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HCPro, Inc., and its sister company, The Greeley Company, offer real-world solutions to meet the challenges of the evolving medical staff by offering expert advice to comply with regulations, ensure physician competence, and achieve high-quality care.

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  • Federal appeals court upholds law banning Florida physicians from asking patients about guns

    The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Florida’s controversial law restricting physicians and medical personnel from asking patients about gun ownership. The decision overturned a previous district court ruling that declared the 2011 law unconstitutional.

  • Study finds no advantages with robot-assisted bladder surgery

    Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center found no major improvements in outcomes for patients who had robot-assisted bladder surgery over those who had standard open surgery, according to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

  • Study: Inefficient communication costs U.S. hospitals $11 billion a year

    In U.S. hospitals, a significant amount of time is wasted due to inefficient communication technology, resulting in a loss of billions of dollars every year, according to a recent study from the Ponemon Institute.

  • Heard this week


    "It's not just about doing the right thing for your patients ... It's about proving to someone else that you've done the right thing, and sometimes the proving takes longer than the doing."

    Christine Sinsky, MD,
    discusses some of the causes of dissatisfaction and burnout among physicians with Medscape.



  • Up high, down low

    Dear readers,

    Some of you may recall that a few weeks ago I wrote about a proposal to ban handshakes in healthcare settings to reduce the spread of disease. I’ve recently heard of a new study that found that handshakes transferred more than five times as much bacteria as fist bumps. High-fives fell somewhere between fist bumps and handshakes.

    The findings aren’t surprising but I’m still not ready to give up shaking hands, especially if fist bumping is the best alternative. I could never get into the habit of fist bumping. But high-fives? I love them. I propose we immediately adopt high-fives as our go-to greeting. I’ve pretty much been doing that since the 1990s. Your thoughts?

    Son Hoang, editor, Medical Staff Leader Insider

  • Woman used stolen medical license to perform physicals on truck drivers

    Pennsylvania State Police are seeking the public’s help locating victims of a woman who used stolen medical credentials to perform illegal physicals on truck drivers.

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  • A practical approach to criteria-based privileges

    Core Privileges for Physicians, Sixth Edition is on its way! This updated, comprehensive resource contains over 75 physician specialty and subspecialty forms, along with nearly 40 procedure lists corresponding to the specialties and subspecialties. Feel confident knowing the criteria in the forms have been researched and reviewed by privileging experts, saving you the time and hassle of doing so. These forms are downloadable and customizable, so you can edit them to fit your medical staff’s specific needs.

    Developing core privilege forms is a lengthy and complex process that requires weeks of researching specialty medical societies for competency benchmarks. Let us do the research for you. Core Privileges for Physicians, Sixth Edition, contains ready-made forms drafted from The Greeley Company’s best practices and expert research.

    Using these customizable privileging forms, medical staffs will be able to:

    • Meet Joint Commission requirements for criteria-based privileging
    • Develop a starting point for your criteria privilege forms or update your current forms
    • Manage physician competency and criteria-based privileging in an increasingly data-driven environment
    • Eliminate weeks of researching specialty medical societies for competency benchmarks, evaluating data, and creating draft forms
    • Utilize expert insights to develop core forms, design an effective core system, and overcome implementation hurdles

    Click here for more information or to reserve your copy.