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Information, education, and guidance on complex topics such as MDS and care planning help long-term care administrators and managers, reimbursement professionals, and clinical staff members break down confusing regulations into easy-to-understand processes and procedures.

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  • Long-Term Care Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp

    The Long-Term Care Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp is an intensive four-day course that will enable your facility to improve survey outcomes, identify quality of care risk factors, and implement a process improvement plan.
    You will leave the Long-Term Care Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp knowing how to:
    ·         Identify deficiencies in your facility practices
    ·         Implement processes to reduce citation risk
    ·         Improve quality of care and quality of life
    ·         Discover how tracking and identifying systems quality failures through the use of data you already collect can help you implement fail-safe measures for constant compliance

    This Boot Camp will also teach you how QAPI process improvement projects can prepare your facility for a survey long before a surveyor walks through your door. Additionally, it will help you increase your census, making you a stronger candidate for a network partner and preferred skilled nursing facility.

  • Ask the expert: Wellness

    Diane Brown is a long-term care regulatory specialist and lead educator for HCPro's Medicare Boot Camp-Long-Term Care Version. In this Q&A with Diane, she answers a question about wellness.

  • Managed care continues to grow

    The growth of managed care continues to grow due to the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, according to an analysis by Avalere. New enrollees are disproportionately enrolling in managed care. Out of 28 states that have said they will expand Medicaid, 16 and the District of Columbia plan to enroll more than 90% of newly eligible beneficiaries in managed care.

  • New test for sepsis reveals diagnosis in one hour

    Nursing home residents might benefit from a new way of diagnosing and treating sepsis made possible by a recent discovery out of the University of British Columbia.

  • Study finds that SNFs who score well on quality measures does not prevent deaths or readmissions

    A skilled nursing facility that scores well on quality measures is not necessarily reducing residents' risk of death or readmission within 30 days of arriving from a hospital, according to a study published in the American Medical Association journal JAMA.


  • 2015 Medicare Part B premiums and deductibles to remain the same as past two years

    Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell announced October 9, 2014 that next year’s standard Medicare Part B monthly premium and deductible will remain the same as the last two years.

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  • Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement: A Nursing Home?s Guide to Implementation and Management