Residency Headlines

  • Regulations new physicians need to know

    The American Medical Association has identified the regulations that new physicians should know as they transition from residency to practice.

  • GME funding an issue in Arkansas senate race

    In the Arkansas senate race, incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) has criticized his Republican opponent, Rep. Tom Cotton, for opposing legislation that reauthorized up to $330 million a year for graduate medical education at children’s hospitals.

  • Nevada Board of Regents seeks funding for medical school

    The Nevada Board of Regents voted to add $26 million to its budget proposal to help fund a medical school for the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV).

  • Heard this week

    “Medical students already take on huge amounts of debt, even with government subsidies. If the subsidies were eliminated and, for example, medical residents were required to pay for their post-graduate training rather than earn a (modest) salary, only the most impervious to risk would invest in a medical education.”
    Russell Korobkin, of the UCLA School of Law, refutes an op-ed suggesting that GME should not receive government subsidies in a blog post for The Washington Times.

  • Editor's Note


    Dear readers,

    I recently read an article about “sleep drunkenness,” a condition that apparently affects 15% of Americans. Those who suffer from it can wake up extremely confused, disoriented, or suffer temporary amnesia. This can last up to 15 minutes after waking up.

    While sleeping conditions for residents have improved due to work hour limits, is the risk of sleep drunkenness on anyone’s radar? Let me know.

    Thanks for reading!
    Son Hoang, editor, Residency Program Insider


  • Hospital officials plead case for residency program with CMS

    Members of the executive leadership team of Lakeland (Florida) Regional Medical Center (LRMC) traveled to Washington D.C., this week to plead its case for running its own residency program.