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Our safety products benefit healthcare safety professionals in all settings, including hospitals and outpatient facilities. These products provide practical advice and tools for regulatory compliance to help safety professionals comply with environment of care, life safety, infection control, and OSHA challenges.

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  • What to do after The Joint Commission leaves

    You survived the survey. Here's a primer on what you should be doing to get ready for the next one.

  • Suspicious device temporarily closes down Pennsylvania hospital

    A suspicious device attached to a staff member’s car in the parking lot of an Allentown, Pennsylvania hospital caused some tense moments at the facility on July 20, according to a report on the news website


  • CDC: We "may never know" how bird flu mishap occurred

    The CDC admits it “may never know” how a fairly harmless form of bird flu was cross-contaminated with a dangerous bird flu strain before it was sent to a laboratory to be studied by poultry researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in March, according to a report from Reuters News Service.

  • Experts: Hospitals no safer than 15 years ago

    A group of healthcare experts told a Senate subcommittee July 17 that patients in American hospitals are no safer than they were 15 years ago, when a then-groundbreaking report from the Institute of Medicine estimated that preventable events were responsible for up to 98,000 deaths a year, according to a report in Outpatient Surgery magazine.

  • Prepare for flooding before it happens

    Hospitals in Illinois and Colorado share lessons learned after major flooding events tested their readiness


  • Car with juvenile gunshot victim crashes into South Carolina hospital

    A car carrying an underage shooting victim to the emergency room after a shooting crashed into a hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina July 9, reports TV station WFMY-TV.

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  • OSHA Training Handbook for Healthcare Facilities

    OSHA Training Handbook for Healthcare Facilities

    Practical OSHA compliance strategies you can implement today!
    This concise primer cuts through the clutter and illustrates how to maintain compliance. Save time trying to interpret vague OSHA standards and discover specific methods to train staff, identify hazards, and document accurately, enabling you to become a highly effective safety professional.

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