Q&A: OSHA and fragrances in the workplace

OSHA Healthcare Connection, January 6, 2009

Q: Is it an OSHA matter if employees complain that fragrances in the workplace are making them sick?

A: Although fragrance sensitivity is a workplace issue, especially in healthcare, OSHA does not have an indoor air quality standard for such a situation. Your best bet is to address it as a corporate policy.

See "Non-scents in the workplace, or when the smell of co-workers makes you sick" at the OSHA Healthcare Advisor for ways to address this issue and create a fragrance-free policy.


1 comments on “Q&A: OSHA and fragrances in the workplace

Gail Pitts (11/10/2015 at 3:16 PM)
It seems no matter where I work, perfume eventually becomes a problem. It just doesn't make me sick to smell it but it causes me to have breathing problems which will last the entire day. I will not be able to work out after work or do anything physical. There are all kinds of protection for chemicals in the workplace. What about some protections for the second hand chemicals in perfume. About 27 of them as a matter of fact. One in three Asthma attacks are caused by perfume. It is unfair that I am trapped in the workplace and have to suffer. Lets get rid of second hand perfume.


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