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Medicaid eligibility screening tips

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, June 27, 2007

Medicaid eligibility screening may occur through a variety of approaches, all designed to qualify as many patients as possible for state Medicaid assistance. Your hospital may use one of more of the following approaches:

  • County or state worker(s) maintain an office in your facility; these individuals schedule appointments and meet with patients to begin the application process. Often only inpatients and ambulatory surgery patients are seen by these workers.

  • An outsourcing firm meets with referred patients and helps them complete the application process. Often these firms will screen the patients themselves and provide charity referrals to you if the patient does not qualify for Medicaid.

  • Screening may be completed internally by a financial counselor, patient access representative, or patient accounting representative using the current state eligibility guidelines.

  • Any combination of the above.
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