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Recovery Auditor Report, October 4, 2012

DCS issues important provider notice

In August, DCS, the Recovery Auditor for Region A, issued a notice explaining that it is changing its name of Diversified Collection Services, Inc. (DCS) to “Performant Recovery, Inc.,” a subsidiary of Performant Financial Corporation. Performant goes on to mention that there will be no changes in processes or people or to email addresses or phone numbers.

For more information, visit the Performant Recovery website.

Performant Recovery posts two new issues across two categories

Performant Recovery added two new issues across two categoriesOne for inpatient claims and one for outpatient claims—to its CMS-approved list for providers in Region A states. (See link for individual state applicability.)

View the issues from September 25.

Connolly posts new issue for physician claims

Connolly Healthcare added a new issue for physician claims to its CMS-approved list for all providers in Region C states.

View the issue from September 25.

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