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Region D RAC posts updated audit issues, CMS issues H1N1 memo, and more

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, November 11, 2009

CMS issues H1N1 memo

On November 6, CMS issued a memo regarding recent developments to waive certain statutory and regulatory requirements for healthcare facilities in response to emergencies, under Section 1135 of the Social Security Act. Under recent H1N1 emergency declarations, healthcare organizations may submit requests to operate under Section 1135 waiver authority.

View the CMS memorandum.

CMS issues CLIA memo

On November 6, CMS issued a memo to consolidate and clarify CLIA-related personnel policies and procedures. These items are currently dispersed throughout the regulations, State Operations Manual (SOM), interpretive guidelines, training presentations, and other less formal venues.

View the CMS memorandum.

HDI posts updated audit issues

HealthDataInsights (HDI), the Region D RAC, has posted an updated list of approved issues for auditing.

View the updated issues list.

Frequently asked questions

CMS posted several updated frequently asked questions (FAQ).

View a list of recently updated FAQs.

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