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  • New for RPA Subscriber-Only: Beyond ABMS: Unique board certification options

    Once young physicians finish residency, they will have to decide whether to pursue board certification. If they do, they may not know all of their board certification options. Read more.

  • Surgical resident required to repeat year of training sues university

    A surgical resident is suing St. Louis University, its surgery residency program director, and chief of the trauma service for a series of alleged failures and retaliatory behaviors that she claims are causing her to repeat her fourth year of training.

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  • Clinical competency committee composition

    The clinical competency committee (CCC) is responsible for ensuring that medical educators are accountable to the public for graduating competent physicians. Competent physicians will provide safe, high-quality healthcare to patients and will maintain the standards of the healthcare system within which they practice

  • New for RPA Subscriber-Only: Preparing for resident recruitment

    Keeping in step with our coordinator timeline, this month I want to address getting ready for resident recruitment. While you won't be able to take much concrete action until you start actually receiving applications, you can prepare by organizing everything around recruitment, especially once you understand what to expect when recruitment season rolls around. Read more.

  • Program coordinator importance

    The importance of a program coordinator extends beyond lending a supportive ear for a resident or managing resident files. The role has evolved over the years and is more in-depth. Coordinators are imperative to a program; they work diligently behind the scenes, setting up the program for success. How exactly do they do this, you ask?

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