Residency Headlines

  • Residency coordinator salaries based on geographic location

    As seen in our previous Residency Coordinator Salary Surveys, coordinators in the Southeast made less, on average, than coordinators elsewhere. The Southeast average annual salary was about $49,000, while the next lowest average was about $51,000 in the Mid-Atlantic region.

  • State Department lifts suspension on processing visas for medical professionals

    Two weeks ago, the U.S. State Department announced it was suspending processing visas, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which stood to threaten the ability of foreign physicians and foreign medical students to practice in the U.S. The State Department has now reversed that decision, saying it will lift the suspension on visa processing.

  • Leverage mobile tools to improve direct observation evaluations

    Direct observations are an important component of competency-based medical education for residents but often aren’t captured due to lengthy and time-consuming evaluations.

  • Residency Program Alert

    To download the full March 2020 edition of Residency Program Alert, log into your account and click the "PDF OF THE FULL ISSUE" link.

  • Coronavirus: 6 measures to sustain the healthcare workforce

    As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads in the United States and globally, measures must be taken to protect and support healthcare workers and their families, a new journal article says.

  • Identify and monitor resident fatigue

    Fatigue isn’t simply feeling tired after a hard day’s (or evening’s or night’s) work. It is an overwhelming sensation of exhaustion that can affect many, if not all, aspects of your work and home life. “Fatigue” is a recognized medical diagnosis. If it’s severe enough and if it lasts long enough, it may jeopardize careers, damage interpersonal relationships, and impair physical and psychological functioning.