Emergency Management
and Infection Control Preparedness Resources

Respirator Safety for Healthcare Workers
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This 15-minute training video (available on VHS or DVD) will educate your staff on the basics of using disposable N95 respirator, the most common respirator used to prevent exposure to airborne infections in healthcare facilities. Learn more
Infection Control Training Video for Environmental Services
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Highlighting common scenarios from hand hygiene and glove use to properly cleaning patient rooms, this video will illustrate the type of precautions that housekeeping staff should take to protect themselves and patients from germs and infections that could make them sick. Learn more
Surface and Medical Instrument Decontamination Training Video
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In less than 20 minutes, this video will train healthcare staff on safe and effective decontamination of surfaces and medical instruments in physician offices, ambulatory facilities, and smaller hospitals. Learn more
Emergency Management Training for Frontline Staff
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This DVD and CD-ROM set provides quality emergency training to your frontline staff members so they understand their roles during the following six critical aspects of emergency response. Learn more
Emergency Management Coordinator's Handbook for Hospitals
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Here's an affordable, easy-to-read reference that outlines the fundamental processes of emergency management and offers strategies on how to meet the latest standards and regulations. All of the forms and checklists are included on the CD-ROM so you can down load and use them right away. Learn more
Emergency Management Compliance Manual: A Guide to the Joint Commission Standards
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This manual and CD-ROM set has the answers you need to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead as you meet the 2009 EM standards. It outlines the changes and provides compliance tips and advice for emergency management compliance success. Safety officers and emergency management coordinators alike use this reference on a daily basis to create policies and procedures to comply with this new chapter. Learn more
Infection Control Compliance Guide, Third Edition: Strategies for Joint Commission Standards
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This book and CD-ROM set is your comprehensive resource to understand the various requirements and put processes in place to ensure compliance. This concise, easy-to-use third edition of a best seller is your blue print to infection control success. Use it to craft and maintain a compliant infection prevention program that meets compliance and protects the health of your patients and staff. Learn more
Infection Control Manual for the Physician's Office
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Primary care physicians will be on the front lines to detect, treat and manage an infectious disease outbreaks when they hits. Here is the guide that describes the steps physicians and their staff should take to protect patients, staff, and the environment and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Learn more