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The HCPro residency department delivers compliance advice, best practices, training tools, and sample forms and documents to solve the toughest challenges in graduate medical education. These resources help residency program managers to ensure resident competence, comply with accreditation standards, and operate an efficient and effective residency program.

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  • Have residents play an active role in your program evaluation committee

    The ACGME requires at least one resident or fellow to be a part of the program evaluation committee (PEC). You may want to start recruiting with the chief residents because they have already committed themselves to a leadership role in the program.

  • New for RPA Subscriber-Only: Physician engagement begins with residency

    Residency training typically serves as physicians’ first exposure to the clinical documentation improvement (CDI) process, yet physicians have historically not had robust education during medical school on CDI or how it benefits patient care. Nevertheless, CDI education and discussions within this group are important for many reasons. Read more.

  • Survey: Resident struggle with work-life balance

    One-third of residents say maintaining a work-life balance is their biggest challenge during residency, according to Medscape’s latest Residents Lifestyle and Happiness Report.

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    Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in joining the editorial advisory board for Residency Program Alert. Next week we will be reviewing submissions to our brief survey. If you haven’t taken it, there’s still time. If you know someone who you think can contribute a unique perspective to the board, please direct them to the survey.

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  • New for RPA Subscriber-Only: Start 'em early: Documentation training for physician residents

    Although documentation matters more and more in today?s world of ever-changing regulations, medical residents often don?t receive any education on the topic. Approximately 40% of residents have never even heard or seen the term ?clinical documentation improvement (CDI),? according to a recent survey conducted by Lisa Dias, MD, and P. Roger DeVersa, MD, MBA, FHM, CPE, CDIP, CHDA, CCS, from the University of Tennessee (Chattanooga) College of Medicine. Read more.

  • Survey: Residents satisfied with training hours

    A recent survey of residents found that the majority of them believe they are getting an appropriate amount of training.

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