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“I chose to get an MD/MBA, and I wish more physicians had knowledge about the business and
AUGUST 12, 2016
“Salaries are changing. Family care gets paid less. We need more family doctors.”
Q: Our reimbursement department says that we are no longer being paid for APCs 8002 a
It’s an age-old question: How do you get physicians to support documentation improvement ef
  Q&A: Getting to know PDPM
SEPTEMBER 28, 2018
A hospital in Los Angeles paid a ransom equivalent to around $17,000 in bitcoins to get its compu
FEBRUARY 18, 2016
  HIPAA: Top Tips for Getting What You Need to Know
  A unified PPS for postacute care gets closer
  Get the revised SNFABN and instructions, mandatory for use beginning May 7
It may be that I am covering one topic of conversation more than necessary (it’s getting to
MAY 11, 2017
I work at a homecare agency, and we have been getting referrals lately for nurses to admi
For most people, a quick trip to the gas station isn't a big deal. Gas is pumped and paid for, an
DECEMBER 29, 2016
  25-year-old long-term care CoPs to get face-lift
OCTOBER 2, 2015
  RCS-1 CMS case-mix pre-rule: Get ready for big changes
  CMS QPP proposal: Clinicians can mix reporting methods to get to six measures
JULY 21, 2017
  Have you registered for our billing boot camp yet? Members get 10% off!
APRIL 27, 2018
  Calling all experts! Get involved in educating other long-term care professionals.
APRIL 27, 2018
Is it possible to get fatigued of fatigue? It’s a thought that may have entered the mind of
JUNE 23, 2015
“At one point, we didn’t know if we were going to be able to save the hospital,&rdquo
“At one point, we didn’t know if we were going to be able to save the hospita
MARCH 1, 2019
While the quality of care you get still very much depends on what state you live in, the good new
JANUARY 19, 2016
Federal public health officials are urging everyone six months and older to get vaccinated agains
OCTOBER 2, 2018
A new study found that a growing number of Americans are getting less than the recommended seven
OCTOBER 28, 2019
A new study found that a growing number of Americans are getting less than the recommended seven
OCTOBER 28, 2019
One of the recurring complaints I get from folks in the clinic safety field is that it can
APRIL 9, 2014
The closures of schools and daycares across the nation forced some agencies to get creative and l
Q: Why do the payments for some separately payable drugs change? One week we get paid a certai
As I get a little longer in the tooth, I find that I need to create reminders for myself of subje
SEPTEMBER 29, 2016
JUNE 17, 2015
Many healthcare workers already understand that getting a flu shot every fall helps protect not o
  As I get geared up to start working on the May issue of Medical Environ
MARCH 19, 2014
By Carol Ebert, RN, BSN, MA, CHES, CWP We all get stuck in the mud once i
OCTOBER 8, 2015
  CMS final rule makes changes to how physicians are paid, delays E/M coding reform
NOVEMBER 2, 2018
FEBRUARY 25, 2015
How the academic medical center designed a virtual reality course for point-of-care
SEPTEMBER 17, 2020
DECEMBER 2, 2015
How to get readmission rates under control  To say readmissions ar
The NotPetya computer hack that hit healthcare facilities last summer is a warning to get creativ
A large percentage of leaders are not getting enough sleep, which could have a negative impact on
FEBRUARY 18, 2016
Looking to improve your case management department’s performance? Get close to your IT depa
NOVEMBER 3, 2015
We get a lot of questions and reader comments from folks just like you looking for answers to eve
AUGUST 31, 2016
Junior surgery residents are getting less exposure to common surgeries, according to a study publ
SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
Aides can be an integral part of preventing hospitalizations,
It’s storm season. Now’s the time to get your facility ready to face the power of Mo
MARCH 30, 2017
DECEMBER 16, 2015
The growing demands of administrative work are a major pain point for most physician practices. T
The most important thing is to tighten up the face-to-face process and get adequate face-to-fac
While how well the flu vaccine works can vary, there are a lot of reasons to get a flu vaccine ea
Hospitals did not get any ICD-10 relief as part of
Don't let the most knowledgeable person on your team become a single point of failure F
NOVEMBER 1, 2017
Don't let the most knowledgeable person on your team become a single point of failure F
DECEMBER 1, 2017
What the heck is a “tweet”? Turns out it’s a pretty useful way to get some inte
The average physician signing bonus paid in 2016 is up slightly from 2015, according to healthcar
FEBRUARY 24, 2017
Documentation: Getting the details right Joint Commission eli
DECEMBER 6, 2016
Case management directors get pulled in many directions. It may seem like everyone has something
DECEMBER 15, 2015
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014
“[T]he current system is effectively deterring my passion for medicine. The further I get
"It's unfortunate … Many work their tails off to get to the U.S. We might be losing a
MARCH 17, 2017
Get tips to implement successful quality initiatives to achieve 5-star ratings, comply with new C
“Once you get to residency, it is no longer your success, it’s not about you anymore
