News: CMS targets April for release of new ICD-10-CM/PCS implementation date


March 29, 2012

During a March 7 conference call with payers, CMS indicated that it expects to release information regarding a new ICD-10-CM/PCS implementation date sometime in April, according to Renee Washington, director of customer systems integration at MassHealth, who spoke during the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium ICD-10 Forum conference call.

CMS representatives stated it would likely implement a one-year delay and that new implementation date will be the same for payers and providers. Washington said.
Renee Richard from the CMS Regional Office in Boston added that CMS is still considering what process it will use to finalize the new date. “They are really trying to determine the most appropriate, expeditious, and legal vehicle to affect this change. They are trying to work through that process … so they can put a stake in the ground and put out a date for the provider community,” Richard said.
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