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From the field: Chasing clues on demand letters

Recovery Auditor Report, January 12, 2012

A RAC coordinator at a hospital in Region C (who wished to remain anonymous) shared one of her latest recovery auditor stories with the Revenue Cycle Institute. She explained that her facility has been “chasing clues” on confusing RAC demand letters by having to search their RAC tracking tool for every line item on an automated demand letter, which only adds to the existing burdens of RAC coordinators.

“Our letters contain the patient control number, but if not for that, I’d be tempted to report them to Homeland Security or Amnesty International or PETA, or any other agency that ferrets out the bad guys!,” she said, showing her frustration.

She expressed her dissatisfaction when talking about the murky path that RAC coordinators have to follow, alluding to the demonstration project and how its lessons learned should have been factored into the permanent project.

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