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HCPro, Inc., and its sister company, The Greeley Company, offer real-world solutions to meet the challenges of the evolving medical staff by offering expert advice to comply with regulations, ensure physician competence, and achieve high-quality care.

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  • Report: Medical errors declining

    An Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality report found that instances of medical errors fell 28% from 2004 to 2014. The report analyzed medical malpractice payment reports. Most payments were for diagnostic, surgical, and treatment errors.

  • Many adults lack a usual place of care

    About 17% of adults nationwide do not have a usual place to go to for medical care or advice, according to a 2014 National Heath interview survey. Respondents were asked, “Is there a place that you usually go to when you are sick or need advice about your health?”

  • CMS launches program to improve patient care, reduce readmissions

    In an effort to reduce patient harm and readmissions, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the launch of its Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks (HIINs) program.

  • Heard this week

    “I’m not sure I agree that doctors are feeling demoralized. I’m sure some of them do. There are others who very quickly say wonderful things about it.”

    - Gregg S. Meyer, MD, chief clinical officer at Partners Healthcare, addresses the rollout of a new computer system at its hospitals.

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    Thank you to everyone who has taken our brief survey about online learning courses for medical staff leaders and MSPs. If you haven’t taken the survey or know someone who can provide input, visit

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Credentialing Resource Center Blog


  • Credentialing Resource Center Symposium

     The 2015 Credentialing Resource Center Symposium will deliver comprehensive credentialing, privileging, and competency education in an innovative, engaging learning environment:

    • We’ve partnered with the industry’s top educators to create an education experience that encourages discussion and collaborative problem-solving amongst speakers and attendees
    • Forget about canned presentations. We’ve created an agenda that ensures each presentation builds on the one before. Medical staff professionals and physician leaders will walk away with a complete understanding of the credentialing, privileging, and competence assessment process.
    • Medical staff services professionals and physician leaders will work together to apply the best practices shared by the speakers to their own organizations to make tangible improvements

    The CRC Symposium is the result of more than 20 years of best-in-class medical staff education and training!

    The 2015 CRC Symposium delivers two days of engaging education and training taught by leading credentialing and medical staff experts. MSPs and physician leaders will focus on building and fostering collaboration for more effective medical staff. In-depth sessions and inspiring keynotes will address a spectrum of topics from credentialing and peer review in the outpatient world and handling disruptive physician behavior, to your role in the emerging medical staff model, the place for APRNs and PAs on the care team, and so much more.

    Click here for more information or to register!