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Education and management resources for nursing professionals to effectively train and lead staff members and employ evidence-based best practices. Covering challenges including nursing accreditation, developing management skills, building critical thinking, and becoming the voice of nursing.

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  • Evidence-based practice: Share your journey

    Do you have an evidence-based practice story to share?

    For nurses just getting started with evidence-based practice, the steps between deciding on an area to research and implementing a plan for improvement can be overwhelming. Identifying sources of qualified research, interpreting the results, and translating procedures from theory to practice can be complicated.

    I'm looking for people who would be willing to share what I'm calling "EBP notes from the field." If you've gone through the process from start to finish, would you be willing to share your story? I see these as 1-2 pages looking into the decision making process, the research you chose, the steps you took to get buy-in from management. What did you learn in the process? How did you implement your research? Have you been able to measure the results?

    I'd like to include a few of these stories in an upcoming book project: a simple EBP guide for working professionals. It will be very practical, straightforward, and based on evidence, but with an applied rather than academic approach.

    If you're interested in participating, please send me, Claudette Moore, an email ( I'll give you some guidelines so you can jump right in. If we include your material, we will give you credit in the book and send you a copy of it when it's done. And you'll know that you've helped some of your colleagues in the larger nursing world by sharing your experiences.

  • Free tool: Hierarchy of voice self-esteem tool for nurses

    Try the following exercise to encourage nurses' self-esteem. It's called a "hierarchy of voice" because each step results in greater empowerment. In performance evaluations, share the following list and ask team members to pick 10 meaningful actions that they would like to perform to increase their self-esteem. Then have team members rank their choices from one to 10 (easiest to hardest).

    Click here to download the free tool from

  • FREE white paper on preceptor competency assessment and verification

    HCPro is offering a free white paper about assessing and verifying preceptor competency, which is compiled from the groundbreaking book The Preceptor Program Builder, written by Diana Swihart, PhD, DMin, MSN, APN CS, RN-BC, and Solimar Figueroa, MHA, MSN, BSN, RN.

    The white paper discusses and defines the competencies developed in preceptorships, explores the goals and essential elements of competency assessment and verification, and takes a close look at the categories of competencies and methods for assessing and verifying them within the context of the preceptor relationship.

    Click here to download the free white paper.

  • Free tool: Improving nurse and nursing assistant communication

    RNs and nursing assistants do not always communicate optimally. In many institutions, nursing assistants/aides do not attend the change-of-shift report and often receive patient information as an afterthought. This can be resolved by implementing the use of a laminated briefing card with key patient care items that the nurses used to brief the aide they would be working with on their shift.

    Click here to download the free tool from

  • Join our nursing book review group

    HCPro is seeking enthusiastic nurse managers, nurse leaders, and nurse educators to join an ad-hoc group interested in reading and reviewing prepublication drafts of books and training materials in your areas of interest and expertise.

    Our editors will send you periodic emails listing upcoming projects available for outside review. If you're interested, just let us know. We'll send reviewing guidelines and give you an idea of our timeframe. If it works for you, we'll send the draft chapters as they're available, and a printed copy of the book when it's complete. In addition, you will be recognized as a reviewer inside the printed book.

    Please have a minimum of five years of nursing experience and be in an educational, supervisory, or leadership role within your organization.

    For more information or to sign up as a reviewer, please send an email including your areas of interest and expertise to Rebecca Hendren at

  • Free tool: Checklist to evaluate training products

    There are 20 questions you should ask every vendor when evaluating e-learning or other training products for your organization. You can make these into a checklist to document the answers during every vendor call and demonstration presentation.

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  • Nursing Peer Review, Second Edition: A Practical, Nonpunitive Approach to Case Review

    Nursing Peer Review, Second Edition: A Practical, Nonpunitive Approach to Case Review

    A comprehensive guide for establishing a formal case-based nursing peer review program, including all the tools and procedures organizations need to build and manage a structure to conduct systematic evaluation of clinical care.

    Purchase this book on our HCMarketplace.