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Our safety products benefit healthcare safety professionals in all settings, including hospitals and outpatient facilities. These products provide practical advice and tools for regulatory compliance to help safety professionals comply with environment of care, life safety, infection control, and OSHA challenges.

Safety Headlines

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  • The battle to keep workers awake

    Report blames fatigue, lack of sleep for adverse events, including patient deaths, in Pennsylvania hospitals.

  • Man fatally shoots woman at New Jersey hospital

    A shooting at a Stratford, New Jersey hospital Wednesday morning left a woman dead and a man injured after he shot himself, according to a report on the news website

  • San Francisco hospital rebuilt to withstand major earthquake

    The new trauma center at San Francisco General Hospital—scheduled to open in December 2015—will be the first in the city to have what is being called a base-isolated foundation, capable of withstanding a monster 8.0-magnitude earthquake, according to a report in The Examiner.

  • CDC: U.S. hospitals have had 68 Ebola scares

    Hospitals in the U.S. have dealt with Ebola scares at least 68 times over the last three weeks, according to a report from ABC News.

  • OSHA fines Boston-area hospital for hazard violations

    OSHA has penalized a hospital in the Boston area $28,000 for several violations of the agency’s bloodborne pathogens standard, according to a report from WBZ-TV.

  • Red flashing lights improve hand hygiene compliance

    Infection control experts are always looking for new ways to get healthcare workers to remember to wash their hands. It turns out one of the most effective is the same way the police get you to pull over—flashing red lights, according to a report in Outpatient Surgery magazine.

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  • OSHA Training Handbook for Healthcare Facilities

    OSHA Training Handbook for Healthcare Facilities

    Practical OSHA compliance strategies you can implement today!
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