Equipment disinfection compliance continues to plague many hospitals

OSHA Healthcare Connection, December 4, 2012

IC.02.02.01 remains in the top ten Joint Commission citations, indicating that hospitals need to review their entire process

Proper disinfection of medical equipment and devices can be an intense and sometime elaborate process, but one that is crucial to patient safety.

According to statistics provided by Joint Commission Executive Briefings, the standard that governs this process (IC.02.02.01) ranks as the fifth most-cited Joint Commission standard among hospitals in 2012, with 39% of hospitals receiving citations. The statistic reveals that despite the increased focus on having thorough and specific procedures for cleaning various pieces of medical equipment, noncompliance with even one step of that process can cause regulatory pitfalls in addition to patient safety risks.

Source: Excerpted from Briefings on Hospital Safety, January 2013.

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