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Our safety products benefit healthcare safety professionals in all settings, including hospitals and outpatient facilities. These products provide practical advice and tools for regulatory compliance to help safety professionals comply with environment of care, life safety, infection control, and OSHA challenges.

Safety Headlines

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  • Mexico explosion renews safety issues

    Gas leak destroys children's hospital, killing five. Is your hospital safe from the same fate?

  • Man wanted in Wisconsin abduction caught after shooting self

    A daylong manhunt took place earlier this week after a man abducted a female employee from a hospital in a Racine, Wisconsin suburb and then shot himself as police closed in, according to a report in The Chicago Tribune.

  • OSHA blog: Building a hospital in a tsunami zone: Are they crazy?

    If you’ve ever been to the beautiful beaches of Oregon you understand why the folks who live there along Route 101 wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. But living there is a gamble: Only about 100 miles off the U.S. Pacific Coast lurks a seismically active fault that emergency management professionals have been saying for years will produce an earthquake of magnitude 8 or greater – as well as a monster tsunami—within the next 50 years.

  • Is Ebola still scary?

    As the craze surrounding the virus fades, can the healthcare safety community relax?

  • Studies show resident hour limits have no impact on patient safety

    Recent studies offer middle ground to long-standing debate, and experts say future reforms may be more nuanced

  • FDA updates safety alert for infected GI scopes

    U.S. health regulators issued an updated safety alert on March 4 warning healthcare providers about endoscopes linked to a recent outbreak of drug-resistant “superbug” bacteria in California hospitals, according to a Fox News report.

Safety Blogs

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All things OSHA for physician practices and ambulatory healthcare settings, including regulatory news, advice and tools for compliance.
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  • OSHA Training Handbook for Healthcare Facilities, Second Edition

    OSHA Training Handbook for Healthcare Facilities, Second Edition

    Save time trying to interpret vague OSHA standards and discover specific methods to train staff, identify hazards, and document accurately, enabling you to become a highly effective safety professional.

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