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The HCPro residency department delivers compliance advice, best practices, training tools, and sample forms and documents to solve the toughest challenges in graduate medical education. These resources help residency program managers to ensure resident competence, comply with accreditation standards, and operate an efficient and effective residency program.

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  • New for RPA subscribers-only: Error detected: Resource overload

    In recent years, there has been a technological revolution of resources, both professional and recreational. Take a look at any smartphone and you will see a plethora of apps that help keep us informed and entertained. In medical education, too, we have our bevy of technological resources: websites to give us information, apps to help us calculate data, logins and passwords for various services, and so on. Read more.

  • Heard this week

    “TV doctors often are portrayed as heroes. But in life, patient care does not depend on superstars. For any resident’s work to stand out above that of his colleagues would mean care was uneven. It would reflect our collective failure.”

  • Average resident salary increases

    The average residency salary has increased by 7% over the past three years, according to a survey of more than 1,900 residents.

  • Common Program Requirements

    Recently the ACGME Board of Directors approved major revisions to Common Program Requirements Sections I-V. Do you have any questions or concerns about the revisions? How is your program going to address these new requirements? Let me know at

    Thanks for reading!

    Son Hoang, editor, Residency Program Insider

  • Track residents' progress with Milestones

    Programs have historically evaluated trainees on the ACGME six core competencies and will continue to do so, but in a more robust way with the addition of Milestones. Milestones can be thought of as competency outcomes that provide more details to aid in effective curriculum development to meet board requirements.

  • Error detected: Resource overload

    by Crys S. Draconi, education manager for neurosciences at Tufts Medical Center and independent consultant for C.D. Consulting. She can be reached at

    For this month’s article, I wanted to cover a topic that is all too common not only to administrators, but also to trainees: resource overload. For full disclosure, I do not work for or receive compensation for promoting any of the resources I mention. They are just resources that I am personally familiar with and that programs might find useful.

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  • Heard this week

    “When you are unfamiliar with a topic being discussed on rounds, take the risk and ask about it. Better to sound a bit green and learn something new than to stay silent and not know what to do when you get that 3:00 a.m. call.”

    - Kirk Sidey, MD, discusses overcoming the fears that plague residents.