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August 26, 2010 CMS Hospital and Hospital Quality Open Door Forum summary

Recovery Auditor Report, September 30, 2010

Hospital quality update

A CMS representative reminded the audience that the Hospital Compare website will be updated on September 23, and at that time, CMS will be refreshing inpatient and outpatient process of care data and inpatient HCAHPA data based upon Q1 through Q4 of 2009. In addition, CMS will be refreshing the Medicare payment and volume data based on FY 2009 claims.

The CMS representative also made note of the introduction of a hospital profile page to the Hospital Compare site. This page will be released in late September and will include measures and demographic data.

Lastly, the CMS representative mentioned that for the first time, CMS will be posting a downloadable file containing unadjusted rates of eight hospital-acquired conditions; which will be made available on the Hospital Compare website to the downloadable file.

IPPS final rule updates

A CMS representative provided the audience with an update regarding the 2011 IPPS final rule, starting with the market basket update for inpatient operating hospitals, which was finalized at a 2.6% market basket increase. On the capital side, CMS finalized a market basket of 1.2% with a +.3% forecasting change, so roughly 1.5%. For long term acute care hospitals, the market basket for FY 2011 is 2.5%, subject to a 0.5 percentage point reduction as mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

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