JUNE 29, 2018
Is the constant haranguing about “quality” getting to you? You’re not alone. On
Surgeons in the Fort Smith, Arkansas-Oklahoma metropolitan area have the best paid positions of a
The 2015 Residency Coordinator Salary Survey results show that 40% of respondents are paid on an
JUNE 19, 2015
Step inside the OR and there’s a good chance you’ll get bombarded with noise. A door
By A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) Get ready, folks: BBI is
For calendar years (CYs) 2010 and 2011, Medicare paid hospitals $711 million for claims that incl
HIPAA: Top tips for getting what you need to know, without giving away what you sho
JANUARY 1, 2015
Physicians tend to be paid on a production basis (e.g., fee for service or work relative value u
OCTOBER 22, 2015
NOVEMBER 25, 2015
  “The difficulty of getting into medical school ensures that most doctors a
AUGUST 28, 2014
Healthcare-associated infections have been getting attention for some time now, and you've likely
“It’s depressing, it’s challenging, it’s very difficult to get up every d
JUNE 12, 2015
“Our goal from the get-go has been to turn people on to primary care, and to turn the ship
JUNE 25, 2015
You work hard as a healthcare safety professional, and you don’t get enough recognition for
JUNE 25, 2015
Dear readers, We’re hoping to get a few more responses to our survey on e-le
JULY 17, 2015
Nurse leaders and managers are making it a priority to get out of the office and enjoy some rest
JULY 16, 2015
You may feel some extra pressure to get your annual flu shot this year thanks to a new federal la
Every once in a while I like to dip into the ol' mail bag when I get a question that I either hav
NOVEMBER 5, 2015
We all know this is a busy time of year with residents leaving and other residents getting onboa
JUNE 16, 2017
“What can I do to help myself get ahead?” I hear education administrators ask this a
JUNE 22, 2018
Dear readers, Are you a new coordinator looking for training to get you up to speed on yo
APRIL 17, 2019
A new AMA report examined how non-solo physicians were being paid and found that just over half r
AUGUST 27, 2015
MARCH 11, 2015
CMS still awaiting approval; here are some tips for you to get ready As if there aren&r
MAY 4, 2017
By Jennifer Thew, RN At some point during HealthLeaders' annual
MAY 15, 2019
We know that not every ACDIS member gets to come to the conference every year—and those that d
Infection control experts are always looking for new ways to get healthcare workers to remember t
AUGUST 20, 2014
We’ve been telling you for some time now that you need to get a workplace violence preventi
MAY 28, 2015
We have been getting complaints from physicians regarding too much paperwork that we send
The growing demands of administrative work are a major pain point for most physician practices. T
To get your lab in tip-top shape for the upcoming year, have a look back at the last year’s
In the healthcare safety world, much attention is paid to the need for hospitals to ramp up their
The online local chapter pages offer a wealth of information for those interested in getting to k
By A.J. Plunkett (aplunkett@decisionhealth.com) Get a firm handle on your COVID-
JULY 30, 2014
AUGUST 26, 2015
New York State gets about 20% of all GME funding and has more medical residents than 31 other sta
NOVEMBER 8, 2013
There’s no question that incoming residents have a lot to learn to get completely up
MAY 16, 2014
JUNE 18, 2014
AUGUST 13, 2014
I thought about work while I was on vacation last week: I wondered, “When CRC readers get
If a skilled nursing facility gets high marks on quality measures it may have benefits for patien
DECEMBER 16, 2014
The team behind the ICD-10 Trainer blog wants to get to know you! If you have not already done so
MAY 6, 2015
  JustCoding wants to get to know a little bit about the readers of our ICD-10 Tra
APRIL 29, 2015
CMS may not be getting it right when it comes to readmissions, according to a new study published
I guess one could say that it took them a wee bit to get around to the topic of the requirements
FEBRUARY 4, 2016
Many lab managers and safety professionals tell me they cannot get staff to maintain compliance w
MARCH 24, 2016
A recent survey of residents found that the majority of them believe they are getting an appropri
AUGUST 4, 2017
We're trying to get a potential Suicide Prevention in Hospitals book approved and need your help.
APRIL 24, 2018
Agencies need to begin now to ensure that they are getting valid face-to-face documentation with the
Get your residents up to speed and ensure ACGME compliance with the
APRIL 18, 2019
In an ideal world, all coders and CDI specialists would get along well and work together with min
Q: We know that we can look at the radiology report to get some specifics about a fract
JULY 30, 2014
NOVEMBER 4, 2015
Thursday, April 20, 2017 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. ET Get strategies to help
To resolve allegations that it paid illegal kickbacks, Olympus Corp. has agreed to pay $623.2 mil
MARCH 2, 2016
By Megan Headley Second victims are getting more attention, and support options are slowl
AUGUST 30, 2018
by Kirsten Dize Agencies should continue efforts to get clinicians comfortable w
OCTOBER 14, 2015
Editor's note: We get a lot of comments from safety professionals just like you looking for answe
OCTOBER 20, 2016