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Information, education, and guidance on complex topics such as MDS and care planning help long-term care administrators and managers, reimbursement professionals, and clinical staff members break down confusing regulations into easy-to-understand processes and procedures.

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  • New Webcast! Nurse Leadership: Leading Change With Enthusiasm to Enhance Person-Centered Care

    Nurse Leadership: Leading Change With Enthusiasm to Enhance Person-Centered Care
    Presented on January 20, 2015 from 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m. (ET)
    Presented by Kelly Smith Papa, MSN, RN
    Provide talented team members the opportunity to lead that aligns with your facility’s values.
    When challenges arise in a facility, nurse leaders are often called upon to lead change with adaptability, empowerment, innovation, and critical thinking. In this 90-minute webcast, leadership expert, Kelly Smith Papa, MSN, RN, will discuss the skills, tools, and approach needed to insight change while cultivating momentum for the development of person- centered care. In addition to implementing change, Papa will outline strategies to maintain and encourage continuous thought leadership.
    At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:
    ·         Create a plan to initiate sustaining efforts in culture change.
    ·         Develop a framework for connecting and empowering team members.
    ·         Determine steps which identify when and where transformation has taken place after evaluation of their unique needs.

  • Ask the expert: Medicare Advantage

    Diane Brown is a long-term care regulatory specialist and lead educator for HCPro's Medicare Boot Camp-Long-Term Care Version. In this Q&A with Diane, she answers a question about Medicare Advantage

  • FREE Consolidated Billing white paper

    Consolidated billing can be a complicated task. Sign up to receive a FREE white paper featuring a sample of questions and answers highlighted in a recent HCPro webcast, "SNF Consolidated Billing: Who Really Has to Pay All These Invoices?" presented by long-term care billing expert Janet Potter, CPA, MAS.
    The top 3 questions answered in this white paper include:
    • Q: Where can a SNF find the Medicare allowable amounts for technical components that they are liable for?
    • Q: If Medicare takes their money back due to an audit, are we still liable for consolidated billing during that period?
    • Q: Is a PET scan included or excluded in consolidated billing?
     For access to the full white paper, click here.

  • More evidence found that exercise helps fight Alzheimer?s disease

    Evidence continues to support that physical activity can help hold off the changes in the brain associated with Alzheimer's Disease, and perhaps the devastating symptoms  of the disease itself. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, who looked at 317 late-middle aged adults and determined that those who exercised five times a week or more had fewer of the age-related changes in the brain that are associated with the disease, and did better on cognitive tests. The study, published in November in the journal Neurology, adds strong evidence from examinations of the subjects' brains to support that conclusion.

  • CMS proposes rule that LTC facilities would have to recognize same-sex marriages


    Long-term care facilities in all states would have to recognize certain same-sex marriages in order to participate in Medicare and Medicaid, under a proposed rule released Thursday.
    The proposed rule states: Our goal is to provide equal treatment to spouses, regardless of their sex, whenever the marriage was valid in the jurisdiction in which it was entered into, without regard to whether the marriage is also recognized in the state of residence or the jurisdiction in which the healthcare provider or supplier is located.



  • Long-Term Care Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp

    The Long-Term Care Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp is an intensive four-day course that will enable your facility to improve survey outcomes, identify quality of care risk factors, and implement a process improvement plan.
    You will leave the Long-Term Care Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp knowing how to:
    ·         Identify deficiencies in your facility practices
    ·         Implement processes to reduce citation risk
    ·         Improve quality of care and quality of life
    ·         Discover how tracking and identifying systems quality failures through the use of data you already collect can help you implement fail-safe measures for constant compliance

    This Boot Camp will also teach you how QAPI process improvement projects can prepare your facility for a survey long before a surveyor walks through your door. Additionally, it will help you increase your census, making you a stronger candidate for a network partner and preferred skilled nursing facility.

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  • Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement: A Nursing Home's Guide to Implementation and Management

    Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement: A Nursing Home's Guide to Implementation and Management

    Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement: A Nursing Home’s Guide to Implementation and Management will introduce the basics of QAPI, including how it came to fruition and what regulations exist in regard to nursing homes starting their own QAPI program. In addition, this manual will highlight the new skills nursing homes will need to focus on to implement QAPI, including data analysis and root cause analysis. You’ll get the tools you need to create a QAPI implementation and staff training plan.

    Purchase this book from our HCMarketplace.