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HealthDataInsights posts several new RAC DME claim issues

Recovery Auditor Report, November 12, 2009

HealthDataInsights (HDI) has added multiple new RAC issues to their CMS-approved list in late October and early November. The new issues are approved for RAC audits in Region D for DME claims.
According to the HDI Web site, the new issues and their descriptions are as follows:
  • PEN supplies more than one time a day. The description or the billing guidelines state parenteral/enteral nutrition codes are allowed once a day.
  • Infusion pump denied/Accessories and drug codes should be denied. When the infusion pump is denied, then the infusion accessories and infusion drug codes are also denied.
To stay on top of the latest RAC-approved issues in your state, visit the “Tools” section of the Revenue Cycle Institute Web site and download the updated chart at the top of the page.

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