed home he
Home health agencies and other providers with a low volume of pending appeals at the administrati
How many times have nurses wondered, "what if we did it this way?" or "I wonder wh
FEBRUARY 19, 2020
Nursing is a demanding profession, typified by long hours and a high-stress work environment as
FEBRUARY 8, 2018
Consider adopting clinical pathways to increase nursing visit efficiency, decrease rehospitalizat
There’s no denying it: nursing is a women-dominated profession. In 2011, the
OCTOBER 20, 2016
The final report from the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation (AHHQI)’s Fut
A Texas-based home health agency is teaming up with the Red Cross to help senior citizens forced
The Obama Administration announced last week that the 2015 White House Conference on Agin
by: Kirsten Dize Changes to the Home Health Quality Reporting Program outlined i
Great strides have been taken in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities as part of a nation
NOVEMBER 17, 2017
By A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) The Trump administration
JUNE 11, 2020
Click the PDF icon above to download.   Home Health Aide
The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) urges home health and hospice agencie
The first and most respected book showing new and experienced nurses how to build a better work
MARCH 31, 2016
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that home health care will be fastest growing indus
Jennifer Thew, RN Over the past decade, both the number of and need for nurse practitione
AUGUST 9, 2018
The American Nurses Association (ANA) has recommended Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility: Why Nu
MARCH 31, 2016
HCPro would like to thank all of the nurses who have devoted their life to helping patients and
MAY 10, 2018
It is a federal requirement to supervise home health aides. There is no requirement to write an o
CMS doesn't require Medicare Advantage plans to have a face-to-face document for home health. Bu
The decision to buy a home is highly personal and one that residents and fellows in their final y
FEBRUARY 17, 2021
Every nurse can play a part in elevating the public perception of the nursing profession. The tab
MARCH 13, 2015
RNs and nursing assistants do not always communicate optimally. In many institutions, nursing ass
JULY 30, 2015
Many new nurses have trouble acclimating to their new roles, but one nurse has found new and exci
SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
Do you have interesting, funny, or touching stories to tell? Do you want to share your nursing j
JANUARY 12, 2017
  SNFRM as the first measure for the Skilled Nursing Facility Value Based Purchasing
FEBRUARY 10, 2017
  Nurse suicide is real. Don’t ignore it.
JUNE 14, 2018
  LTC nurse residency results in: 86% retention rate
AUGUST 17, 2018
  Product Spotlight: Essential Skills for Nurse Managers
NOVEMBER 29, 2018
The top concerns of nurse leaders are related to nurse recruitment, nurse retention, and nurse en
MARCH 30, 2017
 We had a patient that was admitted to a home health agency after a short stay in a
by: Josh Poltilove Among the top 12 standard-level deficiencies in home health t
Nurse management experts Shelley Cohen and Sharon Cox have cre
MARCH 10, 2016
In a move to ease nurse shortages, a new law in Alabama will allow nurses with multistate license
JUNE 12, 2019
The World Health Organization and International Council of Nurses warn of a global shortfall of a
APRIL 7, 2020
CMS has approved the 2018 standards set forth by the home health accrediting body Community Healt
Patients must give consent before surveyors are allowed to conduct a home visit. It’s stric
CMS has announced the availability of refreshed public reporting results on the Home Health Compa
After medical school, residents earning a steady income may be tempted to purchase a home but the
SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Allina nurses enter their second month of striking after voting “No” the most recent
OCTOBER 6, 2016
Keep your staff up-to-date on the latest in nursing legislation. Here are some of
FEBRUARY 9, 2017
In this full chapter excerpt from The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Recruitment and Retentio
MAY 10, 2018
Nursing peer review committees operating in good faith are protected from incurring civil liabili
APRIL 17, 2015
Nurses are essential partners on interdisciplinary healthcare teams, and must juggle even more co
SEPTEMBER 14, 2017
If therapy completes an evaluation after the nurse does the start of care and the therapy
  The American Nurses Association (ANA) has called for a 12% increase in federal f
