Nursing Headlines

  • Nursing tops Gallup’s most honest and ethical professions list

    Once again, Americans have ranked nurses as the most honest and ethical professionals in Gallup's annual survey of U.S. adults. This is the 18th year in a row that nurses have earned this honor.

  • Overcoming reality shock in your first year

    Reality shock is described as a condition in which a person enters a profession, but finds him or herself unprepared. It is not unique to nursing, though it can certainly happen in the nursing field. There are four phases of reality shock, including the honeymoon phase, rejection phase, recovery phase, and resolution.


  • Free tool: Peer evaluation tool for charge nurse

    Since charge nurses are actively engaged in activities going on in the unit every day, it makes sense to include them in providing feedback regarding other team members' performance.

  • Advance your professional development with a portfolio

    A portfolio is not a new concept or construct. A review of available literature offers varied resources on building portfolios for personal, academic, and professional purposes. Many of these resources offer similar recommendations, describing the value and applications of portfolios in multiple venues. All recognize the importance of portfolios for personal and professional development and advancement.

  • Nurse managers' role in evidence-based practice

    Nurse managers are key players in implementing and integrating evidence-based practice (EBP) at the unit level by educating staff nurses about EBP and how to deliver evidence-based care at the bedside. Nurse managers should take on the following EBP roles to ensure quality care at the bedside:

  • Help your staff improve documentation skills

    In addition to documentation by physicians, nurses’ documentation affects patient safety, reimbursement, risk management, and more, so it’s important that everyone work toward thorough and accurate documentation. Read on for useful ideas to help your nursing staff improve their documentation.