Residency Headlines

  • Tips for being a clear speaker and an active listener

    When two people are involved in a conversation, one is sending information and the other is receiving it. For successful communication to occur, the sender must be a clear speaker and the receiver must be an active listener.

  • The specialties with the highest burnout rates

    Fifty-four percent of urologists reported feeling burned out, the highest rate among all physician specialties, according to a recent Medscape survey. Neurologists were the second-highest specialty reporting burnout (50%), followed by nephrologists (49%).

  • Come see us at the ACGME conference!

    We’ll be exhibiting at the 2020 ACGME Annual Education Conference in San Diego next month. Stop by Booth 151 to peruse the latest and greatest HCPro residency products and enter our raffle!

  • The program director's role in meeting institutional requirements

    The program director must be highly invested in the process of maintaining the sponsoring institution’s accreditation; if that accreditation is lost, then all of the programs at the institution will lose their accreditation as well.

  • Interviewing residency program applicants

    There are two major residency candidate interviewing methodologies. Most programs use the open method in which interviewers receive the application documents in advance and have the opportunity to read them ahead of time. The advantage of this approach is that the interviewer knows what is in the candidate’s file, and each interviewer can focus on one portion of the application during the interview.

  • Be a better manager

    Succeeding as a manager/director requires more than just knowing the ins and outs of GME. You must also know how to be a leader, deal with stressful situations, manage your staff, manage your time, and delegate work tasks.