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Clearer picture of OASIS-C2 emerges with release of Guidance Manual
Privileging Training varies widely, as does practice, for specialist
A minute for the medical staff class="p1">Cardiovascular bund
CMS solidifies a fix to the COT OMRA policy in 2015 final rule class="p
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
Taking the mystery out of consolidated billing class="p2">In the Balanc
DECEMBER 1, 2014
President's FY 2016 Budget Includes Medicare Provisions class="p2">On F
CMS 2015 SNF PPS final rule to increase payments to skilled nursing facilities
OCTOBER 1, 2014
When selecting an EHR vendor, don’t forget the add-ons! class="p9
CMS bumps up SNF payment rate increase in FY 2015 proposal class="p2">
AUGUST 1, 2014
CMS announces final regulatory changes affecting Medicare Parts C and D
AUGUST 1, 2014
Medicare myths class="p2">Editor's note: This article is excerpted f
AUGUST 1, 2015
In addition to extensive drug testing code changes in the CPT® Manual
Common consolidated billing issues facing SNFs class="p2">Consolidated
Durable medical equipment in the SNF: It's more than just walkers and wheelchairs
DECEMBER 1, 2014
How to know ED violence is imminent class="p2">For the most part, healt
JANUARY 1, 2016
How stable is the Medicare Advantage program? class="p2">On July 24, th
OCTOBER 1, 2014
CMS pilots focused surveys to assess dementia care, MDS accuracy class
Consolidated billing Q&A with Janet Potter class="p2">Editor's n
DECEMBER 1, 2014
Q: I have a question about reporting drug tests to CMS for CPT® codes th
Star razing: Providers face quality rating dips after system recalibration
Navigating the LTC technology landscape:How SNFs are using HIT, POC tools
White paper excerpt class="p1">Check medical staff policy for diagn
Regulatory issues class="p1">CMS has reversed itself on unified med
It’s not too early to prepare for ICD-10-CM/PCS class="p5">
Three changes happened recently for therapists that billers should know about: Medic
APRIL 11, 2019
Drug diversion from federal hospitals part of nationwide epidemic of healthcare thefts
APRIL 28, 2017
‘MRB Talk’: Because you’re not the only one
White paper excerpt class="p1">Subspecialties and procedures may be
  Q&A: Documentation for body mass index
  2017 Index; find everything you’re looking for!
JANUARY 26, 2018
Editor's note: HCPro's Credentialing Resource Center is constantly adding to and up
Clinical privileges class="p1">Medical oncology - Practice area 142
Bolster billing compliance: Implement a Medicare Part A triple-check process
AUGUST 1, 2015
CMS offers five solutions to help address inadequate HIPAA Security Rule–requ
Getting it all done when you’re a solo act class="p2">class
Insights into patient safety culture AHRQ's survey of medical off
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
class="s1">EHR beat class="p2">The times they ar
Q&A: Long-term care ICD-10 coding specifics class="p2">Editor's
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
EHR implementation 2010 class="s1">survey results: What you have
Credentialing class="p1">A closer look at the management of expirabl
Coder speak: It’s almost a different language class="p8">by Ro
Privileging physician assistants in urology class="p2">Editor's note
Missouri Gov. Ray Nixon has signed a bill that creates a new class of medical license in that st
BALTC Q&A class="p2">Editor's note: This month's "Q&A&q
"What just happened?" class="p2">This can be a hard question to answ
Book excerpt class="p1">Customizing criteria-based core privileges
Q&A: Long-term care ICD-10 coding specifics class="p2">Editor's
JANUARY 1, 2015
The route through which a drug is administered is essential for nurses to consider. Often, the he
OCTOBER 8, 2019
2015 MSP Salary Survey class="p1">Compensation is on the rise for so
Figures from the 2014 MSP Salary Survey revealed: class="ul1"> class
Professional development class="p1">Games MSPs play
Skilled Nursing Facility Volume- to Value-Based Reimbursement Boot Camp
SEPTEMBER 12, 2016
Drug diversion in healthcare facilities has been a subject of increasing focus by regulatory aut
SEPTEMBER 20, 2017
15I Updates: September updates cover workplace violence prevention class="
CMS has contracted with an SMRC to lower improper payment rates class=
Perspective class="p1">The more credentialing changes...
