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A leading source of information and education for accreditation professionals, the accreditation department assists hospitals with achieving Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) accreditation and compliance with CMS' Conditions of Participation, while also ensuring a higher level of care.

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  • Joint Commission: screening for violence

    In the October edition of Perspectives, The Joint Commission reiterated the need to screen patients for potential risks to themselves or others. This is part of a long-standing and ongoing effort to change the sky-high rates of workplace violence in healthcare.

  • Joint Commission updates EM standards to match CMS

    In response to CMS’ final emergency preparedness rule issued earlier this month, The Joint Commission announced revisions to its emergency management (EM) standards. CMS is expected to approve the updated standards before they go into effect on November 15.

  • Joint Commission provides tips for improving handoffs

    This September, The Joint Commission posted an infographic on “high-quality hand-offs.” The infographic is a companion to the accreditor’s Sentinel Event Alert (SEA) 58 on inadequate handoff communications and its effect on patient care. Transferring a patient’s care between providers is major point of failure for healthcare. Every transfer runs the risk of key treatment information being garbled, forgotten, or not passed on.

  • Joint Commission execs: Most outcome measures are inaccurate

    In a new article in the Annals of Internal Medicine, two Joint Commission executives wrote “the criteria for assessing whether outcome measures are accurate and valid enough to use for public reporting, payment, and accreditation are not well-defined.” These outcome measures are used by CMS to determine hospital quality and accreditation status, so their potential inaccuracy is a major problem.

  • Crucial accreditation deadlines on the horizon for pain management and emergency preparedness

    Time is running out to meet the new emergency management (EM) Conditions of Participation (CoP) and The Joint Commission’s revised pain management standards. The EM Interpretive Guidelines go into effect on November 15 while the pain management standards go into effect January 1.

  • Fire and smoke: CMS clarifies which doors must be inspected annually

    After pushback, federal officials backed away from their claim that smoke barrier doors must be inspected and tested annually. More than three weeks after a well-publicized compliance deadline passed, CMS announced Friday that the deadline would be pushed back nearly six months, giving facilities until New Year’s Day 2018 to comply with an annual testing requirement for certain doors.

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Healthcare accreditation professionals hear from AHAP (Association) advisors and other accreditation experts about challenges and solutions.

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  • The CMS Compliance Crosswalk

    The CMS Compliance Crosswalk

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