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From the field: Demand letter confusion

Recovery Auditor Report, December 15, 2011

A compliance director at a hospital in Region C (who wished to remain anonymous) shared one of her latest recovery auditor stories with the Revenue Cycle Institute. She informed us that her facility has been receiving demand letters from Connolly before receiving the results letters for some complex reviews. Connolly is also sending demand letters that contain both automated and complex reviews, and do not contain the account patient control number, making it more laborious to try to identify the account and the issue. “When this happens, they are essentially throwing in every possible issue that an account could be audited for and making you choose which one they have targeted and identified,” she says. “They are also taking money back on the date of the demand letter without giving the provider a chance to stop recoupment.”

Has something similar happened at your facility? Have you contacted/heard back from your particular recovery auditor?

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