CMS releases the Medicare fee-for-service 2013 improper payments report
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
ICD-10 coding: What to expect class="p2">On July 31, HHS issued a rule
OCTOBER 1, 2014
Physician engagement tip: Include a 'resignation' letter with the reappointment pac
NIOSH has released an updated list of patient-care drugs that are hazardous to the healthcare wor
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
  CMS is updating the Medicare drug spending dashboard
DECEMBER 29, 2016
  Reimbursement increased by 77% for brand-name Part D drugs
  Drug-induced pulmonary hypertension, metastatic melanoma
Consolidated billing Q&A with Janet Potter class="p2">Editor's note
JANUARY 1, 2015
Q&A class="p1">Long-term care ICD-10 coding specifics
OCTOBER 1, 2014
  Looking for a recent article? Check out our 2016 Index of articles!
FEBRUARY 1, 2017
The Medicare appeals process has become a logjam class="p2">The Medicar
AUGUST 1, 2014
MSP claims?when billers must be detectives class="p2">By Janet Potter,
Privileging audiologists: Through HR or medical staff? class="p2">
Q&A class="p1">When credentialing AHPs, stick to specifics
Conditions linked in the Alphabetic Index by the word “in” should be considered relat
Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from the new HCPro book, Drug Diversion in H
DECEMBER 29, 2016
This June, The Joint Commission released
AUGUST 2, 2018
by Patricia A. Furci, RN, MA, Esq., and Samuel J. Furci, MPA,
DECEMBER 1, 2014
USP <800>: Protecting healthcare workers from hazardous drugs
CMS CoPs New final rule refines and redefines medical staff
AUGUST 1, 2014
The autopsy dilemma and credentialing, Part 2 class="p2">by Patricia
OCTOBER 1, 2014
NCCI guidelines for Part B Billing class="p2">New coding requirements r
Documentation Two strategies for holding physicians accountable
Interstate Licensure is ready for state votes class="p2">The Federatio
class="s1">Waiting for the final rule? Here’s a checklist to prepare
Internal auditing strategies for ongoing ICD-10 success class="p2">E
AUGUST 1, 2015
Book excerpt Customizing criteria-based core privileges for your o
AUGUST 1, 2014
The Inside Scoop on Additional Development Requests (ADRs) class="p2">W
Pediatric radiologists must certify as diagnostic radiologists first
Q&A Don't expect a one-size-fits-all reentry program
AUGUST 1, 2014
Core privileging class="p1">A step-by-step approach to systemwide ch
Quality improvement Medical staff leaders had a role in QIO efforts
AUGUST 1, 2014
Site-neutral payments recommended for IRFs and SNFs class="p2">MedPA
Results of a new drug trial, published September 1, 2016 in Nature, are potentially the most pro
OIG releases its FY 2015 mid-year update class="p2">The Office of Insp
AUGUST 1, 2015
The autopsy dilemma and its implications class="p2">by Patricia A. Fur
Clearing up MA HIPPS codes on claims class="p2">An explanation is in or
OCTOBER 1, 2014
Physician assessment class="p1">Q&A: Keep an eye on 'practice dr
OIG adds review of Part A claims to the 2014 LTC Work Plan class="p2">
AUGUST 1, 2014
NPDB Guidebook changes could mean shifts in reportable actions class="
First and foremost, it goes without saying that we all want to do the right thing, at
APRIL 22, 2020
Business office refresher: Five steps for tracking a SNF leave of absence
Interstate Medical Licensure Compact hits state legislatures class="p2"
New Patient Safety Systems chapter includes two existing Medical Staff standards
Littleton (New Hampshire) Regional Healthcare relies on locum tenens physicians to aug
Witnesses speaking at a Senate Aging Committee hearing reported a surge in drug prices with some
DECEMBER 29, 2015
Ready for ICD-10? class="p2">Ensure your facility's training is on t
Prep your medical staff leaders with a pre-survey boot camp class="p2">
CMS revisions regarding therapeutic diet orders may give MSPs plenty to chew on
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
Q&A class="p1">The challenges of employed physicians
DECEMBER 1, 2014
CMS sets sights on future quality, payment initiatives in 2016 SNF PPS proposed rul
OIG continues to eye Part A billing, hospitalizations of SNF residents in 2015
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
Telepsychiatry shows promise as a way for hospitals to deliver scarce services to vul
Red hot PEPPERs: Why SNFs should access their 2015 reports next month
The MEC meeting will come to order ... hopefully class="p2">What's
OCTOBER 1, 2014
Medicare Advantage Q&A with Diane Brown class="p2">QWe have chro
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
class="h2">Public Citizen report cites problems with NPDB and OIG exclusi
HIPAA: Top tips for getting what you need to know, without giving away what you sho
JANUARY 1, 2015
When a picture IS worth a thousand words class="p2">One of the things I
