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RAC talk: A few minutes with Bill Malm

Recovery Auditor Report, December 30, 2010

Name: William Malm, ND, RN

Title: Healthcare consultant

Company: Craneware

Quick-hit RAC background: Bill has more than 20 years of experience in a combination of clinical and financial positions and currently serves as a healthcare consultant for Craneware, which provides automated revenue integrity solutions that improve healthcare providers’ financial performance. Bill’s expertise lies in operations surrounding chargemasters and has performed over 250 chargemaster analysis engagements. He also specializes in operations resulting from the chargemaster, including education, audit and post-implementation reviews. Additionally, Bill has been involved in many post-payment reviews.

What are some (or just one) of the most common errors you’ve seen hospitals make when it comes to the RAC process?

One of the biggest errors I’ve seen is the lack of internal accountability. I see many facilities doing the correct thing and engaging outside consultants, chart fulfillment companies and other groups to handle their RAC concerns. However, despite the monies spent to these firms, facilities still fail to provide enough oversight of these processes and firms to ensure that the deliverable is meeting requirements. This is one area where purchasing services is not the end of the hospital’s requirements for success.

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