News: CDI Journal released, study shows CDI programs plan to increase ICD-10 training


April 12, 2012

The HHS proposed delay in ICD-10 implementation may be welcome news for many facilities since, according to a recent ACDIS CDI preparation for ICD-10 benchmarking survey, 37% of respondents indicated they did not know whether their facility had conducted a formal assessment of its ICD-10 readiness and 42% indicated that upper management had either limited awareness/engagement or hadn’t developed an action plan for ICD-10 preparation.

Nevertheless, responses represent somewhat of an uptick in ICD-10 readiness as compared to previous survey results, particularly when coupled with the 69% of respondents who indicated they do have an implementation team in place and the 57% who further indicated that CDI specialists are included on that team.  
The recent ACDIS survey does illustrate some common themes in ICD-10 preparedness. Most facilities have a team in place, and these teams typically include HIM, CDI, IT, finance, compliance, and even case management. Thirty-six percent of respondents indicate that teams meet monthly, and 17% say they are meeting more frequently.
Anecdotally, nearly 100 people have signed up for the first session of the ICD-10 for CDI Boot Camp in San Diego prior to the ACDIS Annual Conference this May.
Editor’s Note: The complete report is available to ACDIS members in the April edition of the CDI Journal. Additional articles include:
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