Case study class="p1">Proctoring and FPPE: Doctors Hospital of Mante
Perspective class="p1">The past and future of credentialing
Joint Commission postpones implementation of minimum standards for radiologic techn
Onboarding can be an arduous process for physician leadership and medical staff servic
DECEMBER 1, 2014
Physician certifications and recertifications class="p2">by Janet Po
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
Common SNF billing struggles class="p2">Written by Lisa McIntire and Jul
How does an agency keep the drug review up to date? The regulations req
Simulation training is taking flight in medical learning and practitioner ­comp
Quality data Publicly reported data and physician leaders
AUGUST 1, 2014
Do you have interesting, funny, or touching stories to tell? Do
JANUARY 12, 2017
New legislation to promote standardization across PAC heralds major provider IMPACT
JANUARY 1, 2015
Best practices for managing online criticism Keep calm and don't
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
2014 MSP Salary Survey class="p1">More responses yield clearer pay p
The upsides of change (yes, there are some!) class="p2">Change. It's a
Core privileges class="p1">Is it time to revisit your hospital's au
How close is your office to theft? class="p2">by Moriel Hamui, CPA,
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
Physician assessment class="p1">There may be legal baggage hiding be
Physician education class="p1">The long view: What to expect from a
The MSP's voice by Rosemary Dragon, CPMSM, CPCS class="p2"> 
2-midnight rule draws concerns about emergency physician admitting privileges
Q&A: Finance and budgeting class="p2">Editor's note: This month'
A reorganized, re-energized medical staff class="p2">After many years
Q&A class="p1">Standardization isn't 'just an exercise in change
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
In a traditional medical staff services department (MSSD), everyone works in the same
Expert Q&A class="p1">Evaluating MDS data quality will improve b
OCTOBER 1, 2014
Insurer-provider discord mounts over new HIPPS code requirement class=
NOVEMBER 1, 2014
MARCH 9, 2017
Leverage the CRC's privileging research class="p2">Locating relevant, u
DECEMBER 1, 2014
Don’t succumb to off-site, out-of-mind record storage
Q: When a drug representative enters a facility, he or she can easily be exposed to prote
A Q&A around drug regimen review items was provided by CMS.   CMS’
Thinking of implementing a unified, integrated medical staff across your healthcare
Competency assessment class="p1">Simulation training moves into new
OCTOBER 1, 2014
Stakeholders take NOTICE of mounting ­observation status reform legislation
Experts say that revamping insufficient care practices will become increasingly urg
CMS' star rating system for nursing homes on shaky ground class="p2">
DECEMBER 1, 2014
The aging physician: Some practical tips class="p2">by William K. Cors
Q: What if the provider states that diabetes is due to the adverse effects of a drug, but does
SEPTEMBER 17, 2014
Q&A class="p1">Follow bylaws as precisely as possible to avoid
Letting leaders come to their own conclusions class="p2">By nature, I a
SNF therapy contracts: Your risks and what you need to know class="p2"
AUGUST 20, 2014
class="art-article"> class="p2">For many healthcare faciliti
FEBRUARY 17, 2016
Exciting updates for PPS Alert readers: More content, tools, and news at your finge
How should our agency handle patient changes in condition from a billing per
Compliance class="p1">MSPs, physicians, and hospital-owned clinics:
Nursing homes administer largely pointless and potentially harmful drugs to a majority of residen
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
When preparing to administer any drug to a client, consider what is often referred to as the &quo
AUGUST 12, 2019
Q&A: Finance and budgeting class="p2">Editor's note: This month'
AUGUST 1, 2014
Temporary privileges class="p1">Test your knowledge with this MSP qu
On June 5th, the FDA posted a Class I recall notice for the Vascu-Guard Peripheral Vas
JUNE 17, 2015
Just after lunch on a Wednesday, four days into the new year, someone dec
AUGUST 31, 2017
A North Carolina jury found an ophthalmologist and hospital negligent after a sound-alike drug er
AUGUST 26, 2014
CMS pushed back the deadline for physicians to enroll to prescribe Medicare Part D drugs. Physici
Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from the new HCPro book, Drug Diversion in H
DECEMBER 29, 2016
JustCoding's Drug Administration Capture and Audit Tool provides multiple critical tools for nur
OCTOBER 23, 2019
Book excerpt class="p1">Credentialing policies regarding aging pract
Failed drug diversion programs in hospitals have led to record fines levied against facilities.