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
Advocates of the Nurse Licensure Compact hope that updated model legislation will encourage more
APRIL 28, 2016
How do top healthcare providers keep nurses feeling empowered and providing optimal care for pat
JUNE 30, 2016
Nurse leaders say the standard recruitment and retention methods of sign-on bonuses, pay increase
JANUARY 26, 2017
Strategies for Nurse Managers is now on Nurse-Ma
MAY 19, 2016
Home health agencies can seek a little comfort in the relaxed provisions that CMS has put in plac
By Eunice Moore During the transition from hospital to home--or a skilled nursin
DECEMBER 16, 2015
The role of nurses has expanded greatly over the past few years, as nurses are moving from the be
MAY 26, 2016
November marks Home Care and Hospice month, according to CMS. Now is the time to ensure your comm
Jennifer Thew, RN, for HealthLeaders Media , October 6, 2015 Nurses can
OCTOBER 8, 2015
A new nursing-news/new-survey-finds-high-rate-o
JULY 6, 2017
Millennial nurses recently overtook baby boomers as the primary age group in nursing, and a new s
OCTOBER 5, 2017
Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility, Second Edition provides staff nurses and their managers
DECEMBER 22, 2017
Bolstered by the #MeToo movement, the ANA seeks to shed light on workplace abuse against nurses,
FEBRUARY 15, 2018
Nurses in several states held a one-day strike last Friday over concerns about staffing, pay, and
SEPTEMBER 25, 2019
A team of international health policy experts recently compared administrative costs of U.S. hos
Healthcare workers face ethical issues in every setting. This is especially true in the home, whe
During a Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)/Long Term Care Open Door Forum (ODF) held Tuesday, Apri
by Tami Swartz When examining the new draft guidelines for the revised Home Healt
There are many regulatory changes that affect home health agencies each year, many resulting from
The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear Home Care Association of America v. Weil, which means
Medicare payment rates for home health agencies should be reduced by 5% in 2017, and there should
by Kirsten Dize Strong documentation is key in home health, and implementation o
Interest in using a variety of nursing engagement surveys as a reportable quality indicat
JULY 16, 2015
  Managing the Intergenerational Nursing Team is the nurs
FEBRUARY 25, 2016
Managing the Intergenerational Nursing Team is the nurse leader&rsquo
FEBRUARY 25, 2016
  Managing the Intergenerational Nursing Team is the nurs
FEBRUARY 25, 2016
Managing the Intergenerational Nursing Team is the nurse leader’s
FEBRUARY 25, 2016
Your nurses have one eye on the door if you do any of the following. Although econ
SEPTEMBER 15, 2016
Managing the Intergenerational Nursing Team is the nurse leader’s go-to source f
To celebrate nursing professional development week, check out these exclusive offers for Nurse Le
SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
Recent recall serves as valuable reminder Remind nurses and other clinicians t
Essential Skills f
APRIL 17, 2015
Dr. Oz is searching for a nurse to join his core team of experts on his television show and we th
OCTOBER 8, 2015
Leadership training is an essential component to training a charge nurse. Orienting charge nurses
JANUARY 2, 2020
by: Tami Swartz   A short but intense stay on the routine home care level of
Home health sees decline in readmission rates The Alliance for Home Health Quality
The odds of the home health industry avoiding the Home Health Groupings Model in 2019 have worsen
Nurse.org, the nursing career site, released a new report featuring "real-world" salary
JUNE 1, 2017
It’s cost reporting season for more than 80% of all certified home health associations (HHA
CMS 2015 SNF PPS final rule to increase payments to skilled nursing facilities
OCTOBER 1, 2014
There is no requirement to do a competency evaluation of home health aides after they have passed
The cost to hire a home health aide varies quite a bit depending on where your agency is located,
Nurses are twice as likely to experience clinical depression than the general population. Why are
MARCH 10, 2016
Now more than ever nurse leaders are being held accountable for the financial aspect of healthcar
MAY 4, 2017
Understanding the factors that influence whether Millenials embrace or reject moving into nursing
OCTOBER 1, 2015
By Jennifer Thew, RN Keeping with my annual Nurses' Week column tradition, I'd l
MAY 11, 2017
Some of the requirements for home care include: If the patient does in fact leave the hom
National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW) is May 12-18, 2019, and its theme is “Live Soulf
