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HealthDataInsights posts dozens of new RAC issues for Region D

Recovery Auditor Report, January 21, 2010

HealthDataInsights (HDI) has added dozens of new RAC issues for all states in Region C, according to the HDI Web Site.

Click here to review the full list of new non-medical necessity DRG validation issues HDI released in the past two weeks.

In addition, the newest HDI Part B claim issues are as follows:

  • Anesthesia care package evaluation and management services
  • Clinical social worker during inpatient
  • National correct coding initiative edits
  • Hospice-related services
  • Technical component of radiology
  • Not a new patient

HDI also posted the following new issues or DME claims:

  • DME while in hospice
  • Medical supplies and home health consolidated billing
  • Date of death-DME

To stay on top of the latest RAC-approved issues in your state, visit the “Tools” Section of the Revenue Cycle Institute Web site and download the updated chart at the top of the page.

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