APRIL 26, 2016
Failed drug diversion programs in hospitals have led to record fines levied against facilities. P
MARCH 17, 2016
class="h2">Supreme Court decision narrows the requirements for physician
class="art-article"> class="p2">Building on its Comprehensiv
FEBRUARY 24, 2016
Editor's note: In The Active Shooter Response Handbook for Healthcare Workers, hea
NOVEMBER 17, 2016
SNF therapy contracts: Your risks and what you need to know Q&A
AUGUST 1, 2015
After months that saw small increases and even decreases, the Consumer Price Index for hospital s
NOVEMBER 19, 2015
Question Each hospital is required to have a formal process to evaluate whether a drug should
JUNE 23, 2015
I have a question on medication reconciliation and the Level 1, 2, and 3 drug interaction
The inaugural ACDIS Symposium: Outpatient CDI featur
MAY 23, 2017
With drug administration services, providers likely find themselves prompted to use modifi
When officials at a California hospital suspected that someone was stealing drugs from anesthesia
MAY 12, 2016
It's been said that you can't manage what you can't measure. Therefore, time managemen
“It’s one thing to know course material well enough to pass a class, but to teach it
JANUARY 26, 2018
Drug administration is one of the most common services provided in the outpatient setting,
JUNE 10, 2015
Although drug testing is not necessarily a fail-safe and is an added expense, having a drug testi
by Russ Nix, Aegis RX, LLC Is drug diversion a problem in the healthcare
MARCH 20, 2020
Securing forensic and behavioral health patients class="
NOVEMBER 3, 2016
  Q: What happened to modifier –JF (compounded drug)? CMS added it in Apr
Who can conduct the (medication) review? The regulations require a drug
The Platinum Awards sets the s
OCTOBER 17, 2017
In the July quarterly I/OCE update, three drugs received status indicator G (additional pa
Q: Our physicians want to administer a drug that’s new to us called alemtuzumab, wi
Q: Will CMS be adding any new drugs or biologicals to its pass-through list in i
How do we bill for osteoporosis drugs? The home health consolidated bil
Q: Did any new drugs receive pass-through status July 1?  
Q: Where can I find out more about new drugs or biologicals with pass-through status be
  Q: Did CMS add any new codes for drugs that have pass-through status this mon
By Brian Ward Researchers from Oxford University announced that the drug
JUNE 18, 2020
What is the correct ICD-9-CM code for complete edentulism, class I?  
FEBRUARY 4, 2015
“There are these type A, competitive people that have been at the top of their class like s
JUNE 26, 2015
“Policymakers must ensure that payment or policy changes to GME do not upend a world-class
JUNE 19, 2015
Case studies in
OCTOBER 14, 2015
It’s not news to most providers that suicide and drug abuse are on the rise. However, a tri
Q: Why do the payments for some separately payable drugs change? One week we get paid a certai
During this year’s World Economic Forum in Switzerland, drug companies from 16 different na
JANUARY 26, 2016
class="art-article"> CMS and America’s Health Insuranc
FEBRUARY 17, 2016
OCTOBER 14, 2015
AUGUST 12, 2015
AUGUST 26, 2015
Quarterly ASP Medicare Part B drug pricing files released On April 25,
Due to possible health risks, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently proposed a ban
MARCH 24, 2016
M2001 (Drug regimen review) is among the most time-consuming items currently on the OASIS, surpa
Q: Did CMS make any changes to drug payments for April?  
Q: We are receiving requests from our physicians regarding administration of a new drug
On February 24, the U.S. Senate voted to confirm Robert Califf, MD, as the new Food and Drug Admi
MARCH 1, 2016
A new study has found that physicians can be swayed to prescribe new prescription drugs for pharm
DECEMBER 27, 2016
A new study has found that physicians can be swayed to prescribe new prescription drugs for pharm
The quality measure “drug regimen review conducted with follow-up for identified issues&rdq
It turns out that not all eponyms are going away in ICD-10-PCS. The Alphabetic Index still includ
These Occupational Health and Safety Forms provide you with all of the updates for your OSHA Health and Safety Compliance Manual.
