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  • The Complete Guide to Continuous GME Accreditation

    The Complete Guide to Continuous GME Accreditation offers comprehensive coverage of the ACGME’s Next Accreditation System with a deep dive into Milestones, Annual Program Evaluation, and the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER). This book provides readers with foundational knowledge about the CLER, including definitions, background, and steps to prepare for an on-site visit. Readers will also receive best practices to maintain their program’s accreditation with guidance on the Common Program Requirements, Milestones, and annual surveys and evaluations.

    This book will help you:

    • Learn how to meet the requirements to maintain institutional accreditation
    • Discover best practices to plan for the CLER visit, host site visitors, and use the CLER report for continuous improvement
    • Maintain your program’s accreditation with guidance on the Common Program Requirements, Milestones, and annual surveys and evaluations
    • Recognize the roles and responsibilities required to meet the goals of a successful learning and work environment

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  • New for RPA Subscriber-Only: ACGME CLER program places new focus on physician well-being

    Announced in 2012, the ACGME’s Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) was established to provide teaching hospitals, medical centers, and other GME clinical staff with periodic feedback to promote safety and quality of care. At the time, the CLER program focused on evaluating clinical sites in regard to six areas of focus: patient safety; quality improvement; transitions in care; supervision; professionalism; and duty hour oversight, fatigue management, and mitigation. Read more.

  • Survey: 77% of all specialties saw an increase in median compensation

    Physician compensation increases seen in 2016 were similar to those seen in 2015, according to a survey conducted by trade association AMGA.

  • Heard this week

    "I can see that while I had these feelings of stagnation, I was, in fact, learning valuable lessons. At the time, however, all I was focused on was making big strides in my surgical skills."

  • Wisconsin bill aims to stop OB-GYN residents from learning to perform abortions

    A bill introduced in the state legislature wants to prevent University of Wisconsin (UW) OB-GYN residents from receiving training on how to perform abortions.

  • Editor's note

    Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to review the results of the 2017 Residency Coordinator Salary Survey and provide commentary for our upcoming special report for Residency Program Alert subscribers. If you are interested in participating, there’s still time to add your name to the list. We also need feedback on what information and trends you would like presented in the report. Let me know what you’d like to see.

    Son Hoang, editor, Residency Program Insider