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The HCPro residency department delivers compliance advice, best practices, training tools, and sample forms and documents to solve the toughest challenges in graduate medical education. These resources help residency program managers to ensure resident competence, comply with accreditation standards, and operate an efficient and effective residency program.

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  • Residency Program Alert

    To download the full March 2020 edition of Residency Program Alert, log into your account and click the "PDF OF THE FULL ISSUE" link.

  • Coronavirus: 6 measures to sustain the healthcare workforce

    As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads in the United States and globally, measures must be taken to protect and support healthcare workers and their families, a new journal article says.

  • Identify and monitor resident fatigue

    Fatigue isn’t simply feeling tired after a hard day’s (or evening’s or night’s) work. It is an overwhelming sensation of exhaustion that can affect many, if not all, aspects of your work and home life. “Fatigue” is a recognized medical diagnosis. If it’s severe enough and if it lasts long enough, it may jeopardize careers, damage interpersonal relationships, and impair physical and psychological functioning.

  • Residency coordinator salaries based on level of education

    As in any profession, salaries for residency coordinators can vary widely depending on geography or industry niche (e.g., academic medical center vs. critical access hospital), and such dissonance can make it difficult to gauge whether a coordinator is getting a fair shake; however, certain factors are near-universal drivers of career and compensatory advancement. One of these is education.

  • Medical schools cancel Match Day celebrations amid COVID-19 concerns

    The rising number of COVID-19 cases in the United States has prompted some medical schools to cancel their traditional Match Day celebrations or livestream their events.

  • COVID-19 resources

    As COVID-19 spreads throughout the U.S., healthcare organizations face unique challenges to support their workers and keep patients safe. In response, we’ve launched an Acute Care Coronavirus response page that provides resources and solutions for hospitals and health systems as they navigate COVID-19.

    You can also visit our forum dedicated to COVID-19 discussions to ask your questions and share best practices with your colleagues.

    Also, in an effort to fully understand the challenges your organization is currently facing as a result of COVID-19 and to ensure we’re delivering the right resources in the right format during this critical time, we ask that you complete this brief survey. Key survey findings will also be shared on our Acute Care Coronavirus Solutions Center.

Residency Blog


  • Heard this week

    “When you are unfamiliar with a topic being discussed on rounds, take the risk and ask about it. Better to sound a bit green and learn something new than to stay silent and not know what to do when you get that 3:00 a.m. call.”

    - Kirk Sidey, MD, discusses overcoming the fears that plague residents.