DECEMBER 17, 2008
A Pennsylvania county judge has dismissed a class-action lawsuit that was brought against the Uni
 Dear readers, I was sitting in class this week listening to a marketing pres
JUNE 18, 2015
To commemorate Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 10-16), the In
MARCH 7, 2019
class="OutlineElement Ltr BCX0 SCXW69981506" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; user-select: te
MAY 14, 2020
A California hospital network that agreed to a $4.13 million settlement to a class-action lawsu
Many programs evaluate their facility’s case mix index (CMI) on a regular basis, and many (
AUGUST 26, 2015
For the last several years, CMS has updated the payment rates for separately payable drugs
Anticoagulant drugs remain one of the top safety concerns for hospitals around the country
APRIL 2, 2014
Patients often go online to find diagnoses, drug information, and details about their physicians
Drug dosage errors as a result of confusion when healthcare providers incorrectly convert patient
MAY 5, 2015
AUGUST 5, 2015
When should you give a prescription to a patient? Prescription drug abuse has been on the
FEBRUARY 23, 2016
On February 19, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that reprocessing instructions f
FEBRUARY 24, 2016
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a safety announcement on February 2 regardin
by Megan Batty Assign a code for a patient’s body mass index (BMI) only wh
Q: Did CMS issue any new HCPCS codes for drugs and biologicals for April 2014?
In an effort to reduce the number of medication errors and dangerous drug interactions, Children&
JUNE 13, 2014
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APRIL 10, 2015
Keeping compounded drugs infection-free No physician or nurse injects medicine
  To settle a class-action lawsuit filed by thousands of women, John Hopkins has a
JULY 24, 2014
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A 76-year-old man infected with a drug-resistant “superbug” at a Los Angeles hospita
OIG releases report on drugs commonly used by dual-eligible beneficiaries
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a he
SEPTEMBER 16, 2015
On Monday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed banning most powdered gloves in
MARCH 24, 2016
CMS releases July 2014 Quarterly Average Sales Price (ASP) Medicare Part B Drug Pricing Files
Last year was a bad year to be a duodenoscope manufacturer. In February 2015, the Food and Drug A
JANUARY 19, 2016
MARCH 25, 2015
CMS releases October 2015 quarterly update of HCPCS drug/biological code changes
Doctors and drug czars ask for chronic pain guidelines to be relaxed By Brian
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MAY 14, 2020
The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) h
FEBRUARY 9, 2016
Medication errors or adverse drug interactions are a major cause of hospital readmissions.
For the second time in less than six months, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is being ques
MARCH 22, 2016
Update to hospice payment pates, cap, wage index and Pricer for FY 2016
SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
  Briefings on HIPAA 2014 index   Au
Middleton, MA (June 8, 2017) –– H3.Group has been named the first-p
JUNE 7, 2017
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced new actions to enhance the safety of reusable med
In 2014, CMS added skin substitutes to the list of packaged drugs and biologicals, dividin
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced new actions to enhance the safety of reusable med
MARCH 18, 2015
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be taking a stronger stance on the reporting possible
JANUARY 5, 2016
On February 19, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that
FEBRUARY 23, 2016
The Joint Commission this week announced revisions to its suicide
DECEMBER 13, 2018
JANUARY 1, 2019
Home health class lawsuit denied Collec
OCTOBER 8, 2014
NOVEMBER 5, 2014
On July 13, CMS and the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] sent a
JULY 19, 2016
CMS releases July 2015 quarterly Medicare Part B drug pricing files and revisions&n
July 2015 quarterly Average Sales Price (ASP) Medicare Part B drug pricing files and revi
Change in July 2015 update of quarterly HCPCS drug/biological code  
AUGUST 12, 2015
Right dose, right drug: WHO challenges hospitals to cut med errors in half
MARCH 4, 2015
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JUNE 11, 2020
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014
July 2015 quarterly Average Sales Price (ASP) Medicare Part B drug pricing files and re
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced last week that it was cancelling the recall of 2
Patients receiving chemotherapy treatment will have very different reactions to the drugs dependi