Residency Headlines

  • "Gamification" boosts surgical residents' participation in simulation training


    A research letter recently published in the JAMA Surgery suggests that gamification (the introduction of game mechanics) may increase surgical residents’ engagement with surgical simulation training.


  • Resident faces possible termination, fines for violating privacy rules

    A Canadian medical resident may face disciplinary action after a personal computer containing personal medical information of 322 patients was stolen from the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.

  • ACEP expresses concerns over results of residency rankings

    In response to recently released residency program rankings by Doximity, representatives from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) met with the social networking service’s co-founder, Nate Gross, to state their concerns with the results regarding emergency medicine programs.

  • Heard this week


    “Medical schools and residency programs have come to realize that it takes more than factual competence to make a good doctor. There is an increasing emphasis on student well-being, and an acknowledgement that stress is more than just a tolerated byproduct of our educational system.”
    Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD, discusses the causes of physician burnout in an article on Slate.


  • Editor's Note


    Dear readers,
    As editor of this e-newsletter and Medical Staff Leader Insider, I often come across articles about preventing physician burnout. It remains a hot topic with no easy solution. I recently read this piece about Stanford’s efforts to help its surgical residents cope with stress through a wellness program that includes weekly group therapy, mentoring, and teambuilding games. If you have a minute, check it out.
    So that’s one way of addressing the problem. How are you helping your residents handle the pressures of residency? Let me know.
    Thanks for reading!
    Son Hoang, editor, Residency Program Insider


  • Managing medical school debt while focusing on residency

    The start of residency can be an exciting time for physician trainees as they begin a new phase in their lives. Often it means a relocation to a new area and a new income stream. However, it also brings new challenges for residents as many have to begin addressing the loans they borrowed during medical school. Experts share their best practices for residents to avoid running into financial trouble as they transition to residency