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Medical staff services professionals turn to HCPro, Inc., and its sister company, The Greeley Company, for practical advice, training resources, breaking news, and sample tools to help improve credentialing, privileging, and a wide array of medical staff services concerns, including compliance with The Joint Commission and other accreditors and regulators.

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  • New Jersey reviewing autopsies by former state pathologist

    The New Jersey Attorney General's Office has advised South Jersey prosecutors to review all autopsies conducted by a former state pathologist who had been barred from practicing medicine in several other states. Hisham Hashish, 52, started work as an assistant medical examiner for South Jersey less than two months after he surrendered his medical license in New Mexico in 2011.


  • Surgeon’s alleged threat costs New York hospital

    An appeals court last week upheld a judgment against Ellis Hospital, in Schenectady, New York, over a violent threat allegedly made by a former surgeon to a physician assistant (PA) during an open heart procedure in 2009. The facility must compensate Caterina Lucke, PA, via worker’s compensation, for lost wages. The hospital sought to have Lucke's award overturned, arguing that she was familiar with cardiothoracic surgeon Harry J. DePan, MD's "difficult" personality; and that the presence of others in the OR undermined the severity of the threa


  • Missouri okays ’assistant physician’ legislation

    Missouri Gov. Ray Nixon has signed a bill that creates a new class of medical license in that state: the “assistant physician.” The new certificate will be issued to medical school graduates who didn’t get into a residency program and who passed Step 1 and 2 exams, but not Step 3. Assistant physicians would be licensed to practice just like regular practitioners, as long as they only treated patients in the most physician-starved poor and rural areas throughout the state.

  • Meet your top credentialing challenges

    Allegations of physician misconduct and negligence. “Assistant physicians” in Missouri. Expanding NP practices in Kentucky. This week’s news roundup showcases several potential credentialing challenges. Learn how to handle some of the toughest issues your department will face by tuning in to Verify and Comply: Meet Your Top Credentialing Challenges, a webcast slated for September 4, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.

  • Government seeks feedback on obstacles within telemedicine as focus turns to state licensing

    Although telemedicine has the potential to make access to care simpler and easier, healthcare experts and telemedicine advocates still have concerns that regulatory obstacles are preventing the industry from reaching its full potential, while raising legal questions for both hospitals and physicians.

  • Overcoming common obstacles in managing clinically suspect practitioners

    On Wednesday, July 9, HCPro hosted a webcast entitled "Assessing and Managing Clinically Suspect Practitioners: From Collegial Intervention to Corrective Action." During the 90-minute webcast, Todd Sagin, MD, JD, national medical director of Sagin Healthcare Consulting, LLC, and HG Healthcare Consultants, LLC, in Laverock, Pennsylvania, discussed effective ways to address physician competency, as well as some of the liability concerns that accompany these medical staff decisions.

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Medical services professionals, credentialers, and medical staff leaders hear from Credentialing Resource Center experts in the trenches on credentialing and privileging.

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  • New! Affordable, time-saving medical staff leadership training

    A well-trained medical staff leader is vital to the culture of a hospital’s medical staff and can save a hospital from the expense of lawsuits affiliated with negligent credentialing/peer review. But great physicians don’t always make great leaders.

    With so much at stake, physicians who accept or are assigned leadership positions should not have to fend for themselves when it comes to developing leadership skills. Give them the guidance they need with The Medical Staff Leader’s Survival Guide. This new book will teach physicians how to become great medical staff leaders and how to motivate other medical staff members on topics such as:

    • AHP credentialing and supervision
    • Reappointment challenges
    • Physician-hospital competition
    • Liability risks
    • Medical staff disharmony and distrust

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