Inside scoop from our experts: Utilize your steering committee

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, November 18, 2008

This week, our reader asks what role the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® (MRP) steering committee plays when pursuing designation. Read the response from our advisor Meryl Montgomery, MSN, RN, MRP, project director at The Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon. 

Q: What role does the MRP steering committee play when pursuing designation?

A: Over the years the functions and composition of our MRP steering committee at The Medical Center of Central Georgia has varied. Initially, the interdisciplinary and multi-skill level team conducted our gap analysis, developed action plans for closing the gaps, provided leadership for various teams to develop a clinical ladder, created shared governance bylaws and an infrastructure, established a formal research structure, and generated enthusiasm about pursuing designation.

As we closed the gaps and disseminated necessary changes, the committee’s focus shifted to documentation and evidence-gathering. Membership has consistently included all levels of nurses, representing inpatient, procedural, and ambulatory departments, along with one-to-two nonnursing department representatives, the project director, CNO, nurse educators, nurse managers, etc.

After achieving designation, our steering committee changed to become the nursing executive council, consisting of organization-wide council chairs from various committees (e.g., practice, research, professional development, education, quality, etc.). 

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