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The updated Quick-E pocket guide series puts essential clinical information right in the pockets of nurses and students, so they have it where they need it most-at the bedside.

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  • Alabama joins Nurse Licensure Compact

    In a move to ease nurse shortages, a new law in Alabama will allow nurses with multistate licenses to work in the state.The law will go into effect on August 1 and allow the state to opt into the Nurse Licensure Compact. 

  • ER nurse attacked with stun gun

    A patient hit a nurse’s foot with a stun gun during a fight in the emergency room of Roper Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina, last week. Officers were called to the emergency room where they found Kyle Edward Cahill fighting with nurses and security guards as they tried to restrain him on a bed. Hospital staff said Cahill spat and swung his arms violently toward them.


  • The state of the emergency nurse workforce

    What is the current state of the emergency nursing workforce? And what changes are on the horizon for this group over the next five to ten years?

    The current demographics and future career plans of emergency nurses are highlighted in a new study.

  • Woman posing as nurse in custody

    A woman arrested for posing as a nurse is now in custody after defying orders to not leave the country. Emily Barber of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, was scheduled to appear in court this week but was being held for disobeying the order by purchasing a plane ticket. Her lawyers appeared in court on her behalf. 

  • Pediatric home care nurse shortage causes family hardships

    Inadequate pay and training are major drivers of a national shortage of pediatric home care nurses, experts from Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago say in an article published in the June issue of Health Affairs.

  • WHO recognizes burnout as 'occupational phenomenon'

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recently said it now officially recognizes workplace burnout in the 11th edition of its International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). This comes as the healthcare industry is seeing an increasing number of cases of physician and provider burnout.

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