Residency Headlines

  • Hospital officials plead case for residency program with CMS

    Members of the executive leadership team of Lakeland (Florida) Regional Medical Center (LRMC) traveled to Washington D.C., this week to plead its case for running its own residency program.

  • Credit union pledges $1.5 million towards new teaching hospital

    University Federal Credit Union has pledged to donate $1.5 towards the construction of Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas at Austin, the new teaching hospital to be built alongside the new Dell Medical School.

  • Tips for new residents

    The American Medical Association recently asked seasoned residents to share with new residents and medical students their tips for transitioning to residency.

  • Heard this week

    “As healthcare providers, we are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the health of our patient, yet we often cannot even ensure our own health.”
    Elaine Khoong, MD, discusses the unhealthy behaviors of residents in a blog post for KevinMD.

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    There’s still time to register for our webcast, Manage the Underperforming Resident: Remediation and Documentation Strategies, presented by GME expert Franklin Medio, PhD on Wednesday, September 3, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. ET.
    As a residency program official, it is imperative you help your struggling residents succeed in their training before it affects their career. Your formal remediation plan should be designed as an educational process, not as punishment, rehabilitation, or recycling. In this webcast, Medio will discuss the importance of the remediation process in a competency-based curriculum and how the program director, program coordinator, and faculty each have an integral role in the development and implementation of remediation plans.
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  • Medical residents call for direct primary care educational resources, experiences

    The National Congress of Family Medicine Residents has adopted a resolution calling on the American Academy of Family Physicians (AFFP) to explore providing educational experiences in direct primary care (DPC) settings.