Residency Headlines

  • Washington passes legislation to increase residency positions

    Washington Governor Jay Inslee recently signed legislation that seeks to increase the number of family medicine physicians in rural areas of the state.

  • Medical school debt growing

    Debt among medical school graduates is on the rise. According to U.S. News & World Report, the average debt per graduate in 2013 was up more than $15,000 than that of graduates in 2012.

  • Residency coordinator salaries

    Geographic location is often cited as a factor in physician salaries, and the same can be said for the salaries of those in GME. According to the results of HCPro’s 2015 Program Coordinator Salary Survey, salaries can vary by thousands of dollars depending on location.

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  • Heard this week

    “It’s one thing to know medicine, but the art of practicing it is completely different. That’s where the training comes in.”

    - Jonathan Ang, MD, a fourth-year resident, reflects on his expectations of residency coming out of medical school with AMA Wire.

  • Report: Patient satisfaction down

    The latest report from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) found that patient satisfaction in the healthcare industry is at its lowest level in nearly a decade. The healthcare sector as a whole scored 75.1 out of 100, which is down 3.2% from last year.