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Our safety products benefit healthcare safety professionals in all settings, including hospitals and outpatient facilities. These products provide practical advice and tools for regulatory compliance to help safety professionals comply with environment of care, life safety, infection control, and OSHA challenges.

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  • CDC confirms first U.S. Ebola patient

    The CDC confirmed Sept. 30 that a hospital patient in Dallas is the first Ebola victim to be diagnosed in the U.S., according to published reports.

  • Report: Antibiotic overuse doubled C. diff rates

    A new report suggests that the rate of C. difficile infections in U.S. hospitals nearly doubled between 2001 and 2010 without any noticeable improvements in patient mortality rates or length of hospital stays, according to a report in Food Safety News magazine.

  • Smoke causes evacuation of Atlanta hospital

    A portion of a hospital in Marietta, Georgia was evacuated Sept. 16 after a fire was reported on the third floor, according to a report from WSB-TV.

  • A "red-flag approach" to managing EHR safety

    Advancements in health IT may have unintended consequences for patient safety

  • Study: What makes patients turn violent?

    A new study aims to avert patient attacks on healthcare workers by identifying the situations most likely to lead to a physical conflict, according to a report from Reuters.


  • CDC: Treat all body fluids as infected with Ebola

    In an attempt to keep Ebola patients from reaching the U.S., the CDC has issued a new warning to airlines, advising them to treat all body fluids as infectious, even on domestic flights, according to a report in the Washington Examiner.

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  • OSHA Training Handbook for Healthcare Facilities

    OSHA Training Handbook for Healthcare Facilities

    Practical OSHA compliance strategies you can implement today!
    This concise primer cuts through the clutter and illustrates how to maintain compliance. Save time trying to interpret vague OSHA standards and discover specific methods to train staff, identify hazards, and document accurately, enabling you to become a highly effective safety professional.

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