Clinician seeks to open national network of cancer rehab centers

Rehab Regs, November 11, 2005

A network of independent rehabilitation centers that provide personalized therapy for those fighting cancer would dramatically help the quality of life of millions of Americans, Carolyn Dennehy, co-founder and vice president of clinical services at Navitas Cancer Rehabilition Centers of America Inc. in Westminster, CO, told the Denver Business Journal.

Dennehy says that these centers could provide physical therapy, "prescriptive" exercise, nutrition counseling, and other alternative therapies that would all help the nation's rising cancer surviving population.

The Navitas center opened in 2003 and treats about 250 patients. Dennehy told the Journal that about 85% of the services the center provides are covered by insurance.

The center focuses in on reducing fatigue that the cancer treatment causes, but also helps treat the emotional struggles of many of the patients.

Dennehy says the clinic recently received $8 million in funding from venture capitalists and plans to use the money to start opening up more clinics around the country, starting with one in Salt Lake City. She hopes that within five years, at least 60 centers will open.

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