Residency Headlines

  • Physicians take top six spots on US salary survey

    Physicians accounted for eight of the top 15 highest-paying jobs, with most earning more than $300,000 a year, according to a report from LinkedIn.

    The report, based on data gleaned from more than two million LinkedIn members in the United States, also found that healthcare is the only top-five paying industry with a greater proportion of women. The average salary for a medical doctor is $161,200, which is more than $80,000 higher than the average salaries of people with a four-year degree.

    Physicians occupy the top six highest-paying jobs on the list, and eight of the top 15 spots. The total median compensation in the LinkedIn report includes median cash bonuses, which can vary from $25,000 to $90,000 based upon specialty. 

    The list includes:

    • Orthopedic surgeon, $450,000
    • Cardiologist, $382,000
    • Radiologist, $374,000
    • Plastic surgeon, $350,000
    • Anesthesiologist, $350,000
    • Emergency surgeon, $314,000

    Ophthalmologists and medical directors were 14th and 15th on the list, respectively, with each reporting median compensation of $250,000.

    Source: HealthLeaders


  • Education and Compensation

    As in any profession, salaries for residency coordinators can vary widely depending on geography or industry niche (e.g., academic medical center vs. critical access hospital), and such dissonance can make it difficult to gauge whether a coordinator is getting a fair shake; however, certain factors are near-universal drivers of career and compensatory advancement. One of these is education. 

  • Accreditation liability: Can we do without it?

    Accreditation certifies that an organization has met specific quantified standards. Similarly, accrediting bodies are certified in terms of their ability to measure these standards. 

  • 2017 Residency Coordinator Salary Survey Report

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  • Last AOA Match places 886 physicians into residency programs

    The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) recently announced that 886 osteopathic medical school seniors and recent graduates have been placed into 21 specialties after participating in the final AOA Match. An overwhelming number of those—more than 500—were matched with primary care residencies.

  • Heard this week

    “The biggest thing with the Match is, at the end of the day, you’re in control. If you don’t like a program, you don’t have to rank it. And you’d probably be better off not ranking a program you don’t like instead of doing your residency there and being unhappy for three, four, five, six years.”