Group therapy policy outlined in transmittal

Rehab Regs, January 28, 2003

Many outpatient rehab providers are already familiar with the content, but they may still want to check out the newly released Transmittal 1872, in which CMS updates the Medicare Intermediary Manual to "reiterate" therapy-related billing policies. The language mirrors a previous transmittal released for insertion into the Medicare Carriers Manual last spring. Those items addressed in the transmittal include
- group therapy. CMS says that PT, OT, or speech therapies provided to two or more residents by one practitioner should be billed as group therapy. Those residents can--but do not have to be--involved in the same activity.
- therapy students. Only services performed by the therapist are subject to Medicare reimbursement.
The transmittal also addresses issues concerning therapist assistants as clinical instructors, services provided under Part A and Part B, and bad debt collection. Go to to read Transmittal 1872

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