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Medical staff services professionals turn to HCPro, Inc., and its sister company, The Greeley Company, for practical advice, training resources, breaking news, and sample tools to help improve credentialing, privileging, and a wide array of medical staff services concerns, including compliance with The Joint Commission and other accreditors and regulators.

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  • The Credentialing Resource Center Symposium is next week!

    Don't be left out! Join us as we bring MSPs and medical staff leaders together to discover innovative solutions to top medical staff challenges at the Credentialing Resource Center Symposium at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, on March 12-13, 2015. This symposium will deliver two days of engaging education and training taught by leading credentialing and medical staff experts. Industry experts Hugh Greeley; Carol S. Cairns, CPMSM, CPCS; Sally Pelletier, CPMSM, CPCS; and Todd Sagin, MD, JD, will offer best practices and winning strategies to overcome the most challenging issues facing the field today.


  • Studies shed light on surgical outcomes, readmissions

    Unplanned hospital readmissions for patients following surgery are primarily due to new surgical complications rather than the worsening of patients’ previous medical issues, according to a study published in the Feb. 3 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).


  • (Not all) fun and games

    One of my college computer science instructors had a placard in her office that said, “Learning is often best disguised as something else.” I’ve been thinking of that saying often lately as MSPs discuss the credentialing lessons they’ve learned the hard way. Are there easier ways to learn those lessons, disguised as, say, fun and games? I’d like to find out. HCPro is compiling a volume of educational tools that MSSDs employ to teach and/or motivate their colleagues about credentialing best practices. Do you have quizzes, contests, or other ways to keep everyone’s skills honed? If you do, are they confined to the MSSD, or do physician leaders get to participate, too?

  • High court decision could affect state medical boards

    The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday ruled that the North Carolina state dental board does not have the authority to regulate teeth-whitening businesses. In a 6-3 decision, the justices found the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners, which is comprised mostly of dentists, illegally quashed competition from non-dentists who sought to open teeth-whitening shops in the state. The decision, which upheld a lower court’s ruling, may have ramifications for other state-established boards that regulate a wide range of professions.

  • Physician compact bill heads to Utah governor’s desk

    The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact has been approved by both chambers of the Utah Legislature, making Utah the first state to send the legislation to the Governor to be signed into law. The Utah House of Representatives and Senate passed the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact by votes of 67-0 and 24-0, respectively, and the legislation headed to Gov. Gary Herbert’s desk earlier this week.

  • NPDB compliance effort expands licensing board attestations

    State healthcare profession regulatory boards and agencies are now required to submit an attestation for all of the health professions they regulate, the Health Resouces and Services Administration (HRSA) reported earlier this month. Prior to January 26, only professions that were not part of a compliance effort were required to attest.


Credentialing & Privileging Blog

Medical services professionals, credentialers, and medical staff leaders hear from Credentialing Resource Center experts in the trenches on credentialing and privileging.

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  • New physician leadership? New challenges!

    Join the conversation Monday, February 16, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m., as Mary Hoppa, MD, MBA, and Sally Pelletier, CPMSM, CPCS, take on issues that constantly test MSPs and physician leaders. The speakers will provide solutions to the top challenges facing medical staff leadership and MSPs alike:

    • Confusion around best practice approaches for physician leadership, the medical executive committee, and the credentials committee
    • Effective policies and procedures for preventing privileging disputes and reappointment challenges
    • Documenting practitioner performance effectively
    • Building communication and trust between the medical staff services department and physician leadership

    Using proven tools as well as case studies from the field, these two subject matter experts will dissect actual situations faced by medical staff leadership as well as MSPs and offer solutions to these nagging issues.

    Click here for more information or to register.