Residency Headlines

  • The leadership role of program coordinators

    Residency coordinators are often called upon to be leaders without formal training. To learn how to successfully take on these leadership responsibilities, join us on Tuesday, March 24 at 1 PM ET for our webcast, The Residency Coordinator’s Path to Leadership, presented by Patti D. Davison, BGS.

  • Top specialties among residents vary by gender

    According to the Association of American Medical Colleges’ 2015 Report on Residents, a resident’s gender may play a part in which specialty they choose to practice.

  • Residents and peer review

    During HCPro’s webcast Peer Review: Seven Challenges and Realistic Solutions, speakers Robert Marder, MD, CMSL, and Mark A. Smith, MD, MBA, FACS, addressed an audience member’s questions about the role residents should play in the peer review process.

  • Where residency graduates practice


    A recent study published in Family Medicine confirmed the belief that medical residency graduates tend to practice near where they received their training.


  • Heard this week

    “We owe it to each other to address our colleagues' concerns and try to improve our working environments and the quality of our work. Working environments are dynamic and we need to focus on making them a place of positive improvements.”
    - Brian Levine, MD, MS, discusses burnout among residents in a post on The American Resident Project.

  • Editor’s Note

    Dear readers,
    It’s almost time for our annual program coordinator salary survey. As I begin putting the survey together, I’d like to know if there are any new questions you’d like me to include. Let me know.
    Thanks for reading!
    Son Hoang, editor, Residency Program Insider