Researchers find that patients who receive 80% or more of their care from nurses with baccalaurea
FEBRUARY 13, 2015
Critical thinking remains a key issue for nurses and nurse managers. When asked what nurse manag
JANUARY 5, 2017
  The Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Reporting Program Review and Correct reports are availab
For the 16th time, nurses were named the most ethical profession according to Gallup’s annu
JANUARY 11, 2018
  Two-year budget deal repeals therapy caps, cuts skilled nursing spending by $1.96 billion
FEBRUARY 14, 2018
Nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital and Regional Medical Center in San Jose held an informational p
JULY 11, 2019
To protect hospital employees’ and patients’ safety, the nurses at Oroville Hospital
JULY 18, 2019
Becoming a nurse practitioner requires years of additional education and work experience and so t
AUGUST 21, 2019
The Tennessee Nurses Association is seeking the removal of a state law that requires physicians t
AUGUST 12, 2019
Nurse managers are key players in implementing and integrating evidence-based practice (EBP) at t
JANUARY 8, 2020
With drug administration services, providers likely find themselves prompted to use modifi
The many different roles residency coordinators and administrators play bring about daily stress
APRIL 29, 2016
Hiring a competent nurse staff is only half the battle. The other half is keeping them. A new stu
FEBRUARY 4, 2016
The Louisiana State Board of Nursing
MARCH 9, 2017
We are looking for volunteers to write for our Strategies for Nurse Managers blog, the Leaders&rs
SEPTEMBER 15, 2016
By Jennifer Thew, RN There's a tendency to view nursing shortages as cycl
MAY 4, 2017
The American Nurses Association (ANA) announced this week that ANA President Pamela F. Ci
JUNE 1, 2017
The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) says 1,200 of its members employed at Tufts Medical Ce
JULY 13, 2017
JULY 13, 2017
This accounts for about 9% of the RN workforce, possibly heralding the long-predicted nursing sho
NOVEMBER 9, 2017
Although Home Health Care News is reporting that the overtime rule that would require agencies to
Men represent less than 10% of the nursing workforce. The number of men in nursing programs is sl
APRIL 17, 2015
Men represent less than 10% of the nursing workforce. The number of men in nursing programs is sl
APRIL 17, 2015
First-person accounts of clinical experiences help Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) nurses re
MARCH 27, 2015
A revised position statement from the American Nurses Association calls for stronger collaboratio
MARCH 20, 2015
Studies show only 30% of your nurses are actively engaged, which can negatively impact patient sa
FEBRUARY 13, 2015
Nurse managers know the value of staff accountability-it's an essential ingredient in the recipe
FEBRUARY 13, 2015
Advancements in electronic health records (EHR) have improved nursing documentation and patient s
JANUARY 26, 2017
Last year was a tumultuous one for Allina Health in Minneapolis and its nursing staff. After a we
FEBRUARY 16, 2017
As you probably know, Nurses' Week is almost here, and HCPro is planning to celebrate with disco
MAY 4, 2017
HCPro thanks nurses who have devoted their life to helping patients and providing the best quali
MAY 11, 2017
Most employee and nursing satisfaction/engagement surveys are done no more than once a year. Tha
NOVEMBER 2, 2017
Principles of time management can help nurses—particularly new graduate nurses—accomp
NOVEMBER 30, 2017
CMS has once again extended its moratoria on new home health agencies and new branches of existin
The Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs) for home health agencies that became effective Ja
A large part of the job of nursing is translating best practices and standards into effective bed
NOVEMBER 2, 2017
Q: If a patient has a 3 day qualifying stay and an order for a skilled nursing facili
Nurse leaders and managers are making it a priority to get out of the office and enjoy some rest
JULY 16, 2015
Nurses are finding new and innovative ways to help those in need around the world, but not every
AUGUST 25, 2016
Dear readers, The nursing group at HCPro is asking for your feedback regarding t
AUGUST 17, 2017
HCPro recently conducted a survey among 291 nursing professionals in the healthcare industry reg
OCTOBER 12, 2017
The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) h
FEBRUARY 9, 2016
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has adopted revised policies for enforci
JULY 25, 2020
Late last month, the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation (the Alliance)
FEBRUARY 16, 2015